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League: RZA Elite League AC West

ELO score: 1132 - Rank global: 23 - Rank in league: 18

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Team chemistry:
98 %
100 %
Physical condition:
100 %
Financial situation:
83.3 %
81.8 %
  Avg Age Seniors: 25.4
Pass Defense:
79.1 %
  Rush Defense:
80.5 %
  Weekly wages Players $ 6,160,191
Special Team:
78.6 %
81.0 %
  Weekly wages Coaches $ 1,209,345
Stadium: YashinDome (capacity: 144300)
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Season 43Member RZA Elite League
Season 42All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing aggressive tactics
Season 42Conference Champion Admirals 1 NC
Season 42Winner Admirals 1 NC South
Season 41Winner Admirals 1 NC South
Season 40Member RZA Elite League
Season 39Conference Champion Admirals 1 NC
Season 39Winner Admirals 1 NC South
Season 38Friendly Cup Colossevm Cvp II
Season 38Member RZA Elite League
Season 37Conference Champion Admirals 1 AC
Season 37Winner Admirals 1 AC East
Season 34Friendly Cup Banana Bowl IV
Season 34Winner Admirals 1 AC East
Season 33Winner Admirals 1 AC East
Season 32Member RZA Elite League
Season 31Conference Champion Admirals 1 AC
Season 30Friendly Cup IECC4 - Qualification 2
Season 30Friendly Cup Appalachian Rumble Bowl IV
Season 29All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing standard tactics
Season 29Winner Admirals 1 AC West
Season 28All Stars Challenge, All Stars were playing relaxed tactics
Season 27Winner Admirals 1 AC West
Season 24Friendly Cup Bear Republic Cup
Season 23Conference Champion Admirals 3 AC
Season 23Friendly Cup Sunday under 60 overall
Season 23Winner Admirals 3 AC West
Season 21Winner Admirals 3 AC West
Season 20Winner Admirals 3 AC West
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Elite member in seasons: 32, 38, 40, 43
Conference Champion in seasons: 23, 31, 37, 39, 42
Division Champion in seasons: 20, 21, 23, 27, 29, 33, 34, 37, 39, 41, 42
Friendly Cups won in seasons: 23, 24, 30, 34, 38
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2021-05-07 11:33:44 - A season of revenges, but one still missing ...Report Abuse

Season #42
Admirals 1 final result : 14-2
NC South Division winner and second seed clinched in the rankings. A little step back from record of Season 41, but an overall good regular season. We lost against Vamosahi and Roma Wolves that were direct opponent in the Conference.
A flawless second half of the season was the right passport for the playoff rush.
After the cold shower of the last season in the Divisional Playoffs, Lakers received Vamosahi at home with an unpleasant sensation of deja-vu. But we reversed the result of the regular season loss and advanced to Conference Final against AS Roma Wolves (the second team we lost to in the season).
Again, with a tight and little scoring victory, Lakers shook the ghosts off of their back and won the Conference.
At the last event of the season we encountered our arch-rivals Green Mark Packers and fought another battle. This time the Austrian tank (fresh World Champions) steamrolled over the poor Lakers, forcing them to a terrible 0-5 record in bowl played: a negative world record, probably.

SuperCup : 14-1
Lakers won their SuperCupo division with a single loss. In the playoffs, after winning at home against Morgantown Mad Dogs, were beaten out of the competition by the Bernsfield Hornets in the second round. For another year, the SuperCup playoff race ended abruptly before the fourth round.

Champ of Champions : Not Qualified

No relevant events in Friendly Cups to record.
Another victorious event of the season was the conquer of the All-Stars Challenge trophy in MOTY mode, after numerous attempt, Lakers finally did it. Cheers for this difficult trophy that only a dozen of teams own in the RZA Leagues.

Seasonal individual titles:
Giacomo Rebellin received an award for his performance shown on the field - category league and regional RB, rank: 2
After the retirement of the star Pepe De Silvestro, the heritage was taken by Giacomo Rebellin who started with a top-runner performance in Admirals 1. Let's follow his progresses in RZA Elite's stage.
A very good season overall that give Lakers another chance in RZA Elite. We still miss very much the first victory in a Bowl game, which means we always fall short at the last effort.
0-5 is a severe punishment for us, but we always met teams well above our level in those matches.

