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League: RZA Elite League NC South

ELO score: 1190 - Rank global: 13 - Rank in league: 12

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Team chemistry:
95 %
97 %
Physical condition:
99 %
Financial situation:
Managers tactical talent:
Leagueok Champ of Champsok Supercupok Supercup Playoffssuperb
85.8 %
84.0 %
  Avg Age Seniors: 24.9
Pass Defense:
82.9 %
  Rush Defense:
86.5 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 7,667,396
Special Team:
77.5 %
83.9 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 2,020,180
Stadium: Požarevački hipodrom (capacity: 144300)
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Season 56Member RZA Elite League
Season 55All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing standard tactics
Season 55Member RZA Elite League
Season 54Conference Champion Galaxy 1 AC
Season 54Winner Galaxy 1 AC East
Season 53All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing standard tactics
Season 53Member RZA Elite League
Season 52Conference Champion Galaxy 1 AC
Season 52Winner Galaxy 1 AC North
Season 51Member RZA Elite League
Season 50League Champion Galaxy 1
Season 50Conference Champion Galaxy 1 NC
Season 50Winner Galaxy 1 NC East
Season 49Winner Galaxy 1 NC East
Season 48All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing standard tactics
Season 48Member RZA Elite League
Season 47Friendly Cup International Elite Challenge Cup Series Rev 5 - qualification round 8
Season 47Member RZA Elite League
Season 46All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing standard tactics
Season 46Member RZA Elite League
Season 45Member RZA Elite League
Season 44Member RZA Elite League
Season 43Winner RZA Elite League 0 NC South
Season 43Member RZA Elite League
Season 42Member RZA Elite League
Season 41Member RZA Elite League
Season 40League Champion Galaxy 1
Season 40Conference Champion Galaxy 1 AC
Season 40Winner Galaxy 1 AC East
Season 39Member RZA Elite League
Season 38Conference Champion Galaxy 1 NC
Season 38Winner Galaxy 1 NC North
Season 37Winner Galaxy 1 NC North
Season 36Winner Galaxy 1 NC North
Season 35Winner Galaxy 1 NC North
Season 34Member RZA Elite League
Season 33Conference Champion Galaxy 1 AC
Season 33Winner Galaxy 1 AC West
Season 32Winner Galaxy 1 AC West
Season 30Winner Galaxy 1 AC West
Season 29Winner Galaxy 1 AC West
Season 24Winner Galaxy 2 NC South
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Elite member in seasons: 34, 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 51, 53, 55, 56
Superbowl Champion in seasons: 40, 50
Conference Champion in seasons: 33, 38, 40, 50, 52, 54
Division Champion in seasons: 24, 29, 30, 32, 33, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40, 43, 49, 50, 52, 54
Friendly Cups won in seasons: 47
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2024-03-27 20:33:10 - What a punt. A HOF puntReport Abuse

His name says it all.
Tadija Kralj (in English kralj = king) 🤴

Can a punter be a HOF? Sure it can.

Our Kralj entered Elephants YA in season 40 claiming he is a WR. After a season and a half our punter got injured and Kralj stepped in his place and he was only one who said he can do punting job for that game. 5 punts for 267 yards!!!! 😮😮😮
Did he get back to his WR position? Hell no ⛔️
He became a king punter, Kralj punter 👑

Stats speak for themselves:
Matches 250
Punts 845
Yards 37.157 (average of 44 per punt)

10 seasons with Elephants, his whole career.

Enjoy your HOF induction Tadija King 🤴🥳🎉
You were the one that all guys could count on 👍🤝✌️

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2023-11-28 18:34:09 - Time for a new HOFReport Abuse

Five seasons we waited for a new HOF inductee.

Ladies and gentlemen let us introduce you to Mijat Nikolic known as THE TE.

He came to Elephants youth academy in season 40, giving coaches lot of smiles on their faces as they know they had a gem in their hands.

It took him just two seasons in YA to earn a first team spot and make a debut in a senior special team.

