Frequently asked questions


The simulation engine does not do what I asked for, I want to report a bug!

As much as I understand the excitement if a game unfolding live ... could we agree on a few things ...

  • Do not report on games not finished yet.
  • if you question a certain game situation, make sure:
  • You checked which playbook you used in that games settings, and checked your playbook what it is supposed to do with this situation
  • There is a playbook checker in the Playbook section. You checked exactly that situation, and the playbook checker returned with the result you are expexcting

You followed the rules listed above, and still, the game simulation result differs from what you expect to see?

In this case, and ONLY in this case: file a bug report. Do not forget to include the match id, and the quarter and timestamp of the situation in question.

Thanks for making my life a bit easier.