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posted: 2012-07-07 04:55:15 (ID: 46856) Report Abuse

AC Playoff Picture if the playoffs started right now.

1. Red Black Warriors (Huncutok, bot, bot)
2. Black Death (Milliard West Wildcats, bot, Glorious Warriors of Juche)
3. Copenhagen Tigers (Fighters De Paris, Millard West Wildcats, Bot)
4. London Holdouts (Bot, Bot, Shadows)
5. Huncutok (Red Black Warriors, Bot, Bot)
6. Glorious Warriors of Juche (Bot, Pink Flamingo's, Black Death)

Well the 1 seed is set.

The 2 seed and the 6 seed are dependent on Flamingo vs Warriors of Juche and Black Death vs Warriors of Juche. IF warriors sweep the final three and build up enough pd they could still win the division, although it does appear unlikely.

The 3,4, and 5 seeds are set.

The only way for Millard to get in is to sweep the final three games, a very tall order!

1. Thurgovia Black Cobras (Assasind C, Viral loosers Kvetnov, Bot)
2. Very Strong Kickers (Bulldogs, bot, bot)
3. Pink Flamingo's (Bot, Glorious Warriors of Juche, Assasind C)
4. Manchester Bulldogs (NoName, bot, bot)
5. NoName (Manchester Bulldogs, bot, State Smashas)
6. Fighters De Paris (Copenhagen Tigers, Bot, Asker Farmers)

It looks to me that everything here is set except the winner of manchester vs noname could change the 4 and 5 seed.

State Smashas have an outside chance of getting in if they beat No Name in the final game of the year. Smashas have 2 bots to play. So they would go into the final game at 9-6 and NoName will be either 10-5 or 9-6 depending on the Manchester/Noname game. Noname has a monumental pd advantage over smashas. So smashas need to have Manchester beat Noname and Smashas beat Noname to get in. Tall order.
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posted: 2012-07-08 06:18:23 (ID: 46945) Report Abuse
The AC is the same and I don't forsee much change.

The NC has a new team AK-Sharks who are the current 5th seed. This team just changed owners so who knows if they will win any more games. Fighters De Paris were booted from playoff standings with their 3rd loss in a row. All is not lost though, Fighters De Paris next game is...AK-Sharks. Winner of the game looks to be the playoff team.
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posted: 2012-07-08 15:10:12 (ID: 46975) Report Abuse
Haha! Time for playoffs
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posted: 2012-07-09 16:12:14 (ID: 47059) Report Abuse
On second thought, I'm going bot. The admin changed a bunch of my info behind my back and didn't give any prior warning. When I went to talk with him about it, he "offered" to kill my account, and accused me of sockpuppeting. I liked this game because it was free to play and didn't offer any advantages to people that paid. If it's run by people like that, though, then I might as well let someone else take over.
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posted: 2012-07-09 19:34:17 (ID: 47088) Report Abuse
? I am confused, are you being sarcastic or serious? If serious, that doesn't sound like Peter.
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posted: 2012-07-10 12:23:42 (ID: 47200) Report Abuse
Hi, i am looking forward to the playoffs as it turs out im in a quite week devision hehe.

Im completely new to this though, so i am going off only common sense and a good portion of football geekery . Lets see how it goes, hopefully i can manage to surprise despite an underdeveloped roster :/

Last edited on 2012-07-10 12:25:51 by aneez

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posted: 2012-07-10 12:38:45 (ID: 47204) Report Abuse
Hi Aneez,

Sounds like we are in exactly the same position.

Looking foward to the playoffs as well even though I'm new here too. Hopefully can pull something off without complete embarrassment

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posted: 2012-07-15 04:59:13 (ID: 47751) Report Abuse
Well I made it close at least.
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