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2024-04-23 10:27:15 - S70Report Abuse

It’s Tuesday before season rollover, and that’s, as always, Bowl game Tuesday.

The SEA LIONS are not playing in one, mind you, as they could not make the jump from regular season to the postseason. But they celebrate nonetheless, as they had their season-ending encounter with the visiting All Stars today, which they won 34:21. And later in the day they’ll visit the KMN Mandalorians from the Elite division NC East to play a friendly game while following the Bowl game between the Space Kraken and the Sunrise City Prairie Dogs. It is quite a happy ending to S55, and it does, if you put all these little annoyances aside, fit.

In the league the SEA LIONS managed to score a record of 10–6, which was another step forward after being 9–7 and 8–8 in the seasons prior. They began hot and won 8 of the first 11 games. But then they hit a stretch of games where experience and preparedness ultimately made the difference. So in the end they were on the outside looking into the playoffs. But they managed to secure another season in the Elite league through winning some tough games, also, so S55 is celebrated as a success, nonetheless.

The team also had quite a successful run in the Supercup this season, where they were able to get to the fourth round for the first time in franchise history.

One player that has a big part in why the SEA LIONS are that successful, sadly, will be retiring at the end of the season, and this one will have a lasting impact as he’ll not be replaced so easily: DE Pariat Vanich decided that this would be his last season playing football. Right from the start when he joined the SEA LIONS he was a dominant force on the defensive line. In this final season he finished second in the league in Tackles for Loss, had a tackling success rate of 88.5 % and even two sacks. His presence will be sorely missed. Also retiring will be assistant coat Vaidotas Stankevicius, who has been in charge of the DL, as well as AC Bisujaksha Jana, who had been overseeing the development of the WR-corps.

Nonetheless: Especially on the defensive side above the ball the coming season will be a challenging one. Offensively the front office was able to keep together the dominant OL for another season, but there are retirements looming on various positions, too. The starting QB, our best TE, possibly 3 OL-players, maybe even our leading rusher… this coming season may be the last one in which the Offense of the SEA LIONS is able to compete at this level.

So we’ll try to make the best of it, no?

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2024-02-04 13:45:08 - SEA LIONS qualify for another season in the Elite, but…Report Abuse

[Editorial note: As the beat writer for the HAMBURG SEA LIONS has been incredibly lazy these days due to „nothing really going on, no?“, we decided to let the fans have their voice and chime in through short messaging]

+ + + „Another season in the Elite: AWESOME! Congrats to the squad, keep up the good work. You rock!!!“ + + + „More difference makers to help Nico Stanzetti! We can’t rely on the old mans arm 2 much! Who knows how long he wants to play like that!!!“ + + + „Winning another World Bowl FC was cool, but we lost too much after that. Wished ‘twas the other way, some of these losses damn hurt :/„ + + + „Would have preferred if you’d kept Chad Cannon and sold Jeffe Micombero instead! Dude’s WAY to slow and has no hip movement anymore XoX“ + + + „2nd year on a row that the team couldn’t finish the season properly. It’s a shame! The OC should come up with something, do your job, man!“ + + + „IDK how people think this season SUCKED??? We still 1 of the best 16 teams in RZA, so chill, y’all *facepalm*“ + + +

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2024-01-21 14:21:15 - HAMBURG SEA LIONS Hall of Fame welcomes it's first inducteeReport Abuse

The HAMBURG SEA LIONS are proud to announce the very first inductee to enter their Hall of Fame. He is one of the most valuable players that the SEA LIONS acquired early in the history of their franchise. And although he was almost 30 years old when he joined the team his impact can not be under appreciated, as he helped win the young franchise their very first league title in S52.

Welcome Enric Montserrat!

He was drafted in the second round of the S41 draft by the Mongolian Prairie Weasels 2 in the Galaxy league. As they were already a really good team he sat his first 5 seasons with only very limited participation in league games. He did gather experience on the highest level, though, as the Prairie Weasels won the Conference Championship twice and therefore were members of the Elite league in these seasons. But he had to wait until his 6th season to make his first rushing TD on league level. He had 3 overall that season, and again 3 in the following one. Then the manager of the now defunct Prairie Weasels decided to sell him, and so he landed with the HAMBURG SEA LIONS in the Admirals League in S49.

In his first season with the new team he rushed for over 1.000 Yards and scored 10 Touchdowns, more than he did with his former team in 8 season combined. He helped tremendously to establish the young franchise on D1 level, even to get to their first playoff appearance in just their third season. That season, S50, was another successful one for him personally with over 750 Rushing Yards and 8 TDs.

His numbers dropped in S51 due to the fact that the SEA LIONS had drafted and bought other RBs to help him carry the load since he did not get any younger at this point, being 32 years old already. So at the beginning of S52, just after the franchise had relocated to the Dragons league, he told the front office of the SEA LIONS that he would retire at the end of the season.

That did not stop him from turning in the third best season of his whole career, though. He scored 8 TDs in the league, one of which was the winning one in the Championship Game against the perineum bandits. He was awarded in this game with his third career MVP. In the ensuing Super Bowl game he was instrumental in getting the OT-win against the Alaskan Fur Trappers and was able to celebrate the first league title for the franchise with his teammates. Talk about ‚going out with a bang‘.

He may not have played very long for us, but his contributions are still felt today. So it was a no-brainer for us invite him to be our first Hall of Fame inductee, and we’re glad that he accepted.

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2023-11-09 18:32:38 - SEA LIONS avoid relegation, play another season at the highest levelReport Abuse

For the second season in a row the HAMBURG SEA LIONS had faced the ALASKAN FUR TRAPPERS for the last league game of their season. And for the second time they were fortunate to beat them in that last league game. The difference to last season, though, was that this game had not the implications it had the last time. But we’ll get to that later.

