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ELO score: 973 - Rank global: 59 - Rank in league: 7

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89 %
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97 %
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  Avg Age Seniors: 25.1
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80.4 %
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78.6 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 4,826,075
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78.5 %
80.7 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 1,445,707
Stadium: Screwdriver Field (capacity: 144300)
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2023-10-25 17:36:06 - #23Report Abuse

"This is a day for celebration and not a day for sadness."


13 season is a long time, even at this place. 438 games is a lot, especially for the same team. Brigo will finish his career this season, as the second longest tenured player on our team, just shy of Kelemen's 445 games for the team. Being the team's free safety for a decade, then moving to a pass rushing outside linebacker position he was always an ever-present leader on the defensive side of the ball, with his impeccable tackling and a couple dozen well-timed interceptions he always made his prescence felt.

He will be enshrined in the team's Hall of Fame, to nobody's suprise and his number #23 will be joining Kelemen's #88 in being retired permanently as well, while moved back to his original Safety position.

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2022-06-14 09:29:31 - The last RangerReport Abuse

The management remained silent for seasons now, but certain milestones would still make them reappear from their torpor.

Kelemen Lakatos, who will retire very very soon, was special to us. Placing the team always before himself, playing every position he was ever asked to and being the very last player from the team inherited by the current ownership in season 34, he is truly unique and will rightfully claim his well deserved place in our Hall of Fame as soon as the opportunity arises.

Amassing 445 appearances, he found the biggest success in his TE years, achieving 2nd best in D1 and second best in League and D1 in back-to-back seasons.
Prior being WR and ST among a slew of other minor roles, need made him swap between RB and FB positions for the past 4 seasons, where he also proved that no matter what he'll find a way to help the team, discarding personal achievements on the way. He always knew there are people better than him, but being always 'good enough' to be relevant, never seeking the paycheck most do, he'll end his playing days with the most games played for the team in it's history.

Now, for his retirement, he will be honorably placed back to his TE role and his #88 be essentially retired, never to be assigned to anyone again. His prescence around will be dearly missed.

Kelemen Lakatos/#88/TE (RB/FB/WR/KR/ST/K)

Matches 445


Blocks 738

Kick (#/yard/avg/lon/Tb) 14/656/46.9 /57/0

PAT (good/missed) 8/4

Field goal (att/good) 2/1

Kick/Puntret (att/yard/avg/lon) 134/2145 /16/64

Catch (#/TD/Dropped) 853/182 /243

Catch (yard/avg/lon) 12673/14.9/89

Rush (#/yard/avg/TD) 1251/4715/3.8 /4

Fumbles (caused/forced/recovered) 16/3 /2

ST Tackles 22

MVP Awards/Points 4/1832

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2021-04-03 13:17:05 - End of an eraReport Abuse

Seasons pass, players come and go, but true franchise players are not that often come by at the Janitors. As we continually strive to become as good as possbile, this means that every single player has to fight for his spot, in every game, in every season.

Today's league match will be the last game of Jimmy C., who came to the team as a mere 19 year old draftee running back, but will leave the team as one of the best quarterback Dragons 1 ever had. Still only 26 years young and - as it currently looks - staying in Dragons, will have the chance to become an all time great in the future seasons to come.

Thank you for your outstanding contribution and make us proud wherever your path takes!

Jimmy Creamer - QB - Budapest Janitors
07.09.2019. - 04.04.2021
189 games
48090 passing yards
1589 rushing yards
600 passing TDs
102 rushing TDs

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2020-10-28 08:41:05 - S40Report Abuse

Sitting in this press conference room feels strange, after 4 seasons of radio silence.

This season was arguably the worst the team ever had since it's promotion to Dragons 1, but we still reached play-offs, though our season ended at the Wild Card round to fellow countrymen Óbudai Egyetem. Good luck to them in their playoff run!

For the first time, we tried to keep a roster that was not so tight in numbers, to get a better understanding of what nuances make a difference at certain positions. Finding the right combination of personnel is key, we made some good calls and some not so good calls. Consistency is key and we failed on that part, unfortunately.

On a sad note, we are wishing the best for our 2 retirees, Bulcsú Kertész and Vinoth Prasad.

Bulcsú came to the team 5 seasons ago, from the venerated Free Agent Mascots, where he played as a linebacker. We thought his talents could be better suited for cornerback and life agreed with us. He's bound for the Hall of Fame, when the time comes. With 1051 tackles, 59 interceptions for the team (20 defensive TDs), he's retiring as the all time leader in all those categories, all the while earning best CB of Dragons in the previous 2 seasons. Always putting success ahead of money, he led by example during his time at our team. His prescence will be sorely missed.

