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Thunder Outsiders - League Weekly - S34 - 7th Edition

Interesting Titbits From Around the League
Safety first leads to wild ending
If you're winning 17-14 and there is 1:16 left in the game and you have a 1st and 10 at your own 1 you might think running the clock out would be the best option.
Not so for Pamplona Walls who on the first play of possession were tackled for a 2yd loss for a safety.
Still 17-16 up they kick the ball away but surely their defence can hold.
Oh no Valiant Pinoys in 3 quick plays get it to the 29 yd line and then with 13 seconds left kick a 46 yard FG to win
The fans certainly got their moneys worth there

Six of the best
I don't usually report on my own team but........6 and 0......
For a squad with a low salary they really are punching above their weight
Keep going lads !!!

The Quick & Dirty

Thunder 2
* Dublin Dragons impressively stopped the rise and rise of the Eskimos
* Renegades used their 'Get Out of Jail for Free' card against Stocazzo
* Nice win by Tampa Bay Thunder, congrats verysilentone. Having a sneaky good season so far.
* BOTS can be tough opponents nowadays in Thunder 2 - be ware...slippery when wet!

Thunder 1
* Deflators got ghe ball with 3 points ahead and 2 mins to go. What does a top manager do? Right, he runs down the clock calling for 5 consecutive runs. Admirable control by IMGregory of his play book!
* Shout out to Norfolk Dumplings. Top of the league and they got to it the hard way - 4 away wins! Most dangerous team this season the Editor believes!

Everyone loves last minute drama in games that change outcomes so I am creating a piece that will highlight those epic plays...or failures of course!

Last Chance Saloon Hall or Fame / Shame
Xu Da Magic!
0:35 1 and 10 to go on own 30, Jiang Soon (OC) snaps the ball to Zhào Thím (QB), Zhào Thím (QB) selected Cornell Pennant (WR/R) as target, the receiver of this outer right pass catches the ball, this was a 70 yards pass (Big I formation vs. 5-3-3) more

Dublin Dragons fails and then succeeds
First they FAIL calling a pass on what seemed a likely rush scenario :
0:28 3 and 1 to go on opp 19, Luke Gallagher (OC) snaps the ball to Gavin Murray (QB), Gavin Murray (QB) selected Fionn Ryan (WR/L) as target, this outer left pass is incomplete, the receiver was not able to make the catch, no progress (Singleback Big vs. 5-3-3) more

Then the Kicker has SUCCESS:
0:19 Matthew Maguire (K) kicks the ball for the field goal, 36 yard field goal is good

Elite Watch
Both of our boys clocked up impressive wins today
Juggernaut beat the BobBoy Magpies: 100705496
Chesterton was featured in RZA Match of the Day and duly delivered a thrilling close game: 100705489

That is week 7 in the books. Slowly but surely the season is coming into focus and the contenders are making themselves known. See you next week in week 8!

Your intrepid reporter Cheesehead

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Nice read!
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a fun game! playoff hope is alive!
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