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Mülheim Steelers

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posted: 2021-01-28 10:49:20 (ID: 100156666) Report Abuse
Rufio13 wrote:
K3m4li wrote:
Nice Work from the Team and a good research from Rubio But i was a bit shocked about the compare between our City and the Vikings

In the history of Mülheim an der Ruhr there has never been any Vikings. To get sure about that we build our Schloss Broich to defend against them But nevertheless i like to drink a lot of mead
And in our region we drink more beer than wine...but there is always a time to drink a good glas of german wine for sure

The funny fact in all of this is that Feras is a really good friend of mine and we watch and speak a lot about football. So the Managers of this two Teams would never fight against each other...but we can´t influence our Fans...this Fanbases are really crazy. But we love them

So everybody is heartly invited to visit this beautiful city and drink a lot of beer and mead with us

Glad you enjoyed it. Jonny sent me a list of things about Mülheim to incorporate, and the jokes about the Vikings were solely the 'Heim' part of the city name which is shared by 6 of the 9 worlds of Norse religion.

Ok now i know how your thinking was about Mülheim and why your trip was like a Episode of the Series Vikings But i have to say it again. It was very funny to read and i´m glad that our Hometown was a part of BS Thank you very much for that
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Jonny Utah
Chelt Nam Bobbers

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posted: 2021-04-28 16:25:39 (ID: 100158852)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
Jonny: Finally we're back! And somehow we're already at the end of the season

A lot to get through after another exciting Dragon season, my first question Roel, around the time we started this game Paris 2018 (formally Paris Hurricane) were one of, if not THE top team in the Dragon Region, are they back with a vengeance?!

Roel: Hey Jonny, good to get chatting again about Dragon! And I would say that Paris has added a healthy dose of revenge to their play book indeed! Instead of buckling under the weight of the massive disappointment that was last seasons' play off, they have rebounded admirably. No mean feat by NICOLASC. He obviously has the hearts and minds of the dressing room firmly in his court.

What has been most impressive is that when they have won, they have done so convincingly. They have had only one loss so far but that is right away a very important, and perhaps telling, loss against Ergodicity (formerly known as Erudite Linstock), the only other team with the same record as France (15-1).

Why don't you tell us some more about them Jonny.

Jonny: Ah, the Erudite Sack-Machine! A title the Saints have grabbed hold of firmly this season, so in lieu of sacks, how are they doing it? Ask any old school football fan "how do you win?", they'll tell you "run the ball, stop the run".
Ergodicity are miles ahead on rushing yards, this stat can be misleading, and down to rushing attempts, but whereas they're top in yards, they're "bottom" in fumbles, they're pounding it down teams' throats and protecting the ball whilst they're at it, how do you stop that without opening yourself up to the passing game?

Roel: The problem with an top running attack is that you only need to encounter one team that stops the run and you are screwed. They just scraped by yesterday but they did stop Tampa's run while getting 7.1 (!) yards on average per running play. The fortune for Ergodicity is that I don't think they are gonna meet that team in this year's play offs.That is not just impressive but downright frightening!

One interesting note is that their only loss this season has come against Mullheim Seahawks, a team they could meet in the Bowl!

However can we also take a moment to appreciate the great achievement by the Moraira Moors this season. They have by far the lowest wage budget and are up against a team they can certainly beat. What are your thoughts on this latest challenger to the throne?

Jonny: They're doing it in a solid way, I tried to find something I didn't like about their team, but I can't! They average, or just above average, in every category, this doesn't sound impressive, but as you pointed out; they have a very low wage budget so have more than enough room to grow into a fantastic team in every aspect of the game

This will come out after the Championship games, but regardless of the results, the Moors Seahawks game means we're going to have a new team in Elite next year. One of the things I find interesting about both these teams are their coaching setups, more coaches with points spread out more, is it me or is this becoming more popular?

Roel: Good catch. I myself have always been of the max CP per coach school of philosophy. Willemstad Bridges (won last two Elite bowls) has a high HC with medium supporting coaches (75 range). Looking at the Manager Dashboard it says globally the average coaches is still 8 so around that same model. For Dragons it is actually 6 so perhaps we are the outlier here Jonny. It does seem the areas not to have coaches for are still RB, FB, TE, ST and SF.

I often wondered if there is a better approach here but I don't really see it. Especially considering that training points are so important now with Premium Youth Academy.

Talking about innovations, we talked about rushing with QB last season. Are there any other innovations you have spotted recently Jonny?

Jonny: Unfortunately no, this suggests I haven't been paying enough attention to what other teams are doing and learning from it, a rookie mistake on my part there! I'll set myself that as homework for next time

You never know though, we might see something special in the Bowl? That Championship between the Seahawks and Moors was an exciting back and forth, one thing I notice about the Seahawks is their use of tight ends, if this turns out to be a deciding factor then take note!
How do you see this Bowl playing out Roel?

