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Missouri Misery


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posted: 2024-06-11 17:32:45 (ID: 100184557) Report Abuse
I wanted to see if others felt similarly about this or not.
I feel like the CoC should be limited to the non-Elite conference champs from the previous season.
The one obvious reason is that it would even out the 'brackets' and eliminate the need for 4 teams to 'play in' while everyone else gets a bye week against a bot team. This seems unfair and awkward. Having a nice round 32 teams is much more satisfactory from a gaming standpoint. (And really, at this level of play, who needs just another game against a bot?)
My second reason for thinking this is because it cheapens the reward a bit for teams just coming up to Elite if they then have to run into one of the top players in the game for their first CoC experience. I feel like the CoC should be a reward for those just making it to Elite, not those already established there. (Isn't being a conf champ in Elite reward enough?) Especially since many of the teams just coming up probably aren't having a very good season their first time in Elite, so the CoC gives them a little something extra to look forward to... that is, unless they draw playing someone like Space Kraken, which Gilets Jaunes drew for the 'first' round this season. Talk about your sucker punch!
But what does everyone else think?
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St Pauli Packers


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posted: 2024-06-11 18:00:04 (ID: 100184558) Report Abuse
I see it similarly, but more radically. CoC certainly made sense when there were 8 regions with 5 leagues each. Today it is a competition with 18 elite teams. There is already a competition in which these 18 teams participate: the elite league. So very redundant titles are played out. Reducing it to 16 teams doesn't change much.

I am in favor of removing the competition completely. It could be replaced by a system-organized world cup for the regions. This would certainly ensure activity within a regional forum. I have received extremely good feedback from the teams in the participating regions. This is a way to combat a trend that exists in this game without naming it.

Overall, however, I have had little luck getting Pete excited about my revolutionary ideas.
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Niceville Norsemen

Usa   BoaTek owns a supporter account

Joined: 2021-10-31/S45
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posted: 2024-06-11 18:36:10 (ID: 100184559)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
Most of those Elite teams did move on to Elite, but they are being rewarded for their D1 achievements. And the bulk of the Elite league is just the D1 tier 1 teams. There are just a handful of managers that are really Elite!

With that said, I expect to get my tail kicked everytime I end up in the CoC. I don't mind as much. I want to play the best this league has to offer. I may get my tail kicked for the next 10 seasons straight, but there is a sick part of me that always thinks I am sooooo close! CoC brings a little reality around for me and makes me want to work harder. That's my two cents.

I wanted to add that for me, League is king. Please, no one take offense to this, but I know there is little chance I miss the SC playoffs, so I do not really put a lot of work into the group play in SC. In league play, if I am in D1, there are only a couple of teams I need to really plan for. Played one today. The point is that truly competitive games are hard to come by for me.

Last edited on 2024-06-11 18:40:14 by BoaTek

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Barossa Bulldogs

Australia   waky53 owns a supporter account

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posted: 2024-06-13 09:38:58 (ID: 100184588) Report Abuse
Never going to play in it so couldn't care less.
Probably only a couple of teams in each league that will get to play in it, so not much for the rest of us to look forward to.
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