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posted: 2019-05-01 06:04:00 (ID: 100139404) Report Abuse


Thunder Outsiders - League Weekly - S34 - 6th Edition

Interesting Titbits From Around the League

Clutch Defensive Play of the Week
Comanches are 5 points behind but are on opp 23 on 3 and 10 with 1:23 left in the game. Ball is snapped, McKay (QB) looks, picks his target but Ara├║jo (MLB) tracks his eye movement and jumps the route Motalvo (WR) is running and intercepts it. Clutch!

Clutch Offensive Play of the Week

1:01 to go. World Champions are 3 points behind. Aquilera takes the snap but is immediately pressured, he rolls out of the pocket and runs laterally to buy his WRs some time. Espinal (WR) sees his QB in trouble and adjusts his route to cut inside to run to the other side of the end zone. Eyes lock for a second, the ball is released...time slows down...TOUCH DOWN! This play took an incredible 10 seconds. Clutch!

Sweatiest Bum of the Week
The Sweaty Bum belongs to stizz. Down 27-6 at half time. Turns it around to a 30-27 lead with 2.5 minutes to go only to concede a game tying FG with 2 (!) seconds left. Wins in OT.

Most Heroic Effort of the Week
Wild Thangs were run very very close by a heroic Granville Skunks. Outmatched in all stats and overcoming two interceptions they come so close to an upset. His players just kept on going! But alas it wasn't to be.

Now over to the...

The Quick & Dirty
Thunder 2
Thunder 2 games were Fun Fun Fun! The Editor thoroughly enjoyed watching this week.
Rumours of a Romo-like TV Analyst style offer for Dublin Dragon's manager daithimt are not true...just yet! His analysis pieces are very informative to read.
Dogs and Hunters remain undefeated. Close wins show that both teams have got the mettle to go all the way.

Thunder 1
Wild Thangs got back to winning ways...with the smallest margin possible.
East Coast Crushers are having an impressive start to the season. Wondering for how long...fairytale surely can't last?!
Frogs only turned up for the first half but still won the game.
Kokomo Mantis win. Tough to watch but a win is a win.
A shout out to Norfolk Dumplings. Nice, just nice!
Basterds suddenly look unassailable again showing that a week is a long time in football indeed.

Another week in the books people. See you next week for sure!

Your intrepid reporter Cheesehead
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posted: 2019-05-03 18:43:59 (ID: 100139486) Report Abuse
Cheesehead wrote:
Basterds suddenly look unassailable again showing that a week is a long time in football indeed.

Just enjoyed a whole week in Croatia and it was too short of course...
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