The first foray of the SEA LIONS into the Elite of RZA started wondrous, with 4 consecutive wins at the highest level to start the season. There included were impressive wins against the San Diego Blitz and the conference championship participant Zombaes, with the latter clearly being caught on the wrong foot.

But then began the struggles that were anticipated, with 3 losses in a row. The SEA LIONS rebounded with 2 wins, but lost 5 more games over the remaining course of the season, which had them at a record of 8–8 in the end. 6 of those 8 losses were by a TD or less, with 3 being even by a FG. Those were especially hard to swallow, although they had them realizing that playing the Elite is a game of detail and experience.

That was apparent in the last two losses against the Deflators and the division opponent Chelt Nam Bobbers, where both games were lost because of in-game-decisions made by the OC that cost them the win and, overall, their chance for the playoffs. But they were lucky enough as the Fur Trappers were a bit more unfortunate in the last stretch of the season and had another season in the Elite secured at the second to last game day due to a loss by the Fur Trappers to the mystics. So they had no pressure entering the field for their last game of the season, where they not only won, but showed promise to the attending crowd to again give their best shot in the coming season.

In the regular interview that he gives at the end of each season Joe Chrill, Manager of the HAMBURG SEA LIONS, said: „We met our goals this season with securing another go at the highest level. And I think the fanbase, the team, the whole franchise can be very content with the accomplishments. We had highs and lows, started strong and lost some close ones. But us being one of only three surviving teams of those that were promoted speaks volumes about our work, and of course shows the high level at which is played in the Elite.“

In the offseason the top performers were given new contracts to avoid a drop off in combat strength, and obvious holes in the squad were filled with promising talent to make the team hopefully even stronger. Said Joe Chrill: „The team will continue to grow, as it has last season. Of course the main goal will again be to avoid relegation, which will be hard enough. But seeing the state of the squad it would not be too boisterous to aim at a spot in the Playoffs this time.“

It would be exciting, that’s for sure.

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2023-08-18 11:30:06 - SEA LIONS become ELITE with their first Superbowl WinReport Abuse

When toe hit ball in the 4th Quarter of the Superbowl, with mere 11 seconds to go in the game, the whole stadium was silent, albeit in awe. The Kicker of the Alaskan Fur Trappers had just kicked a 46 yard field goal to tie the game 23:23, but it was a boneheaded play by the HAMBURG SEA LIONS prior that had made the whole stadium go into a state of disbelief, for fans of both sides.

That the HAMBURG SEA LIONS would be on this field to even have this play was the result of a magical run. They had switched to the Dragons League, coming from the Admirals League, just at the beginning of this season, and early on it seemed that their wish of playing more competitive games would backfire when they lost their first league game against Viper 9:21. As it turned out that would be the last league game they would lose this season, curiously. Some of their games were very close, but luck was a constant guardian this season and, together with great coaching and coordinating, helped the SEA LIONS have a (nearly) spotless record in the Regular Season. Entering the playoff tournament as the #1 seed they won their match-up with the Baltic Stars in the Divisional Round as well as a nail biter in the Championship Game against the perineum bandits.

Having folded in the postseason for 2 seasons prior this time the squad stepped up: The Defense stopped both opponents enough to outscore them on the other side of the ball. The passing game with Quarter Back Nicolò Stanzetti at the height of his abilities was almost clean, and especially against the bandits a tough rushing game did a lot of damage. In this game retiring Running Back Enric Montserrat received one final, but well deserved MVP.

For their first Bowl-Game the SEA LIONS then entered the field against the Alaskan Fur Trappers, and it became another nail biter in which the home team lead after a scoreless third quarter 17:13. The SEA LIONS scored another two Fieldgoals and were confident that this 10 Point lead would be enough. But then a touchdown for the Fur Trappers happened, and that seemed to put too much pressure on the Offensive Coordinator of the SEA LIONS and the QB was told to pass on 4th Down on their own 29 Yard line. The failed completion and the ensuing field goal by the Fur Trappers to tie the game was what led to the aforementioned stadium-wide state of disbelief.

While these kind of plays were believed to be extinct in the playbooks of the SEA LIONS, it luckily this time did not go horribly wrong, with luck guarding over the team once more, letting the coin fall on the right side. And once more the strong rushing attack stepped up. In his last game for the SEA LIONS Enric Montserrat contributed 29 of his overall 44 rushing yards in overtime and helped secure the first Superbowl win in the history of the SEA LIONS.

The aforementioned play, though, showed the inexperience of the still young franchise, too. Yes, the SEA LIONS have made remarkable progress in the last two seasons, but errors like this have plagued them from early on. And deviating from their usual attack, like they now did in the Bowl-Game, still shows a lackluster set of options that brings an equal amount of security.

In the next season they’ll have to play opponents like the Fur Trappers on a weekly basis. And it would be highly unusual if the coins keep falling to their advantage. So they have to step up their game and play smart like they did, for the most part, in and leading up to the Superbowl.

For now the mood, though, is ecstatic in Hamburg. Members of the team were seen until very late in and around the franchises’ premises for now three days in a row, celebrating this historical League Championship with the fans. We’re told that the front office is already collecting addresses of jewelers and goldsmiths, and a parade is being planned. Today they will continue to honor the early days of this great sport in playing the Constanta Ravens as part of the LEATHERHEAD SERIES 3, after that there’s going to be a whole weekend of celebrations while the new season is being laid out.

And it will be well deserved celebrations, that’s for sure

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