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League: Thunder 1 NC South

ELO score: 996 - Rank global: 64 - Rank in league: 7

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Team chemistry:
95 %
100 %
Physical condition:
96 %
Financial situation:
88.0 %
83.5 %
  Avg Age Seniors: 25.3
Pass Defense:
81.6 %
  Rush Defense:
82.4 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 4,384,473
Special Team:
79.8 %
83.6 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 1,499,554
Stadium: Mauling Pit of Terror (capacity: 144300)
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Season 42Winner Thunder 1 NC South
Season 41Winner Thunder 1 NC South
Season 34League Champion Thunder 2
Season 34Conference Champion Thunder 2 NC
Season 34Winner Thunder 2 NC East
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Superbowl Champion in seasons: 34
Conference Champion in seasons: 34
Division Champion in seasons: 34, 41, 42
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2021-02-12 21:10:57 - Season 41 Brings Teams First Divisional Thunder 1 TitleReport Abuse

The Attack Dogs finished season 41 at 13-3 and that was good enough to win the NC South by 2 games over Tpal and his Kokomo Mantis (11-5). However, the playoffs saw them lose in the Divisional Round for the second consecutive season.

After beating inner divisional foe Totoras Patriots (10-6) at home 30-24, they were upended on the road 19-17 by Istanbul Whitings who had just returned from Elite. The Attack Dogs lead 17-7 at the half before 4 field goals including one with 28 seconds left from 27 yards sent them home packing.

Retiring in the offseason we stud DL Poupi Lazzaretti and veteran WR Kent Conway. Both were starters and will leave a void at their respective positions.

The team also finished 14-1 in Supercup play, before losing in the 2nd playoff matchup.

Season 42 should be interesting. There's no guarantee they will make the playoffs, giving the hard NC South.

They are happy however with the first-round selection(#26) of Deandre Berry who will most likely play CB, although LB is an option giving the kids intelligence. He is a long way away from starting at CB, but at 19 he has time to learn behind a stacked CB roster full of veterans.

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2020-11-20 22:54:09 - Season 40 brings teams 1st Thunder 1 playoff birthReport Abuse

Season 40 saw the Vicious Attack Dogs make the Thunder 1 playoffs for the first time in team history, and it was not easy getting there.

The NC South saw all 4 teams finish with winning records. The Attack Dogs needed a 20 point victory over rival Inbhir Narann in the final game of the season to make it. They won 42-9 in a stunner at home to clinch a playoff birth.

The wildcard round pitted them against division foe Kokomo Mantis who had beaten the Attack Dogs 9 of the previous 10 matchups. What happened? Another stunner to the tune of 30-17 on the road where the Attack Dogs now would advance to the divisional playoff round to face former Elite member Norfolk Dumplings.

The Attack Dogs came back to earth with a 41-17 loss to the Dumplings, proving they are far away from competing for the chance to go Elite.

Season 41 will be interesting. Will they build off their success? Will the NC South be too tough to handle? We shall see!

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2020-03-16 03:09:22 - Rookie P.J. Myers notches first career win vs rival Inbhir NarannReport Abuse

Hurled into the fire as a rookie. Starting and playing in his very first career game. Poor team chemistry. Season opener on the road. Facing a playoff team in which had won 4 straight vs the Vicious Attack Dogs.

And somehow, P.J. Myer came out victorious. His 19-33 passing for 58% showed his lack of togetherness with the team, as well as it showed his youth. But the young man threw for 2 touchdowns, 198 yards, and no picks, including a 61 yard score to Alfonso Bush with 5:17 left in the fourth quarter to seal a 24-12 victory over a very talented team managed by Bovakian.

The kid is going to make mistakes this season. But for the first game of the season, he gave fans a reason to be optimistic. This performance showed why $34 million dollars was spent to bring him in, give him a full year in the youth academy and start him right away. Now he has to deliver on expectations.

Manager Kevin wants nothing short of a Thunder 1 championship, and a steady diet of the Elite playoffs beginning in a few seasons.

Is that too much to ask?

Only the kid can answer that. All will be watching!

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2019-07-05 03:25:44 - Season 35 Preview/ Season 34 ReviewReport Abuse

After a 15-1 record in the Thunder 2 regular season, the Vicious Attack Dogs made playoffs in their second season, and under first-year head-coach, Vilayphone Abovian from Ethiopia was able to win the Thunder 2 season 34 Bowl. Here is a breakdown of the playoffs:

Wildcard: BYE

Divisional Playoff: goats 14 Vicious Attack Dogs 30
Player of the game: LB Alexander Russell (Age 24) 6 tackles, 4 tackles for a loss, 1 INT, 4 sacks for 31 yards

Conference Championship: St Neots Saints 0 Vicious Attack Dogs 47
Player of the game: QB Cory Gasana (AGE24) 3TD passes, 21Complete Passes, 282Passing Yards, 76 Yards longest Pass

Bowl: Vicious Attack Dogs 27 Montreal Dragons 20
Bowl MVP: QB Cory Gasana (Age 24) 2 TD passes, 19 completed passes, 250 Passing yards, 69 yards longest pass, 6 rushing yards, 5 yards longest rush

Supercup success: The Vicious Attack Dogs faired well in the Supercup regular season going 13-2. They were one-and-done in the playoffs however after a 55-0 defeat to the Cougars.

