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posted: 2014-08-28 16:12:46 (ID: 100042034) Report Abuse
So I have decided that this will be my last season.
As most in FIRE1.1 might realize I haven’t been active over the last couple of seasons anyway. The reason for me leaving is simply – time & interest. I don’t have enough of either anymore.
Let me start by say “Thank You” to Pete. I believe you have put together one of the best American football online games. I stumbled apon this game by chance and was lucky enough to be part of the Beta testing. It was a fun and exciting time and I feel I was able to contribute to this game (even if just a little). That being said I didn’t always agree with the direction the game has gone. For example I didn’t agree with the idea to flood the market with high level players. I understand the rationale but I feel it has taken most of the interest out of the game for me with every top team having too many high level players.
My parting suggestion is to add an extra layer to salaries. I don’t think a salary cap is required. But there has to be some factor that forces managers to choose in what direction they wish their team to go.
I think that if speed, strength, agility and intelligence factor into how well a player plays than it should also factor into how much he is paid. Also I think that different positions should be paid differently eg. A top skilled QB is worth more than a top skilled CB just because they are involved in more plays and have a greater influence on the game. My top QB’s have been valued around $550,000 I think this should be closer to $1million.
I think that if you have higher incomes it will only allow managers to only carry a couple of these high price players and have greater range of incomes throughout the top teams.
I’m sure there is more underlying code that needs to be worked out... But I am just an idea guy. The work is left to
Good luck to all.
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posted: 2014-08-28 16:42:30 (ID: 100042037) Report Abuse
Bye Pete, sad to see you go.
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posted: 2014-08-28 17:44:19 (ID: 100042041) Report Abuse
CU Pete was fun to Play against You

Korberano AK Tarjan (The Underachievers)
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posted: 2014-08-29 06:38:57 (ID: 100042061) Report Abuse
Bye Pete. It would be better if you would keep your team from going bot till the end of the next season though. It would be a shame to have a bot team from Fire in the Elite league
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