Vinoth came to the team exactly 4 seasons ago (the last PR announcement included his arrival, funnily enough). He's retiring after a heralded 10-year carreer, where he amassed almost 8000 catching yards and 104 TDs. Thank you for your contribution Vinoth!

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2019-12-22 11:45:52 - S37 NewcomersReport Abuse

As we promised, we are now going to give a detailed analysis of the team's recent roster aquisitions now that the Draft is concluded.

We are not going to talk about the players that are leaving or already left the team in this statement, but the team is considering to create an active transfer market statement with the players' profiles detailed on it that are currently actively shopped.

Free Agency acquisitions (in arriving order):

Severin Rodier (CB) - The first of a dozen arrivals to the first team, from the legendary Styrian Bears academy. Already a venerated journeyman at only 24 years of age, he's going to compete for a starting cornerback position.

Vinoth Prasad (TE) - A veteran player and a former top 10 pick of the season 30 draft, Vinoth arrived to the team some competition to an already strong positional group. He will get the chance to fight for the TE2 spot behing the team's OPOY Primo.

Russel Lemon (SF) - An immensely talented but raw walk-on safety with no prior experience. He will provide positional depth and core special teams in his maiden season.

Khamphoumy Silisavadymao (LB) - Another walk-on athlete with the physical talent and the mental acumen to challenge the best on the field. After some in-team positional rotations during the offseason, he will be starting outside.

Darryl Švarc (OL) - Veteran addition to an already impressive group, coming from the fabled Free Agent Mascots after four seasons. After the departure of long time starting center Webb, Darryl will start the season with the first team as center.

Daniel Kennedy (OL) - The young journeyman arrived to the team expecting to lose several key contributors after this season. Despite being only 24 years old he already has plenty of game experience. Daniel is expected to initially provide depth and special teams play this season and eventually taking over starting duties next season.

Darron Pennington (DL) - The "Moby Dick", period. A Longshipmen alumni, they young star was the crown jewel of it's academy. The team kept an envious eye on the progress of Darron since he got promoted to the first team roster. The management never had serious expectations to ever have the chance to acquite Darron's playing rights, but when the opportunity arose, we didn't hesitate for a second. He will be starting the season along Simione and Perica in the defensive front and will be a designated franchise player.

Damien Combe (OL) - An immensely talented player, coming from the Alpin Ducks. Damien facing similar expectations just as the aforementioned Daniel Kennedy.

Bryant Rea (DL) - Bryant arrived to the team after 2 seasons spent with the Midnight Marauders to provide depth on the inside of the line. He unfortunately suffered a spinal fracture right after his arrival, so the team needs to be patient with easing him back to the team.

Eduardo Gómez (CB) - Young Eduardo arrived from RZA representative Chelt Nam Bobbers, initially as an academy player. His mercurial talent and a short positional group amongst the team, combined with a serious injury of Bulcsú just right before the Bowl called for swift action to provide depth. Eduardo answered with play we hoped and more. He will still continue to provide valuable positional depth and core special teams play this season.

Ferenc Markovics (DL) - The prodigal son. As one of the 'inherited' players of the Janitors, he initially left the team in season 34 to seek other opportunities, but after more than two season the team welcomes him back with his wealth of experience now showing dividens. He will be starting at Nose Tackle for this season.

Efren Breeden (DL) - Last, but definitely no least, we would like to welcome Efren to the team. A former first round pick, he comes from the now-defunct team Bubble Bobble, after spending three seasons with them and then taking a three year hiatus from the game. Efren will have the chance to compete for a starting Tackle spot this season.

The team approached the draft with a clear BPA mindset, considering there were no glaring holes in the roster only a few depth issues.
The team identified around 20-22 draftable players on the board and aimed to get at least 2 of them.

1st round, #32 - Imre Koltai (LB)
Talented both physically and mentally, Imre will provide depth behind incumbent starters Gregoriy and Knox at MLB and special teams play with eventual chance to earn a starting spot in the following seasons.

2nd round, #64 - Isván Szőke (WR)
A talented and young wide receiver, with unquestionable talent and hunger for the game. He will join the WR corps as depth.

3rd round, #96 "Mr. Irrelevant" - Farkas Sümegi (TE)
We were suprised to find that even at the last round the team had still two players on it's big board available. We were shellshocked that at the very last pick, one of them were still on board. Farkas is a hard working and intelligent person with clear talent in his hands. He needs to add core strenght to his frame but he has the potential to be a magnificent TE in this league in just a few years from now. He will provide TE depth and special teams play in this season.

