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posted: 2019-04-27 18:58:27 (ID: 100139314)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse


Thunder Outsiders - League Weekly - S34 - 5th Edition

Interesting Titbits From Around the League
Our reporter dumpling was around the action today and this is what he saw:

5 Alive
The Cougers were favourites at home to the Bulldozers and they get a big effort from their kicker, Patrik Soderston, who was 5 out of 5 on Field Goals with a longest of 53 yards - great work and have a drink on the Special Teams coach.

Air Attack
Dragon Tigers threw 52 times out of 76 plays in their 42-27 win over the Santiago Redskins (with 42 of those attempts out of just 2 formations). Sound the air raid siren when you play these Tigers and expect those bombs.

And now the editor casts his eye over the league this week and this is what he sees:

The Quick & Dirty
Thunder 2
* A message to new manager of the Uzbekistan Gryffons. The start is hard. Don't get discouraged. Reach out for help if needed!
* St Neots Saints D came up big in Q4 with two very timely sacks to win the game

Thunder 1
* Did East Coast Crushers crush Wild Thangs dream today or is this a minor blip in paradise
* Impressive win by Tire Tigers today, well done.

Looking up at the winning cheese
So far this season we've been solely focused on Thunder 1 and 2. But what do we see if for one moment we turn our gaze upwards, into the sky, at the lofty league they call Elite. Well, my friends, we see a very satisfying sight:. We see Chesterton Cheese at a solid 3-0 start. And the way he has won his first three games is very impressive. Smokerteer came close to staying up the last time around and this time, well, the odds are promising. We will from now on u p d a t e y'all on this fight of Thunder titans happening in the sky above us!

Juggernaut meanwhile deserves an honourable mention as well for not having a losing record.
EDIT: just saw the results for today come in, fortunately Juggernaut lost to a last minute TD today. Keep the faith brother!

That was all for today folks. See you back here in week 6.

Your intrepid reporter Cheesehead

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posted: 2019-04-27 19:42:44 (ID: 100139317) Report Abuse
Good stuff once again!

It's very interesting times in 'Thunder' Elite at the moment.

Going into this evenings fixtures the table was:

Chesterton Cheese 3-0
Styrian Bears 3-1
Landru Athletics 3-1
Juggernaut 2-2

My Cheese managed an 8 point win this evening, having trailed until 13 and a half minutes into the 4th quarter against Lyon Eagles.

Styrian Bears got a three point win against Olivos Borrachos. Scoring the final points with a TD with 3 minutes left.

The final games pitted Landru Athletics against divisional rivals Juggernaut.
Landru got the game winning TD with twelve seconds remaining.

Styrian and Landru are probably favourites to stay up but it looks set to be a four-way battle to the end of the season (again)
But just for the moment I can sit back and admire my boys being top of the division!

And the big news in Elite is that Wilmersdorf Wadenbeisser (probably the greatest team in the history of the game) are currently 3-2 Their two losses being by a combined 5 points. Last season they finished 16-0 so maybe change really is in the air!

Anyway, good luck to you all in your up coming matches
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