Privacy policy


Payment information

In the users can buy credits and supporter accounts to improve the game experience. is using Paypal to process the financial transaction that are needed to complete the purchase process. is not storing any details like credit card numbers or bank account data, the transactions are running on the Paypal-servers completely. gets notified by using special transaction ids if a payment was made successfully. Those transaction ids don't contain any privacy related data. For more information please visit the Paypal website.

Usage of pictures on the site

All pictures are courtesy of Dirk Pohl, Cheers and a big thank you to Dirk for the permission to use those pictures here.

What happens if you register using Google?

We were disabling this function long time ago. There is no function or framework in our game to share any data with Google / Alphabet.

What happens if you register using Facebook?

We were disabling this function long time ago. There is no function or framework in our game to share any data with Facebook.

What happens with the email address I am providing to you?

We will store this email address and use it to confirm your registration. Once we are going to close your account due inactivity, we will send you an final email containing a warning. If you dislike providing an email address, just don't provide one when you register for your account.

What happens with the username I am providing?

We will keep this username, mainly to keep our so called forum in shape.

Do you execute any strange actions by using my personal data?

No. We will never sell your data to third party. We will never use your email address again once your account was closed. During your account is active you will never receive any emails from us except for confirming your registration or warning you about we attempt closing your account due inactivity.

Do you use my ip address?

We use your ip address for preventing managers from executing what we call cheating. We store your ip address in our database for a certain time, about 90 days at the moment. We delete this ip address once this storage period is over, or you are leaving your account for closing it.

Your ip address is stored in our server logfiles as well. We do not use the information in there except for fixing techincal issues. We delete the logfiles once a calendar year is over, since we compile yearly stats about server usage and failures. The yearly stats do not contain ip addresses anymore.

We use your ip address for usage statistics, to track the way our users are using these pages. We do anonymize your ip address and have no way to rebuild the full address from this usage database.

You forward your ip address to our advertise supplier in the moment you are seeing such an ad. There is NO way for us to prevent this, since this integral part of the internet technology and your ip address is needed to be known by the other side for establishing communication and data transfer of such an ad. You can read more about this in our GDPR policy.