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posted: 2014-02-18 20:47:04 (ID: 100024524) Report Abuse

AC East - Even if Clocks win the week 16 matchup, they would need a 98+ point victory to take the division from Iron Fists on PD. Division to Fists, top AC wild card spot to Clocks. Only question is can Clocks spoil home field advantage for Fists, who are in a close battle with Hugendubel Hunchbacks for the top AC team overall.

AC North - Very likely wins for both in the final week, Nuremberg takes the division crown on PD, Egerton at 12-4 needs some help to get a WC spot, due to their point differential.

AC South - H. Hunchbacks vs Purple Drank has important implications for both. Hunchbacks need the game to keep pace for homefield ... Purple Drank needs the W or they very likely miss the playoffs.

AC West - Grizzly Bears of bupti vs Universitatea Craiova. Craiova wins, and they'll take the division crown. A loss would likely push them out of the playoffs. Grizzly's can secure their current spot with the W, but won't be able to catch Fists or Hunchbacks for a bye week.

NC East - Rheingau barring a huge upset takes the division crown. BW Backbreakers will need some help - a big win, and a loss by the Dragons vs Calgary, as they have nearly 90 points of PD to catch up for the wild card spot.

NC North - Calgary has locked up the division, but will the Dragons be able to upset them on the final week to guarantee themselves a wild card spot? It's win and you're in for the Dragons.

NC South - Marauders clinches home field throughout this week after a tough battle with Egerton.

NC West - Comes down to the final week, both squads 13-2 and matching off. Winner gets a bye week, loser gets the top wild card spot.

Lot of great games this final week with big implications, good luck to all!

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posted: 2014-02-23 08:08:37 (ID: 100024992) Report Abuse
My second season and another trophy .Grizzly Bears again in wildcard match
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posted: 2014-02-23 20:46:18 (ID: 100025057) Report Abuse
Playoff Preview:

SanFran 49 (55.7%) @ Rheingau Allstars (43.7%):
Prediction - SanFran 49 pulls off the road win, they're ahead by ~10% in almost every category.

New Zealand Dragons (50.9%) @ Calgary Stampeders (57.7%):
Prediction - NZ has been steadily improving, picking up key free agents however Calgary will still prove too much in this one. Both have strong defenses, so expect a low scoring Calgary W.

Clocks (60.4%) @ Nuremberg Fallen Templars (49.1%):
Prediction - Nuremberg always seems to play far stronger than their "on paper" numbers, but can they pull off an upset of this magnitude? Clocks gets the road W here, though I'd expect closer than their last meeting, a 47-3 W for Clocks.

Grizzly Bears of bupti (58.4%) @ Universitatea Craiova (55.2%):
Prediction - This is the real ? game. Craiova took the division with their 37-35 shootout win in week 16, will either team find a way to slow the other down? Going to go with an *slight* upset here, I think Grizzly Bears adjust their D playcalling a bit and that 61.2% pass D doesn't get picked apart quite so easily this time around.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Divisional matchups *SHOULD* my predictions end up right (which they won't lol):

Grizzly Bears of bupti @ Hugendubel Hunchbacks (50.8%)
Clocks @ Iron Fists (53.0%)
SanFran 49 @ Midnight Marauders (53.6%)
Calgary Stampeders @ Fareham Demons (59.4%)
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posted: 2014-02-26 02:14:12 (ID: 100025261) Report Abuse
Looks like I went 2-2 ... with Craiova and New Zealand the missed calls.

Now the NZ Dragons get a shot at revenge for the season 9, Galalxy 3.1 Bowl game.

Good luck to everyone in the divisionals, these games are all so close I won't embarrass myself by trying to make picks on this round.
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posted: 2014-03-01 22:21:58 (ID: 100025571) Report Abuse
Good game New Zealand, thought you had it until the wacky 4thQ.
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posted: 2014-03-04 22:02:58 (ID: 100025835) Report Abuse
GG Fareham ... looks like my offense forgot to get off the bus.

We've got the two highest "on paper" teams squaring off in the Superbowl, should be a good one!

Last edited on 2014-03-04 22:03:40 by Gambler75

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posted: 2014-03-07 09:49:36 (ID: 100026030) Report Abuse
The Clocks are therefore now in the Galaxy 2.1 Bowl final.

Ironically, this team I had to fight in our Wild Card Playoff.
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Dr. Coco
posted: 2014-03-13 05:34:54 (ID: 100026541) Report Abuse
I just saw this thread now. So cool we have a thread for our league.
Fareham Demons soundly defeated us in the bowl game. I'm going to have to rethink my playbook next season (I already did, to some extent, after giving up some losses to lower ranked teams).

I'm pretty happy with our season tho, and I guess promoting to I.1 would probably have resulted in relegation.
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Dr. Coco
posted: 2014-03-17 00:59:56 (ID: 100026898) Report Abuse
Argh... apparently I was promoted. Fighting off relegation is going to be hard.
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