With this, we are wrapping up the roster's offseason changes and now that the season officially began yesterday we are looking forward to Season 37 with renewed vigor and high expectations towards every single member of the team.

Stay tuned for more!

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2019-12-11 12:54:08 - Season 36 Recap Report Abuse

In the second season of the current management the Janitors achieved the much sought after promotion to Dragons 1 which got denied just a season ago.

The team went undefeated in Dragons 2 while already setting up for the future.

In the supercup the team reached playoffs with a second place regular season finish and went far beyond expectations. By beating the Galaxy 1 team Philadelphia Eagles the team already achieved no other League 2 team could this season: reaching the second round of the playoffs. The Janitors even went one step further by beating the Burnaby Bruisers of Monarch 1 by the slightest margin possible. In the end, the Basterds of Thunder 1 (#18 team in the game) ended our magnificent run in the 3rd round of the playoffs.

Before we announce the best and most consistently performing members of the team we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the team's success this season, on any terms.

Players of the season:

Offense: Primo Gomierato TE - 82 catches, 1504 yards, 18.3 avg, 23 TD in 31 games.
As the team switched it's starting QBs this season and Eusebio played in the supercup for most regular season games finding reliable targets were crucial for the team's offensive plan to work. Primo gets the nod over the other members of the receiving corps for the reason that he provided this crucial element versus every single opponent the team faced.

Defense: Georgiy Elkin LB - 92,4% tck suc., 17 sacks, 15 interceptions, 2 recfum and 3 DefTD in 29 games.
The captain of the defense, yet again lead by example this season. Avoiding the injury bug mostly this season, he showed the league again he is one of the best of its position. He will retain the captaincy for next season to no one's suprise.

Special team: Eddy François (3052 returned yards) and Taylor Hawkins (86,2% FG suc.)
Taylor had to face intense pressure considering he had to fill the shoes of the 2nd best kicker of the Dragons league from the previous season, but he grew up to the task and posted a magnificent season.
Eddy served as a rotational RB for the season and the primary KR of the team. In addition to his return yards he accumulated over 1300 yards on the ground for the running game as well.

The Janitors are looking forward for the challenges of the new league season already, but the draft comes first. Expect our announcement and introduction of the new faces of the team after the draft is concluded.

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2019-09-18 18:13:25 - Season 35 Recap - 1st full season as GMReport Abuse

Hello everyone in the attendance!

After a very tumultuous season, and after a very explanatory introductory season as interim GM I'd like to summarize some of the noteworthy achievements the team had this season.

Offensively, the team started the season with a conservative approach and after a fierce QB battle in season 34, Mikkel Laursen earned the starting spot, Wael Gorbal backing him up. Mikkel made massive improvements to his game from the previous season and with a vastly improved playbook towards the end of the season, he lead the team to a Wildcard spot after leading the conference for an extended period, in the fiercest second division of the whole league. After going through the wildcard round, our luck ran out as the team had to face the eventual bowl participant Schulzencity Thunder, which ended the league season for the team. Supercup playoffs were barely missed, so the season concluded there. With a 103-9 TD to INT ratio and only 2 regular season losses in the league (both to the eventually promoted Egyetem), we should be more than proud of ourselves.

I have to mention that the team's defense was performing at an outstanding level, all season long. They had to overcome the injury of Elkin, captain of the defense on 2 separate occasions, him missing almost 50 days of the season. Credit to his immense talent, he still performed above and beyond what was asked of him and will retain the captaincy in season 36.

Offensive players of the season:

Mikkel Laursen, QB - 7083 yards, 103 TD, 16 INT, 126,17 rating, 116 rushing yard, 6 rushing TD

Velichko Millward, RB - 4421 rushing yard, 5,1 avg, 37 rushing TD, 57 yards and a TD from catching

The whole WR and TE corps - 9036 yards, 136 TD

Defensive players of the season:

Georgiy Elkin, MLB - (only 19 games) 122 tackle (87,8%), 14 TFL, 14 sack, 14 INT, 1 FF, 3 fumble rec, 3DefTD

Ferenc Várszegi (rookie of the season), LB - 74 tackle (85,1%), 12 TFL, 12 sack, 10 INT, 4 DefTD

Alex Barbé, CB - 106 tackle (97,2%), 9 INT, 5 DefTD

The team is looking forward to season 36, with renewed vigor and an improved roster. Adjustments have already been made aplenty, some of our guys have already left and a few new faces are already in the building, adjusting to their new enviroment and culture.

Until next time, good luck to our fellow league participants and have a good draft!

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