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posted: 2012-08-05 16:09:23 (ID: 50291) Report Abuse
I will fine tune this thing after the draft as that can have a big impact.

AC New Guys

Duran Durans: Shocked the 2.X world to win the 2.1 championship. This is a team that barely made the playoffs and then won it all. Sort of like the NY Giants. They join a division that is uber competitive, perhaps the most competitive division top to bottom in Dragons 1.1. Any of the other three teams in that division can and have made the playoffs. Interesting fact: this division has 3 teams that have won a 2.X trophy. Season 1 champ from 2.2 was typhoons (naughty frank changing his name lol). Season 2 champ from 2.1 was Fajny. They now get another 2.x champ in Duran Durans. Fun.

Rapiers: This was the team favored to win it's conference in 2.1 after finishing the regular season 15-1. They lost a tough second round game 3-6 to the Ordes Saints who then lost their conference championship to Da Coolest. Rapiers had beaten Ordes 19-0 in the first league game of the year last year. They join the AC South with it's new budding division. I say new because this division has seen plenty of turnover in the last few seasons. None of the season 2 teams in that division are there anymore. Season three a fresh new batch of teams that included Les M. and Essen joined. That season Les M finished 9-7 but lost the tie breaker to Land o Lakes who doesn't exist anymore. Les M and Essen are still there. Last season Stuttgart burst onto the scene and won the division with a 11-5 record. Les M finished 10-6 and out of the playoffs. Now we have Rapiers joining this ever changing division. Will they compete? Will Les M continue to be the bridesmade and not the bride? We shall see.

Red Black Warriors: Congrats on winning the 2.2 league championship for season 4. Your reward? Well you are in the same division as Pink Panthers a great team and then Majalorca Pigs. Pigs have won the 1.1 championship for Dragons for 2 seasons in a row. If that isn't enough for you he also won the Champ of Champs cup for season 4. He beat me both times for those crowns. If you come up with a secret formula to combat this juggernaut let me know!!!! lol. You couldn't have chosen a more difficult division to win in the AC. If you like a challenge this is it.

New guys in the NC

Da Coolest: Moron. My brother. He didn't listen to me and forgot to take care of his HR department. His consequence? He lost 42 players in the offseason. His team is gutted. I will make him pay for his stupidty by trouncing him twice a year as he is in my division. He did great by taking over a cellar team and reaching the 2.1 championship. I was hoping he wouldn't end up in my division but I knew the chances were high with 2 openings. I tried to get him into another division but it wasn't possible.

NoName: Surprised me by reaching the championship game in 2.2. They had a so so regular season but performed well in the playoffs. Not sure how this is possible but in regular season they lost to Manchester Bulldogs 7-37 and then 7-50. In the playoffs they BEAT Manchester 59-7. How? I haven't looked but that is one hell of a swing. They then trounced Very Strong Kickers 37-3. In the conf. champ game they eaked out a 14-13 win vs fighter de paris. Their reward is they join Me and Mystic in the division. I am not the best of teams but pretty good and same with Mystic. It will be a tough division for Noname, but he will get 2 division wins vs DaCoolest for sure.

Fighters De Paris: Barely lost the conference championship game to Noname 13-14. They join a division that in my opinion is not predictable. That in itself gives them a chance, if not a small one. Horada ruled the division for 2 seasons and then Yurop Lions come along and unseat them. If Fighters finish above Northern Riviera...he might just lose it. lol

will finish later. have to go to the dentist...

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posted: 2012-08-15 00:58:06 (ID: 52381) Report Abuse
Man, I'm sorry I didn't get back to this on a timely gets busy sometimes. Here it is a little late...

Predicted Division Champ Competing for Division

AC East

Predicted order of finish

1. Malakas
2. Steely Phils
3. Zaragoza
3B Nebraska

Malakas is still king until he has been knocked off. It has been his division since he got here. Steely had a good draft and he hung in there in those big time games last season. He needed only a push to move up. His good draft combined with Zaragoza's not as good draft might be enough. So far Malakas and Steely are 2-0. Zaragoza is 2-0 as well....will it continue? History says no. While it is true that in season 2 he finished strong to tie Malakas 12-4 it is the opposite for the next seasons. Season 3 he began 7-2 and finished 8-8. Season 4 he began 6-2 and finished better at 10-6. Nebraska could finished above Zaragoza as well. In fact Nebraska had a better PD last season by almost 50.
Looks to be a fun division to watch!

