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posted: 2012-09-21 19:09:03 (ID: 58092) Report Abuse
So I can keep an u p d a t e on the relegation, but the promotion part won't come into focus until closer to the playoffs...

Those if the season ended today that would go down:

Da Coolest (who will go bot)
Ordes Saints

Interesting that 3 just came up and the three who would fill the spots would be the ones they beat last season to get here this season. So the question is, does it matter who will promote if they are the ones who could be sent right back the next season?

The four who would play the relegation game to stay here or demote are:

Les Mousequetaires 2-9 -356pd
Huncutok 2-9 -252pd
Essen 2-9 -185pd
Fighters De Paris 3-8 -202pd

Sadly the AC South has 3 teams out of the 8 above listed. Will Stuttgart get 3 new division opponents next season? If so, will they threaten at all? Did Stuttgart just get the fortunate division draw of all time? If he has 3 new teams coming and going it could be his division for seasons to come. Someone will have to rise to the occassion to prevent this potential mini dynasty.

Others who are in potential relegation game range:

Duran Durans (the 2.1 champ last season) 3-8 -173pd
Scarlett Scorpions 4-7
NoName 4-7
Comedy Gold minors 4-7
Shoutin the Odds 4-7
Kolin 4-7
Oldham 4-7

The NC West, NC East, and AC South are the divisions right now that have the most potential for turnover.
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posted: 2012-09-21 21:21:02 (ID: 58109) Report Abuse
I'm very much still in the game for relegation, especially since my first string qb is dead and my morale just keeps getting lower. I'm hoping for a win vs Rapiers and an upset somewhere. 5-11 should be enough to avoid relegation playoffs.
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posted: 2012-10-02 23:21:25 (ID: 59567) Report Abuse
One match before the regular season ends and there aren't many changes to what niner wrote a few weeks ago. The automatic relegation spots are the same.

The big(read: only) change is Fighters de Paris are in the clear and Noname takes their spot in the relegation playoffs. They'd have to beat Mystic by about 200 to catch up to my pd.

There's one last relegation playoff spot that could go to either me(5-10) or Essen(4-11). We're both playing tough divisional rivals in the last game and Essen's better pd means they have to win and I need to lose for them to overtake me.
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