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posted: 2016-04-04 08:33:04 (ID: 100072745) Report Abuse
Version 1.0 - 05.07.2016

I did try to put all relevant issues into the chapters and tried to have them reviewed by several managers, rookies and seniors, to avoid big gaps.
Many thanks to
for their ongoing support and suggestions.

I think when they decided to become reviewer in the german forum (where I secretly did build that thing up) they for sure never expected such an extensive work.
Sorry for that, but they were all free to give feedback or not.
Again, thanks for the effort guys!, several issues were found that way.

If you did read the guide from top to button and did find it helpful, good. If you did read it and did find some issues not clear enough, missing or wrong, great, please let me know and we can discuss content and place of that issue.

Honestly I don’t know where to add more stuff or whether I have left out crucial infos, you might search for.

Keep in mind that this is not a substitution manual, it’s meant to give additional infos or give infos from a different perspective. Some infos are almost the same as in the manual, some will never make into the manual at all.

My motivation to do this guide was to give all managers something worth reading.
For sure new managers will benefit the most out of this, but also some seniors will probably find different approach they never thought about or never tried.

This simulation is a game, so if this guide does help you to enjoy it or enjoy it again, that the best result possible.

So you in the forum and the field.
Daniel aka Jack6

PS: Now that I'm finished with that first version of the guide I did count the word roughly and it's about 61.000 word, which would be a 150 to 200 page book. Sorry for that. It was never my intention to write THAT book and of cause not to make you reading THAT book. It just happened (at least the writing part, reading is up to you)

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