The objective for Season 43 is to beat our Elite previous winning record of 7, which will mean that we end up with an even record or better.
Admirals competition in RZA is top level, as always. Despite of Comeback Kids gone in the wind, the level of competition is not lowered at all. The three opponents we will meet have history, have titles, have rosters and management. It will be a long season full of decisive games. It is the time for Leo Saguatti to show he has the leadership and the skills to guide Lakers to a positive season.

In the offseason we lost players.
Two retirees that we will miss very much : The OLs Amintore Martena and Gelindo Piazza two great players that allowed our line to score the second best number in Pancakes statistics. of the season. They will be remembered with great respect, but none of them will join the Team Hall of Fame.

4 veterans (2 defenders and 1 WR) has left the team, everyone for different reasons. 2 of them were running straight to the Hall of Fame. but their wages were growing too big to keep the financial asset of the team in a sustainable status. They wanted money that probably they deserve, but the team finances are always running on a knife's edge. We owe them very much for the last season successes and wish all of them the luck they surely deserve.

Another good Youth Academy class has been promoted to the main team. Lakers have high expectations on them for the Seasons to come. Lakers need all of the possible talent around to go on with another generation of future champions.

Hall of Famer for season 42 class: None

Coaching staff:
All the staff has been confirmed, due to the winning season and the new run to the Elite league.

Objective is clear: an even record is required. Perhaps it is enough to stay in Elite, perhaps it won't be enough. This is the minimum level to declare the season as a positive one.
We count on every component of the team, starting from the management up to the new guys entering the Academy this season. Only if we pack together and stand up as a real Team (with capital T) we can reach such a challenging goal.

For sure we need a winning SuperCup rush to balance the loss of income due to the disaffection of fans while we overcome the inevitable losses.

Fans are delighted today, but we know that some hard match-days are ahead of us and they need their full support to fight and try to subvert the predictions against us. If they really love the team they must forgive the teams' bad days. Only with their support we can try to shine.
Financial troubles are vulturing above team's heads, Lakers' administrative staff will work night and day to keep it in good shape and health.

Lakers, Season #43 is the right occasion to make it to heaven of RZA football. We cannot wait for another chance. The time is here and now.

Keep focus, train hard, play hard and keep positive attitude in difficulties. Season #43 is going to be one to be remembered, whichever the outcome.

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2021-02-15 16:02:59 - Lakers hit the bottom ... is it time to start digging ?Report Abuse

Season #41

Admirals 1 regular season result : 15-1
Best record of NC Conference and winner of the NC South Division. First seed for the playoff. Best Lakers franchise performance in Admirals 1 and great expectations for a post-season with some chance to run for a Conference Title.
The elimination in the Divisional playoff match home with a disaster in the offensive game was an expected cold shower. All hopes for the season vanished in a horrible night of poor football.

SuperCup : 15-0
Another flawless performance in the SuperCup Division to enter another season of SC playoffs, looking for a better record in the number of turns forward in the playoff rush.
In the playoffs, after beating Vipers in the first round, BoneCrushers crushed our bones in the second match away. A match well fought, but lost for unexplicable inconsistency of the offense.

Champ of Champions : NA

No relevant events in Friendly Cups to record.

Still missing the All-Stars Challenge trophy in MOTY mode, but no attempt was tried.

Seasonal individual titles:
Pepe De Silvestro received an award for his performance shown on the field - category league RB, rank:2 and regional RB, rank: 3
Amintore Martena received an award for his performance shown on the field - category league OL, rank: 2
Diego Ghirardi received an award for his performance shown on the field - category league LB, rank:1 and regional LB, rank: 3

In a season with few but intense disappointments, some good rewards from both offense and defense roster to fuel our hopes for the future.

