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posted: 2018-07-26 23:55:17 (ID: 100130986) Report Abuse
OrangeCrush wrote:
spartans11 wrote:
Quality QB's are not going to have five pick sixes against a poor secondary (I was not throwing medium or deep or middle).

I disagree

Even Quality QBs will throw a lot of pics if their HC forces them to throw just to two targets all game and throws the ball more than 95% from a certain look.

Against an equal team that QB would probably not end the game as he would be at least hit every second play nad never ever complete more than 40 % of his passes.

Please don't complain about the engine as long as you use that absurd of a playbook. The coach is the issue, not the QB
Imo the engine was way too nice to a team that plays so predictable.

In two games I went truly lopsided tactics. I finished #2 passing and #7 rushing for the season. The game I was really ticked off about came in SC regular season vs a average Div 1 team. I had balanced tactics and threw 7 picks (6 for TD's) all to a CB with 41 speed, low 40's in other stats and 40 intel.
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posted: 2018-07-27 00:46:38 (ID: 100130987) Report Abuse
Here are some interesting stats for my team in regular season games. Overall I threw 21 picks (12 were pick sixes). I made 13 picks (6 were pick sixes). Here is a much more interesting break down for the season. First eight games I was 8-0 with giving up six pick sixes vs recieving 4 pick sixes, 1 fumble return TD and 2 punt return TDs so +1 Lucky TD's. Secound half of the season I was 3-5. I gave up 6 pick sixes, 2 fumble return TDs and 1 punt return TD vs 2 picks sixes so I was -7 Lucky TD's for this strech. Tactics are not going to make much of a difference at this level of the game if you are on average spotting your opponents nearly a full TD per game in Lucky TD's.
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San Diego Blitz

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posted: 2018-07-27 03:36:59 (ID: 100130988) Report Abuse
hollyhh2000 wrote:
Solana_Steve wrote:
So everyone seems to be blaming the S30 game engine, but is the future one much different?

I think from a game development standpoint, getting the game engine tuned correctly (so results seems inline with real football) is probably more difficult than the basic mechanics of the game.

We tend to complain about the shortcomings that hurt us, but not the ones we're benefiting from/exploiting ourselves.

I still really think the sacking logic is in need of improvement. It's almost completely dependent on LB blitzing and very much over-weighted on speed still. Witness that the:

1. Most of the sack leaders are LBs. Very few DEs.
2. We're all fielding super fast LBs - - some of the best are super fast + Track Star.
3. We're all fielding fast QBs to avoid sacks as much as possible.
4. Teams seem to be blitzing at the maximum under almost all circumstances.

Where are the DL sack-machines - - look at the all-time NFL leaders - - all linemen (

Are the QBs that are sacked the least really fast? Are the guys at the top of this list fast?

I agree with all points from Steve, however, you cant just change the sack logic without looking into the impact of the game. So maybe the sacks become more realistic but as a result certain Quarterbacks will become unstoppable

And the sack logic is already improved, some seasons ago, there were really unsackable QBs, werent there, Steve
Jonny's Track Star QB was sacked 36 times, my 50 Speed on a run heavy team 35 times.

I can understand that Pete does not want to change too much at a time as the only result will be that the the complaining will come from another manager.

Football is an awfully complex sport to sim all 11 players on each side have an impact on each play with a lot of skills involved

I totally agree....I think the pass rush model is improved from previous versions of the game engine. The previous game engine suffered from not having any real way to slow down the passing game. Now you can blitz all the time. Seems like blitzing needs to be toned down, DL need to have somewhat greater affect and some non-blitz defense needs to lower the completion percentage. Really, 3-3-5 and Dime aren't really much different from 3-4-4 in terms of stopping the pass.

SD Blitz
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