AC North

Sweaty Bulls
Madrid Typhoons
Duran Durans

Sweaty has taken a big leap as of late! He made it to the round of 8 in the SC playoffs won his division last season and is off to a great start this season. is still there and could reasonably still win the division. It comes down to those two teams in this division. If it were the Fajny team of 2 seasons ago I would include them, but they have looked less like themselves so far this season. Losing to Zaragoza 13-3 and Nebraska 24-12. Perhaps his predictions are accurate this time? Duran Durans look to prove that last season playoff run wasn't a fluke....will they contend?

AC South

Les M

This division still boils down to Stuttgart and Les M. Les had a better draft and is looking to have gained enough ground to overtake Stuttgart. Stuttgart is 0-2 but it lost two incredibly tough games 3-6 to Madrid and 3-10 to Horada. We won't know more for a few more games. Essen and Rapiers are both difficult to figure out in terms of who will finish higher. Essen barely stayed here last season but Rapiers have had their ass handed to them so far....

AC West

Majalorca Pigs
Pink Panthers
Red Black Warriors
Comedy Gold Minors

Pigs are the elite and prestige of all RZA. Pigs have won this league championship 2 seasons in a row and won the Champ of Champs cup last season for the RZA crown. Pigs have shown that Dragon League is the league to look out for. Panthers are a great team in their own right, but he is second to Pigs. Red Black has shown they are at minimum the next best team as they already dispatched the Gold Minors this season once.

NC in the next post...
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posted: 2012-08-15 01:24:24 (ID: 52383) Report Abuse
NC East

Shoutin the Odds
Kolin Walruses
Oldham Typhoons


This division had perhaps the best overall draft combined. All 3 of the teams did great. 3? Considering Salamanca hasn't logged on since 7/25 I expect them to go bot. Shoutin came out of nowhere last season and took this division. Will it continue? His competition are throwing teams that improved their offenses...I can honestly say I think any of those three can win the division. I'm going to out on a limb and take

NC North

Mystic Warriors
Da Coolest

The Mystic curse is banished as I have a 4 game win streak on him. I am the poor man version of Majalorca Pigs as he beat me the last two Dragon Championships and he beat me in the Champ of Champ cups for the title. Pretty cool the CoC came down to 2 Dragon teams. For those who don't know how the CoC is made up of the league champ game participants. So each league gets 2 entries. That means we had to beat the champs of the other leagues to face each other. Mystic is also a great team that will challenge me this season. All the has to do is get those big pass plays to toast me. NoName is next in this division with DaCoolest er DaFoolest bringing up the rear.

NC South

Northern Riviera
Yurop Lions
Fighters De Paris

I'm going out on a limb here, really, and taking Norther Riviera to win the division this season. Either I will look like a genius or moron for that pick. He quietly finished last season 3-1 including a win over conference runner up Girona. Last season Yurop handily beat him twice. This season Northern Riviera beat Yurop 14-3 and sitting on top 2-0 in his division so far. Horada is still there in the shadows waiting to pounce. Horada confuses me. He has better ratings than his division but doesn't dominate. Northern has the second best rating in the division. The returning champ will finish 3rd this season. It is just a prediction and I could and probably will be wrong. The new comer Fighters De Paris will take his lumps this season.

NC West

Girona Dragons
Scarlet Scorpions
Ordes Saints

Girona has owned this division every season and I believe it will continue this one too. Scarlett Scorpions are the next best team here but they are 10% behind Girona in ratings. Ordes and Huncutok will fight it out for the last few spots while taking their lumps.
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posted: 2012-08-15 07:32:44 (ID: 52409) Report Abuse
sfniner08 wrote:
I am the poor man version of Majalorca Pigs

Really ? How come Panoramix has spent comfortably less than $100 Million on the TM whereas you've spent about $100 Trillion Zillion.
To suggest that you're a poor man is's just poor, man

sfniner08 wrote:
taking Norther Riviera to win the division this season. Either I will look like a genius or moron

lol .... just changed my strategy for the season, am now going all out to ensure that the latter prediction comes true
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posted: 2012-08-15 12:48:23 (ID: 52435) Report Abuse
Can't say I see myself finishing 3rd in my division. I would need to beat Fajny twice to even have a shot at it and well, I don't know if this team's got it in them to do that. I wouldn't be surprised at a 3-13 season or worse really, just looking at my schedule.

That said, I did think I would finish third in my division last season, behind Doedsmans and Godgers, shows what I know.
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