The unexplicable difference between excellent regular season and dramatic playoffs was astounding. Almost perfect season followed by two awful matches that sent Lakers off with a one-two combination for a boxe.like KO. The season closed with another complete disaster..
We fixed Season 41 objective to regain a good playbook and a satisfactory level of play. It seemed successful until the final matches when we collapsed without any possible explanation, but a mental and physical debacle. Something that was investigated during the off-season and hopefully fixed. In the playoff the mental energies are the key factor and we run out of fuel in the worst possible moment.
Result: we are still in Admirals NC South division, asking ourselves how to come out of the swamp we have lost ourselves into. Are Lakers ready to get off their knees and stand up properly again? This is the question that we must answer in Season 42.

In the offseason we lost some successful players. Four retirees that are going to leave an enormous blackhole in our gameplan effectiveness: The veteran OL Giuseppe Reagan, the all-time pro DE Romeo Pin, HB Pepe De Silvestro owner of franchise records for carries, rushing TDs and broken tackles, LB Luca Bletrame great OLB, feared by all leagues QBs. Romeo, Pepe and Luca earned the right to part of the Lakers’ Hall of Famers for the season 41 class.

4 veterans left the team without a contract. A season with poor playoff performances means salary totals to be reduced and some painful decisions to be taken. All of them deserved respect, because they contributed greatly to the team successes in the last years. We hope they will find all they hope for.

Luckily, we can count on a Youth Academy that has prepared another skilled class of future champions. We hope they can give the team the right mentality and the good results Lakers are looking for.

Hall of Famer for season 41 class:
Romeo Pin Just right after the “Monstrous Trio” of the 30s seasons (West, Cazzato, Folse) Romeo kept their inheritance and brought excellence on the field hunting down opponent runners and QBs with great successes and numbers.

Pepe De Silvestro has recorded n°1 results in every statistics for a ball carrier (with exception of Lost Fumbles) which is another key statistic in his favour. He marked new reference numbers for wannabe Elite HBs.
Luca Bletrame recorded the maximum number of sacks in a single player career of Lakers history. Enough to be remembered and honored in Bracciano forever. His record will be beaten quite easily after the season 42 by another player, but it will not overcome the absolute exceptional performance of Luca.

Coaching staff:
Despite of the debacle of the season, all the staff has been confirmed under scrutiny and it is the second season in a row. Every position is now under examining procedures and the season will tell if some change is needed. Patience is a virtue that has a limit…
Lester Baker DL retired. It was sad to see him walking away from the field of the Divisiona playoff match crying for frustration. We will keep him in our memories for the great performances of Romeo Pin and the “Monstrous Trio”. He was the smith of many hard DLs and his successor will have to overcome his legend.

Objectives for the new season: survival.
Without playoffs Lakers will need an hard reset, meaning that the team will be dismantled and rebuilt from ashes. So we will keep a matchday-by-matchday approach trying to squeeze the best possible from a do-it-or-die season.

Leo Saguatti was a great disappointment in the last season and the coaching staff decided to put him on the market. Unfortunately he didn’t find another team to play for and he is still at the helm of the team. This is a crucial season for him and his expressed will to play again with Lakers. He must demonstrate that his contribution is still the one of the champion we admired in past years..

Fans are angry and they are right. The great expectations of the last season were dismantled in a couple of playoff games that were senseless lost in a total offensive debacle. There is no possible explanation and it is the worst part of the picture. There are no promises we can make at this point, because we expect a tremendous start of the next season with a starting schedule which is awful to say the best. People true love for the team will be demonstrated if we will have still fans at the stadium after starting 0-4 in the season.

We are definitely in financial troubles. Probably they will determine an hard dismantling of the current team, which will require a new foundation of the roster. It is sad to say goodbye to many veterans that played so many season, but if it is necessary the team board will do whatever is needed to keep the franchise in financial equilibrium. There is no surprise if we say that Lakers need any dollar income from any possible source, but we know that the team is probably not in the conditions to gather them.

Lakers, Season #42 is a no-turning-back point before the collapse. If players are bond to the franchise, this is the season to demonstrate it and perhaps we will be able to avoid the reset, otherwise a great purge will be necessary to restart from scratches.
There are no possible advice but to give 120% and outperform any idea of football we are going to play.

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2020-11-21 07:28:01 - Sinking from EliteReport Abuse

Season #40

RZA Elite final result : 6-10
NC East Division last spot in the rankings, a total debacle. We packed the worst performance in RZA ELite of our history so far.
In a season full of negative records, we marked a negative streak of 5 consecutive losses in the second part of the season along the way, sinking our residual hopes for glory.
No playoff in league, of course and a well deserved relegation back to Admirals 1.