Full 10 seasons only with Elephants with a record that will live for ages:

305 matches
13.311 snaps
1.213 catches for 11.861 yards (9.8 per catch)
161 touchdown
3.278 punt/kick return yards

Win/loss record 239/66 equals 78% win ratio.
8 seasons in Elite.

What a career!!!

A HOF career 🏆🥇

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2022-10-27 11:19:23 - HOF inducteeReport Abuse

When Veroljub Grozdanovic came to Elephants youth academy in season 35 no one know anything about that guy. Coaches, at that time, didn't expect anything from him. At the age of 19 he was almost cut from the academy. He promised he will work hard on his strength and skills, so got himself a bit of extra time in squad. Veroljub trained like no one trained before, made himself strongest player in YA and one of the strongest in whole team. So he earned a chance to show his ability in senior team.

And oh boy oh boy he used that chance:
337 games
19.401 snaps
59.7% success blocks
6.802 pancakes

Never left a building and retired in season 47 as future HOF Elephant.

Enjoy your retirement, there are a lot of kids trying to be like you. You should be proud of that.

Because you are Hall of famer 🏆🏅

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2022-01-09 21:46:32 - HOF Jovan Ćirić retiredReport Abuse

After 13 seasons with Elephants Jovan Ćirić decided to retire.

Legend that spent entire career with Elephants, legend that will be first Hall of famer in Serbian team history.

407 games
19.240 snaps
1.206 tackles
197 sacks
117 interceptions
13 caused fumbles
16 recovered fumbles
49 defensive TDs
27 MVP awards

MLB left the building.
MLB that is immortal.


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2021-08-23 14:15:38 - Financial restructureReport Abuse

After six straight seasons with a loss on bank account season 44 will be used to get finances on the right track.

Chairman believes that staying in Elite for season 45 is something that just can't slip away, so board decided to get team on right track so Elephants can stay in Elite as long as they have good results that would keep them there.

Star CB has been cut after misconduct in training, reserve QB has been sold since great prospect arrived, retiring SF has been given 15 more weeks to enjoy his retirement. And at the end of the season at least two more starters will not have their contracts renewed because replacements will be ready.

So far one good prospect has been sold and there is a plan to sell 3 or 4 more to get money flowing.

Some changes in coach department will be made soon.

Premium academy has been disabled.

Staff have been reduced.

And most important thing, 5 seasons plan has been made for starting line-ups both offense and defense. For some positions 10 seasons plan is there.
Kicker is only position where Elephants have to look to the market to get one as soon as possible to be ready to play from season 46 or 47.

Hopefully, after this long term plan, finances shouldn't be a problem. And board hope that team will still be competitive for PO spot in Elite and that some good Supercup run can be made season after season.

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2021-07-13 19:13:02 - Elephants legends Novica Stojanovic & Radovan DivacReport Abuse

After a decade or a little bit more two Elephants icons are going to take off their jerseys and start enjoy in their retirement.

Novica Stojanović, Elephants 59th pick in season 32 draft, TE and future hall of famer is taking his leadership and enormous smile away from lockerroom. Last season we made him change his mind and play one more Elite season, but there is no way to make him change his decision about retiring. Body says it is time to go rest and who are we to complain about it. He is leaving Elephants after 12 seasons with a record of:
368 matches
17.110 snaps
1.549 catches for 15.969 yards
165 TDs

Radovan Divac, Elephants 63rd pick in season 34 draft, WR/KR with burst in his shoes said „Coach, you have a bunch of talents in WR position, it is time for me to leave my spot open for them and force you to give them their chances, just like you gave it to me“. There was a possibility for him to play a bit more, but when someone comes to you with words like that, there is nothing that you can do but listen to him and say „Ok, you are right. You deserve your free time to play more with your kids“. He is leaving Elephants after 10 seasons with a record of:
334 matches
14.631 snaps
1.378 catches for 15.742 yards
167 TDs
1.357 kick/punt returns for 17.567 yards

Elephants chairman and general manager are extremely happy to have those kind of players on our team and their legacy is something that generation ahead of us will talk about. Guys enjoy your life out of football.

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