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Attention! This is the transfer market forum. Posts in this section are considered to be advertisements for players to sell. Please keep in mind: The seller could use advertising language or even not tell the full truth, and therefore the statements made might be misleading or false. Such statements reflect the personal opinion of the seller. It is on the possible buyer to check the values given in these posts, by using the scout option, available at the bottom of each page showing player details.

Irby 2 trait


Track Star + Slippery

3.5 tal

33.6 Intel
28.7 TW

40.1 Str - red
50 Speed + Track Star

49.1 Agil yellow

45.1 POS + CATCH

41.2 VIS

45.1 Carry + Slippery

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Main / Transfermarket / 27 yo 5 xp WR/RB 50 speed 2 trait = Track Star + Slippery