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Some of our veteran managers know this one very well (View the former contest), and a few weeks ago a manager contacted us to repeat not?

Send me 1 picture you shot by yourself, or which shows you. It has to be related to this fantastic sport called American Football. No matter if it is NFL, or even chinese regional league level 17 - as long it is related to American Football.

You send the picture to - and the mail should contain the picture, and your nickname you are using in RZA. Please send your picture during the next 4 week, we will accept pictures arriving til March 3rd, 2014, 20:00 (8 pm) servertime.

After this I will put the pictures online, and the community can vote which one is the best. The winner will receive 100 Credits, the runner-up 50 Credits, and the 3rd place will receive 25 Credits. I will run another lottery for a 3 months supporter account, all picture sending managers join this lottery automatically.

Now it is on you, show me your Football-Pics! Needless to say: pictures we have seen in 2012 already are not allowed to participate again - sorry guys, you will have to find new ones

For more information:

Good luck to everyone!

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