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posted: 2011-10-01 21:20:15 (ID: 12372) Report Abuse
13:06 3 and 1 to go on opp 45, Borivoj Kubín (OC) snaps the ball to Stanislav Stoklasa (QB), who hands off to Hugo Jarolím (HB/C), this seems to be a run over the right guard, Hugo Jarolím (HB/C) breaks the tackle of Juraj Hušek (NT), Antonín Rýdl (DE/L), Yaroslav Vágner (DE/R), Hugo Jarolím (HB/C) tackled by Tuan Turon (MLB), forward progress: 7 yards, New first down (I-formation vs. 3-4-4)

I would like to see so stupid RB who will go right, first avoid NT, after it DE/L, but how could he be catched by DE/R after it that is out of my imagination. Finaly got tackled by MLB and made 7 yards, but I would expect tackle from MLB before the one from DE/R. I would suggest that more than 2 tackles from DLs guys is maximum what could happen on the field. but maybe he went back after the broken tackles to the left, but after it 7 yards is too much.
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posted: 2011-10-01 21:28:15 (ID: 12373)
Hm, do you really think this is a bug?

I agree for the max 2 DL per play by play to report. But seven yards til the LB is bringing him down doesn't sound too much, IMO.

Let's hear more on this.
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posted: 2011-10-02 08:30:21 (ID: 12387) Report Abuse
It happens sometimes that the DE makes the tackle or misses the tackle on a play designed to go other way.


Very easy. If you play away from the DE, let's say run left, chances are high the blocking schema is designed to ignore the DE on the right (that's the LDE), since he is the farest lineman to make a tackle.
Instead you send your right OT to block a LB.

If now the play gets delayed, because of missed blocks or no open holes, the DE can gain ground and catch the ball carier.

Just look for great DE plays on you tube, you will finde some of those plays.

So ... depends on how often such plays happen in RZA, it's OK or not.

7 yards gain and tackles by the MLB is also not unfair. Happens also.

Let's say, the OL did miss some blocks.
If the then try block the LBs, there is a five people wall between the ball carrier and the LB. That takes some time to get through.
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