Roel: Well, I already put my money on Ergodicity and to be honest, I cannot see how Mulheim would be able to win. Having said that I have to admit that Mulheim already showed how to do this as they beat Ergodicity in a shoot out earlier this season (38-34).

However it would be hard for Mulheim to repeat the 558 yards (!) of offense that was needed to beat Ergodicity. They had a few critical stops but all in all, I think that game was a one-off.

If I do squint my eyes and try to see a Mulheim victory then it would have to be done through their passing and hope that their receivers are able to stay as slippery as they were then, as Ergodicity did themselves no favours by missing a staggering 25 tackles.

On the other side of the ball, Ergodicity was actually not that effective running the ball as usual. So could Mulheim win the Bowl? Certainly, it's possible but in my opinion it's not likely.

Do you see anything else here Jonny?

Jonny: Uuummmmm... No. As soon as I read that question I went straight to the stats to find am argument for the 'Hawks, unfortunately nothing jumped out though, these two teams are quite equal or Ergodicity has the edge in various categories.

That said though, I'm going Mulheim for champions, just for the fun of it

So, draft preview for the next edition?

EDITORIAL NOTE: Due to baby related tasks Roel was not able to complete his writing before the bowl so this is a bit late. Congratulations to Dissolve

Roel:Yes, indeed! Best time of the season. Everything is possible and nothing has gone wrong yet With that it is time to say good bye to our readers. See you in the draft S43 special!

Last edited on 2021-04-29 13:08:05 by Jonny Utah

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Mülheim Seahawks

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posted: 2021-05-02 12:50:17 (ID: 100158932) Report Abuse
Thanks for this

I really enjoy reading this season for season

I'm a litte disappointed that im not in the League for next Season
But i very optimistic that im here for Season 44

I really see no way i stay in elite, even win more then 3 games
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Black Mambas

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posted: 2021-05-02 12:51:27 (ID: 100158933) Report Abuse
Great Review, mates
Insane running yards from Erdogicity. I was not aware of it. Very strong
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Black Mambas

  Cupfer owns a supporter account

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posted: 2021-05-02 12:52:58 (ID: 100158935) Report Abuse
Feras17 wrote:
Thanks for this

I really enjoy reading this season for season

I'm a litte disappointed that im not in the League for next Season
But i very optimistic that im here for Season 44

I really see no way i stay in elite, even win more then 3 games

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you anyway. You can do it!
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Jonny Utah
Chelt Nam Bobbers

  Jonny Utah owns a supporter account

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posted: 2021-05-04 14:47:09 (ID: 100159035) Report Abuse
Jonny:Hello everyone!
Welcome to our first draft episode We've dipped our toes into the area by just looking at our individual top 10's and comparing, I was surprised by how different many of our selections were!

Take it away Roel...

Tawfiq Abdul
Obvious 1st pick for me. Near perfect physicals and above average INT and TW.

Vladimir Cernák
SPD and INT near perfect and Sure Tackler trait: This guy is the perfect SF!

Yassir Hamid
Shame his TW is low but with those physicals he can slot in on a few positions. I
would go for RB or FB.

Nintau Phixay
Good combo of SPD and INT for a LB. Can he be converted to QB? With his age it is certainly a possibility.

Ahmed Isa
His age is the only thing that made him drop out of top 3. Beast who ticks almost all the boxes.

Randolph Figueroa
TW is wasted on RB so I would move him to DL. He will perfect Center for me.

Robert Ndayishimiye
His age is perfect, he will be a fearless ball stripper when he is a bit older.

Yan Slabý
Good all round WR, not elite but his above average stats across the board made him climb the board (reminds me of the best WR I had stastically with the Amersfoort Alligators)

Mehdi Guyot
Has blocking back trait but potentially not the strength to go with it. I pick him for speed and intelligence and convert him to CB. With those added carrying skills he'll be taking many interceptions to the house.

Vea Krishna
Age keeps him from the top of the class but all else is elite bar TW. Put him on OLB and watch him wreck OTs for fun!

Vea Krishna - LB
All the way down at 10?! My number 1 is Vea Krishna Stong, fast smart, might be a little older than some, but 3.5 experience at 20 with the ball stripper trait does it for me.

Yassir Hamid - DL
I agree with teamwork being a slight issue here, but 4 experience at only 19, brick wall trait and 50 strength put him 2nd on my board, I think ,ost years he wouldn't be quite this high, but he has the edge on others in this draft class.

Tawfiq Abdul - LB
Your number 1 is my number 3, it's the experience that puts him lower for me, his speed is unreal with the track star trait, fearsome as well is amazing, I just can't get over the 2 experience.

Ahmed Isa - LB
I wouldn't have had him this high previously due to his speed, but I got great production last season from a 45 speed ILB, and he could be faster. The teamwork and strength also dive DL an option for him.

Darius Venskauskas - OL
My first offensive player! Question marks against his teamwork, but he's not that far off 40, has the pass blocker trait and is only 18 with 3.5 experience. Guys like this go for a lot on the transfer market.