Season 34's success saw awards won from several players:
-Cory Gasana won Best QB of the Region Thunder and Best QB of the League Thunder 2.1
-Joel Easley won 2nd best TE of the Region Thunder and 2nd best TE of the League Thunder 2.1
-Andre Rosenthal won 3rd best OL of the Region Thunder and 3rd best OL of the League Thunder 2.1
- Rickie Maxwell won 2nd best SF of the League Thunder 2.1

At the draft, The Vicious Attack Dogs looked to add future prospects that could be long term players in a few seasons, weather by starting or playing regularly as backups. Picking last in every round they found quick success! To do so they passed on younger players to find "sure fit players" in the first 2 rounds.

Mario Jackson (21) was drafted in the first round as a future starting OL with skills of 47.7 INT, 44.6 TW, 32.3 blocking and 48.2 Strength red-capped. He added a "Stone Wall" to make him the #1 prospect on the teams' final draft board. Surprisingly he remained there until pick 32 in the first round!

Vashan Aikman (21) was drafted in the second round as a DL, and has a "Fearsome" trait, but "might be too slow for the DE position", said owner Kevin Johnson. Whether he plays DT or DE remains a management decision a few seasons from now. His drafted skills are 33.4 INT, 46.7 TW, 50 strength, 40.8-speed yellow-capped, 32.4 tackling, and 27.4 vision.

Donn Perdue (22) was drafted in the 3rd and final round with the very last pick. Mr. irrelevant will be listed at QB. His skills are 48.6 INT, 41.3 TW, 35.4 uncapped, and 38.8-speed uncapped. His passing is a 28.4 and vision 25.4 He has a "Natural Leader" trait, which is good in the case his strength and speed fails to hit the mark.

A few Youth pull prospects will see action as rookies this league season as well, all coming off the sidelines as backups:

Juwan Overstreet will play some at MLB. His rookie skills are 42.7 INT, 34.6 TW, 48.7 strength red-capped, 44.6-speed red-capped, 32.5 tackling, 33.5 agility, 30.0 position, vision, and footwork. He will train exclusively on catching his first few seasons.

Douglas Ramsay will help at SF. His rookie skills are 43.7 INT, 41.8 TW, 44.3 strength red-capped, 47.1-speed red-capped, 30 tackling-vision-footwork-agility, with 25 position.

Alfonso Bush will look to provide Cory Gasana with a solid weapon as a 3rd WR. His rookie skills are 28.2 INT, 41.0 TW, 40.7 strength red-capped, 48.7-speed red-capped, 33.2 agility, 31.0 catching, 30 position-vision, 21.3 footwork.

The Vicious Attack Dogs look forward to their first season in Thunder 1. It will be their first season with an HR department, and several players were given deals until season 37 already. It won't be easy, but the goal is to avoid automatic regulation, as well as a play-in- game regulation match.

Early experts have come to a 5-11 record for the Vicious Attack Dogs. Expect sloppy play and a vastly different looking team than was presented in Thunder2, even if most of the team is the same. Yes, fans, you will need all the patience, and beer, to get through this season.

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2019-04-12 22:58:14 - Season 34Report Abuse

After a 10-6 record, and missing the playoffs in their first season, the Attack Dogs revamped their entire coaching staff with new faces at the head position, Wr, OL, DL, LB, and CB. The SF coaching position was axed completely. Plans to upgrade the RB, and QB are "in the works" according to the owner.

At the draft, The Vicious Attack Dogs went all defense.

D.J Mullins was drafted in the first round to play OLB with skills of 50 INT, 47.7 TW, 47.3 Speed red-capped, and 44.8 Strength yellow-capped. He added a slippery trait to put the cherry on top.

Sam Springer was drafted in the second round as a DL, and has a Heavyweight trait, but will play CB. His skills are 26.3 INT, 31.4 TW, 48.3 strength red-capped, and 47.7-speed red-capped. About the switch to CB from DL, the owner said: " TW must be a 40 to be a consideration."

Ray Rollins was drafted in the 3rd and final round to provide depth at the MLB. His skills are 50 INT, 38.2 TW, 41.8 strength red-capped, and 40.6-speed yellow capped. He is the only draft pick, and the first out of the total 6 picks the team has had that will not see significant playing time during league or Supercup matches as a Rookie.

Team chemistry will hurt the Attack Dogs early in the season. But with a commitment to the current players, and a plan to stay away from the Transfer Market (as a budget calculation is in effect at the beginning of each season to promote discipline), they expect things to progress each and every week. At the very least, the team is looking at another 10-6 record. Maybe this time the playoffs will be in play!

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