SuperCup : 15-0
On the positive side of the season, Lakers won their SuperCupo division with a perfect regular season. In the playoffs, after winning against Pitcairn Bounty Mutineers and Juggernaut in the third round we were halted abruptly ny Home MAlones in what was probably the worst game played by the team in the whole season.

Champ of Champions : Our run was opened by a resounding victory against Bologna Towers, followed by a convincing result against Saker Falcons. In the third round we met our cousins Roma Centurions, just the day after losing in Supercup and we were so frustrated that we lost also against our friends.

No relevant events in Friendly Cups to record.

Still missing the All-Stars Challenge trophy in MOTY mode, but no attempt was tried.

Seasonal individual titles:
Gelindo Piazza received an award for his performance shown on the field - category league and regional OL, rank: 3
In a season with few satisfactions and lots of problems to fix, that was a ray of light.

The Elite season was a disaster, well below the expected standard after promotion.
Offense was never incisive and the defense failed sistematically to slow down the opponent offenses.
The most troublesome statistics was the one about turnovers. We were in the #1 spot of the Interception thrown stat ranking for all the season long. Perhaps the coaching staff has something to work about in the offseason.

The objective for Season 41 is to regain a good playbook and a satisfactory level of play, even before thinkng about any possible playoff spot. We have to be consistent and effective if we want to have any hope of being addressed as a team.

We landed in Admirals NC South division, where we will meet again our rival friends Bounty Hunters. We will have a valiant opponent to immediately measure our needed improvements.

In the offseason we lost some players. Two retirees that we will miss very much : The OL legend Romano Alda that is the owner of OL all time records for the team so far and Ettore Notari one of the three best catchers of the Lakers' history. Both of them will be Hall of Famers for the season 40 class.

2 veterans and a young promise left the team without a contract. They wanted money that probably they could deserve, but the team finances are running on a knife's edge and it was difficult to grant them such raises. We owe them very much for the last season successes and wish all of them the luck they surely deserve.

Youth Academy is providing talented rookies with continuity, so the future seems still promising. Lakers need all of the possible talent around to go on with another generation of future champions .

Hall of Famer for season 40 class:
Romano Alda he has hit #1 spot in all statistics for the Lakers' offensive Linemen history. He was a monster in the OT position, scoring pancakes at every league levels and being in the top 10 ranking spots in any single season. Our opponents' DE are celebrating all around the league his retirement from the scrimmage line.

Ettore Notari second only to the Tad Vickers' legend, he is one of the most brilliant products of the Bracciano Lakers youth academy. Out of the internal training school he catched TDs and provided yards for the team on every field around the world.

Coaching staff:
After the debacle of the season, all the staff has been confirmed under scrutiny. Every position is now under examining procedures and the season will tell if some change is needed.
Aron Por Maslanka OL coordinator gave up for his age. It is a personal pain to see him going into retirement after a losing season with the sadness in his eyes. He was a young coach when he joined the Lakers in the very first season of Lakers history and accompanied the team in its escalation to the RZA. It will be hard to find someone that can take his inheritance and bring the team forward.

It is difficult to pose objectives for the new season. We have to revive from the ashes of the last season's blazing fire. We don't know what is our actual level and most of all we don't know the psychological scars we have to mend after a season of humiliations.
Playoffs seem unreachable from here, so we will focus one game after another to discover game after game which is our level in the food chain of the Admirals rankings.

Only a jump of pride of our players and coaches (one by one and all together) can turn the table and open some expectations.
SuperCup is confirmed as a tourney with little satisfactions in the playoff. Another weak spot to work on.

Fans are disgusted and we can understand them, but they must know that without them there is no possible rebirth. If they really love the team this is the season to come at the stadium and cheer for the players. Only with their enthusiasm we can go through this tunnel out in full light again.

Nightmares of financial troubles are again infesting the nights of our administrative staff. We need income from any possible source and we don't know if the team is in conditions to gather them.

