Frequently asked questions


What is the story with the friendlies and the credits?

Here in our small world, you can have one game on each day if you want. You can schedule friendly games for each day in the next seven days where you don't have to play other games such as league or cup games. The friendly games you schedule for Friday are a little bit special. On Friday, you and your opponent each get 50% of the ticket sales, and your players will gain in ratings, though slower than in league or cup games. If you schedule friendlies for days other than Friday, you and your opponent have to pay for it in Credits. A friendly costs 5 credits for the home-team and 5 credits for the away-team. The credits are booked at the moment where the challenged team clicks "Accept". You don’t receive any ticket income for these friendly games.

There is a special situation during the playoffs. Teams that missed the Playoffs can schedule Friendlies on those game days, same conditions are valid as they are for Friday Friendlies.

Playing these friendlies gives you the chance to test special tactics, play your best lineup, and prepare for your next game. The benefit of the non-Friday friendly games is that only the final score is viewable to others - the game book and stats are only available for the owners. Whereas for the Friday friendly games, all game details are visible just as for league and cup games.