FAQ for Rookies

What skills are used for each position?

We won't answer you that question in a direct way, because using the skills as you think is an important part of the gameplay. However, you will find some basic explanation in the manual. Just check description of the skills to find useful information. Beside that, you could enter the Forum and discuss with other managers about their opinion which skill to use for a certain position.

After I have completed the license what should I do next?

Keep in mind, this is a manager game. Having a well doing economy is the most important part. Without having money you won't be able to carry superstars in your team, and you won't be able to hire Coaches as example. Probably the best idea is therefore to take care about your income. Selling tickets for gamedays is a good start.

There are a few other things you should do. One is to prepare your Depth Chart for the first game. You could assign your already existing players to positions on the field - and you could do that by using the "Reposition your players" feature from the Players page. Another important task is to create basic match-settings. You can do that by using the small "set"-button behind the pairings displayed on your Games-page. You will find a "default settings" functionality, which will save you from playing without any settings.

I bought a player on the transfer market, when will he be available to my team?

First: it is not recommended to join the transfer market early in your career. You could bury some of your money there without getting anything useful back for your team. Just be careful! However, the question is answered in the FAQ and the Manual, and there are many more useful information in that area. Just have a read!

How do Game Orders (Match-Settings) interact with the Playbook?

The Playbook just overwrites the based on situations the settings from your match-settings. You could use the match-settings to create a basic setup, and finetune this by having a good playbook. We do not recommend to go with the Expert-playbook from the start. Much more you could use the basic playbook that was enabled when you joined RedZoneAction.org. It has some basic answers to most common situations on the field. There is some more information about playbooks in the manual

There is an injured player on my Depth Chart? What to do now?

Basically: nothing! The player just won't play in your games as long as he is listed injured. When he gets healthy again, he will change his status from "injured" to "questionable", and then to "probable" before he will be "healthy". These different descriptions are just remarks how far he is away from getting healthy. Players listed probable might join your team on the field. For more information please have a read in the manual.

How to I challenge other teams for a friendly game?

That is quite easy. Navigate to the other teams homepage and use the phone-button to challenge the manager for a friendly game. You can find other teams by clicking on the teamname in the league-table as example, or in one of the TopX-lists. The forum is another good opportunity to meet other managers from all over the world!

Should I hire coaches?

We do not recommend to hire coaches during your first few weeks of your RedZoneAction.org-career. Keep in mind, such coaches are expensive, and their weekly salaries will consume your income completely, or even drive your team into bankruptcy. But finally, it is on you, you got warned!

Do i really need to read the manual to be able to play the game properly?

No, you don't have to read! We see such Super-managers every week, and usually these are the first to join the forums and ask a more or less stupid question. The right answer to this question therefore have to be: Yes, absolutely! The manual contains answers to all the questions new managers might have, including the ones on this page here. There is an option to download the manual and store it as PDF. You can print it that way, and read it while you are driving by train or bus to work each morning, as example. We do recommend reading that stuff, absolutely!

How do I win games?

There is no exact answer to this! Basically: have good tactics, a set Depth Chart, a developed roster, and Staff to assist you. Most important: prepare your team by scouting your opponents. It takes time to develop a good team. You will lose badly during your first games. But if you go the right path, young padawan, the victory is yours. Patience is the key!

Why is everyone including my punter playing quarterback besides my back-up QB, when my quarterback gets knocked out of the game?

If a player gets injured during training or game, the matchengine is selecting the next player you set for that position on your Depth Chart. If that fails because of a too small Depth Chart, the engine picks from your roster. That might lead to your punter feeling like Brett Favre...we can tell you: this is a bad idea...

How can I get a healthy bank balance quickly in order to focus on other aspects of the game?

There are limited sources of income, but nearly unlimited possible expenses. Your task is to keep a balance between them. There is another challenge during the offseason. It is a good idea to have something on your account when it starts. Keep in mind, during the offseason there are less or even no official games, and therefore no income from ticket sales. Another source for a very limited income is your Fanshop. We don't recommend to open it early in your career, since the goods in stock consume a good portion of your money. However, there are some easy things you could keep in mind: select a sponsor, don't miss friendly games on Fridays, and if you have a byeweek during the regular season. In the offseason, when there are no games scheduled for you, you can have friendly games for income each Tuesday and Saturday too.

Is this a realistic American Football Sim?

This is a game. We do all we can to keep the level of realism as high as possible. But there are limits. We invite you to check this by yourself.