Lakers, Season #41 is near a do-it-or-die situation. If we can keep winning perhaps we can avoid an hard reset, but if the situation should become without hopes a great purge will be necessary to restart from scratches.
Keep concentration, rebuild you confidence, play your best football and win games. We are in the middle of the hell and the road to come out of it is hardly uphill.

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2020-09-26 21:05:14 - V-shape rebounding back to EliteReport Abuse

Season #39
Admirals 1 final result : 13-3 NC South Division Winners, and it maKes an overall Division palmares of 9 first places.
Risking the insane behaviour of the last season, a flawless starting half was followed by a long streak of lost games, both in SuperCup and League that were almost throwing away all the good results we packed along the way. Luckily 2 division rivals went BOT and helped to create a safety lane for the playoffs.
In the playoff, we managed to overcome Venom and Rebels for the Conference Title and to win another promotion ticket to RZA Elite. Two convincing wins that shook off the dust from the shoulders of the team just in time to achieve a winning result for the Season.
In the fourth Bowl of the team we faced our nemesis: Free Agent Mascots. We challenge them in the first half, but succumbed under their overpower in the second half. A resounding loss and another wasted chance to grab the first Bowl title, who is still missing in the trophy room.

SuperCup : 12-2
Following the pattern of the league, also in SuperCup everything was smooth and the team stayed unbeaten until we met Armadillos, that gave us an harsh lesson and sent us in a gorge of doubts and weak performances.
We lost another winnable game and risked dramatically a third loss that could push us out the playoffs.
Luckily the team reacted promptly, but the first PO turn ended up in a derby against Black Bulls, that roasted us up and rolled over us with a majestic performance. Another season with a single presence in SC playoffs...

Champ of Champions : Not qualified.

No relevant events in Friendly Cups played

Still missing the All-Stars Challenge trophy in MOTY mode, but no attempt was tried.

Seasonal individual titles:
Pepe De Silvestro category league RB, rank: 2 and category regional RB, rank: 3
Celestino Prima category league CB, rank: 3
Two important marks for two franchise players that gave their impressive contribution to the winning season.

We have another shot to Elite, but we have again experienced that Lakers miss consistency. It is a big gap that must be closed quickly if we want to stay in Elite season after season.

The objective for Season 40 is again to have a better result with respect to the previous appearances, but with the three contenders in the Admirals Division it is barely imaginable.
Kids lost the Conference Final, Wolves outplayed Magpies who lost the Global Bowl and Mascots are ... well our nemesis and a legendary Admirals team. With three opponents like those, the fight for the Division is apparently out of our reach.

Only 1 player retired at the end of season, but he was a Lakers legend. . Celestino Prima

A veteran and a young promise left the team without a contract. They wanted money that probably they could deserve, but the team finances are running on a knife's edge and it was difficult to grant them such raises. We owe them very much for the last season successes and wish them both all the luck they surely deserve.

Youth Academy luckily produced another very good class of rookies. Lakers need all of them to continue the streak of future champions.

Hall of Famer for season 38 class:
Celestino Prima one of the most complete and consistent CBs of Lakers history. He is the owner of many team records that are now the reference figures fo the new future champions of the Lakers. All-round player that could be an excellent LineBacker too, but his speed made him a perfect machine to stop opposing WRs. His place is already covered by great players, but we will miss his charisma on the field and in the locker room.

Coaching staff:
After a convincing and winning season, all the staff has been confirmed. The coaching team is growing as a unit and they are exceptionally supporting each other, creating a wonderful environment for the player to perform at their best.

We were hoping for a bounce back to Elite and here it is. A great season with some little cracks in the second part.
SuperCup remains our Achille's talon. Lakers cannot go further than a couple of matches every season. This is a curse we have to overcome.

Fans are delighted for this quick return in Elite and they deserve it. We already know that next season won't bring all the successes we had so far, so we ask them, since now, the patience to bear some bitter loss in the next season and keep their warm cheers up for the whole next season. We will need all their affection and support.

Lakers, Season #40 must be our time to show that we grew up and that we are now able to stay in Elite among stars.
Keep concentration, focus on playing perfect football and believe in yourselves. We can do it, but we have to prove we can.

