IECC - International Elite Challenge Cup

The IECC is a tournament that happens roughly once per year. 64 different teams of our RedZoneAction universe are fighting for the crown of this competition. Since we are using the so called Power Mode, all teams are equal in terms of their teams strength and skills. So tactics matter!

Beside some giveaways like Supporter Accounts, the Winner of it all, this one and only champion, receives a trophy. No no, don't misunderstand this statement. We are not talking about another small graphics inside the trophy cabinet on the teams homepage...we are talking about a real trophy, one you can show around in real life.

A few years ago a guy called MTS1972 came up with the original idea. He promised to send a real trophy wherever the winner of this 8x8 format would live. And it was a real success. The trophy made a long journey to Southern Russia, and a proud winner said "thank you" by sending back some pictures and a short story of his home town. Since then, it became somehow a tradition.

You want to know who won this trophy in the past? Check out the table below...

Year IECC Series Winners Managername Origin   Link
2014 1 Alexshans84 Maykop, Russia to the Story
2016 2 JohnnyAce New Orleans, USA to the Story
2017 3 Notsch Berlin, Germany to the Story
2022 5 ptdoc2017 Sidney MT, USA to the Story