Nintau Phixay - LB
Age and experience help him a lot here, if his strength and speed are red capped i'd put him at safety, bit of a gamble, but one worth taking.

Igor Rychlik - DL
Age and two traits help him against his teamwork, there is a chance though his speed could go up a lot, and with his intelligence, a move to linebacker could be an option.

Fernando Marcos - DL
Another player with position switch options, if his strength is red, I would move him to LB or SF, only 19 though so has a lot of potential.

Abraham Gómez - DL
Great experience, 50 speed and the sure tackler trait mean a move to corner is perfect if his strength is capped. Guaranteed starter, but not necessarily and DL.

Vladimir Cernák - LB
I'm starting to feel like a broken record, but another player were a move to the backfield would be wise if his strength is red capped, 50 intelligence is making me look twice at his with a potential to move up my board.

Chamara Dostálek - DL
40 intelligence is great for a DL, teamwork a bit lower than ideal, but really strong and the ball stripper trait, it's just experience keeping him below the two guys above him.

Diedrich Mukamutesi - LB
Move to corner or safety if strength is capped? Yeah Track star and 48.6 intelligence, on top of at least 49.6 speed, means he'll excel in one of these roles.

De Ieong - CB
An actual designated corner at last! Big question marks against his strength, but 4 experience at 20 and two traits mean he's worth a gamble in my eyes.

Robert Ndayishimiye - LB
Rounding off my top 10 is another LB who needs to get stronger, good age, trait, speed and intelligence though.

This draft has looked poor for offensive players, my picks were based on guaranteed starting spots on a blank team (not against my own players), all the offensive players had question marks against either speed, strength, intelligence and teamwork to some extent. Some of these defensive players do to, but they at least have the option for me of changing position to be a guaranteed starter.

Roel: Indeed, this is not a great draft class. The fact that in my top 10 I have to mention that he needs to be converted to be useful is indicative of this. On the other hand, I remember back in the day a player with 50 for a physical were extremely rare. Now every draft has many of those players. It seems the skill level has increased, perhaps to keep up with the players coming out of premium Youth Academies?

Jonny: Yeah, that's definitely part of it, I remember Pete saying something about making the competition stronger, I can't remember the exact thing he said, it's totally true though that the academies are pumping out better players now, so the draft did need to keep up.

Roel: I love reading other people's draft boards as it shows you a different perspective and you can learn from that. One of those is my addiction to TW. I would never ever start a player on DL or OL with less than 40 TW. Yet I see you make those picks and indeed, if you look at Willemstad Bridges for example, he has no problem doing that and being very very succesful at the same time. So something to ponder over on a late night with a good glass of scotch

Jonny: I agree with you to an extent on the teamwork, I always try to get minimum 40 on the lines, I guess I do give more leeway when it comes to the draft though

Well that's all for now folks, this episode in particular is one we'd love to hear your views on, as Roel said, other people's points of view on players is fascinating, and we should all be constantly trying to learn more
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Rio Stars

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posted: 2021-05-04 17:20:58 (ID: 100159044) Report Abuse
I am a draft enthusiast as many of you already noticed.

Each manager have his own view about how choosing the best guy. It is simply fantastic and makes me learn a lot. Unfortunately I can not take a look on Dragons 1 board to give my opinions but I am sure that my choices would be completely different!

I am trying to develop a way to analyze and compare players so now I have kind of 3 metrics to help me evaluate the prospects. It is pretty fun but takes a lot of time. Let's see how it goes in the next seasons...

Good work guys! And I hope everyone gets the best possible player tomorrow!
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Tilburg Torpedos

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posted: 2021-05-05 13:06:10 (ID: 100159087) Report Abuse
I agree, very weak draft class this year. I tend to lean more towards Jonny's views on the players in general.

Gor myself, in round 1 I took a gamble (partly because of the lack of good playeres) on my only position of need: QB. If Ibrahim can get his physicals up (first signs look hopeful) he can be a nice one there.

The highest none QB on my board lasted till 32 (Ndayshimiye)!
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Alert Polar Bears

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posted: 2021-05-07 13:12:09 (ID: 100159211)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
Draft classes are different between divisions right? The Division II Dragons class was far weaker than any previous year I had seen. (It's only my 4th draft)

The #1 player on my board would have been outside the top 10 in previous drafts.

I actually got my #1 player @ #31

Last edited on 2021-05-07 13:22:57 by argos31

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Budapest Janitors

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posted: 2021-05-07 14:08:34 (ID: 100159213) Report Abuse
It's pretty impossible that your 1st round pick was the best overall player of the draft.

Even on the Dragons 1 board, there were a few good players. Less than usual, but still there were some. Your guy is 3*, 1 trait, OK physicals for a WR and 40+ INT/TW. This guy, on a normal board, is a low 1st, high 2nd round pick, definitely draftable, but holds a much higher trade value than player value. He's a good 5+ million player currently.
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