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2020-05-31 19:30:18 - When you go up without discipline, the fall can be painfulReport Abuse

Season #38
RZA Elite final result : 7-9 (bottom of the division) causing a relegation back to Admirals 1.
A double faced season with a sparkling first half, closing in the lead of the division and only 3 losses. The second half was a nightmare, with 6 losses in a row and watching any dream of glory disappear a game after the other.
Lakers achieved the minimum result, beating the previous team record in Elite by a single victory. It was a consolation, insignificant achievement, given the situation.
No playoff game to report.

SuperCup : 15-0
A soft division without great names to battle against gave Lakers the illusion of an agile Supercup adventure. Cold shower happened in the first playoff round where the superficial approach of the team was harshly punished by Basterds that gave us a football lesson to be remembered: immediately out of the playoffs.

Champ of Champions : Started in the worst period of the League, Lakers won the first, easy match game against disastrous Durham Bulls, before melting at the second round against Confined Ducks that taught us another severe lesson of Elite football. 31 points margin and Lakers back home with broken bones.

In a Season with very few positive results, the Colossevm Cvp II Edition victory is a shiny trophy. Despite the valiant opponents and the fratricide final against the friend Centurions, Lakers came out on top, securing a most desired title by our General Manager for the Trophy Room: the blood-colored Colosseum.

Still missing the All-Stars Challenge trophy in MOTY mode, but no real attempt was tried.

No Lakers player was awarded with seasonal individual titles.

More dark days than luminous ones in the past season. Elite is difficult and we knew it, but the start of the adventure gave us an illusory idea of closing the gap to the top. The second part of the season was a brutal return to the reality. We have lost too many games against teams at or below our level.
A single loss deserves to be mentioned as the most heroic and the most dramatic of the season: the one against undefeated Salt City Pirates. Despite of a disastrous offensive match with 4 interception against, our defence kept us in the game allowing Leo Saguatti a last drive to win the game with a TD. The 00:00 on the clock stopped us at 1st and Goal on opposing 4 yards with reasonable chances to score the winning touchdown.

3 players retired at the end of season, three pillars in different roles on the field: FB, SF, MLB. We will miss their toughness very much.
Some veterans left the team without a contract: someone asked for an unacceptable big raise of his salary, some other was about to retire and decided to leave early and allow younger teammates a first string spot. We owe them very much for the past successes. Young replacements must work hard to achieve half of their overall contribution.
Another talent Youth Academy class entered the senior team. Lakers desperately need future champions to keep the roster competitive.

Hall of Famer for season 38 class:
Enoch Rosen) took the heritage of the unforgettable star Troy Tice and brought the defense back to Elite. He is ranking second in many defensive statistical rankings after mythical Troy. Enoch is a champion and he showed it on the field.

Coaching staff:
CB Coach Hansjörg Swanson was fired. His short-term-contract ended and general manger had alreay contacted Coach Ahmed Horner who will take the job over. CBs under-performed in Elite and a shock was requested to improve our poor passing defense. We welcome the new CB coach and wish him the best luck in the incoming challenging season
The rest of the staff has been confirmed.

A Season on the roller-coaster, with light and shadows.
The final record is above the previous appearance in Elite, but after leading the division in the first half of the season, being relegated as last is hurting very much. We have taken bitter lessons that we must capitalize to progress in the growth as a winning franchise.
In the period between seasons Lakers have reorganized the team a bit, in order to be ready and start the new Admirals 1 adventure in full shape. Motivation is perhaps the most difficult aspect we have to take care of, but coaching staff will keep a close eye about it.
We can understand some delusion from the fans, who were expecting a longer fight for the two Elite confirmation spots. That's why we have recorded some decrease in the attendance during last matches. We will work hard to regain fans' trust and bring them back on the YashinDome seats.
Lakers, Season #39 must be a bouncing back season. We know that Admirals 1 is a hell of League, but we can play our cards to gain another ticket-pass for the Elite.
Our football will lead us to victories and our robustness will help us to recover from the hard moments we will face. Financial numbers seem under control now and the management will work hard to keep the teams' bank accounts in safe zones. As always we have challenging objectives ahead, but nothing out of reach. Lakers, keep morale high, throw the worries away and play as hard as you can.

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