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posted: 2017-09-28 16:36:14 (ID: 100115216) Report Abuse
Lovely write-up McKay. Great effort to bring these stats in.

Yes, Coastal Dolphins surprising everyone. Did alot of work last season in practice, and had a good off-season so I was excited about what this year could bring.

Was a bit gutted about the Orcs leaving though, because having trounced everyone in the division for years I thought I was finally in a position to push him.

Number 1 in the McKay Power Rankings though, wow!!

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posted: 2017-09-28 22:20:18 (ID: 100115241) Report Abuse
I like it too. I'd like to be higher but do silly things like forgetting to change lineups and gameplans and whatnot.
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posted: 2017-10-01 15:07:21 (ID: 100115356) Report Abuse
Power Rankings Week 9

2nd installment of my Power Rankings. As always, let me know what you think, if you maybe don't agree with some of the rankings or whatever you feel like saying.

#1 (1) Coastal Dolphins 8-0
Relatively close game against the Psychics, but still a nice win, so no reason to move them away from the top spot.
#2 (6) San Diego Hurricanes 7-1
Very nice win in yesterdays game of the week. Considering they just beat the former No. 2 and their only loss was against the Dolphins, they make a leap up in these rankings.
#3 (3) Soul Sonic Force 8-0
Another commanding win for the unbeaten Soul Sonic Force. They are yet to beat a top team though, so they stay at 3 for the moment, but with a match against the Mermaids comming up, we shall see where they are going.
#4 (2) Universitatea Craiova 7-1
No shame in losing such a game in San Diego, but a small drop nonetheless.
#5 (4) Montesacro Mermaids 7-1
A relatively close win (at least stats-wise) means they stay where they are for now... except for San Diego storming past them.
#6 (5) Vienna Armadillos 7-1
Score early and don't show up for the second half... that's what the Armadillos did last game. Somehow still enough to not drop further.
#7 (7) Munich Saints 8-0
How do you put up 360 yard more and still only win by a Field Goal in Overtime? Well, 5 turnovers against 0 takeaways, that's how. Well, the Saints stay unbeaten for now, but they also stay where they are in these rankings.
#8 (8) Guinness Drinkers United 7-1
#9 (9) Wallace Wildcats 6-2
No movements for those two teams on a bye.
#10(10) Torino Black Bulls 5-3
Commanding win against Black Seaweed, but not enough to move up.
#11(11) Saffron City Psychics 6-3
Good performance against the top team in these rankings, so no drop despite the loss last week.
#12(12) Green Panthers 5-3
Commanding win against a weaker team, not enough to move the team.
#13(14) Mongolian Prairie Weasels 5-4
The nice thing about the Weasels this season is how they alternate perfectly between winning and losing... Not much else to say about this one.
#14(13) Black Seaweed 3-5
6 interceptions against Torino Black Bulls was just too much to overcome
#15(15) Meda Bruins 3-5
No movement for the team on a bye
#16(16) BU Terriers 3-6
Not a bad performance in last game, but still a loss against the Armadillos
#17(17) Norman Hunters 3-5
A loss against a top team of the league, so no drop for the Hunters this week.
#18(18) Dumbarajko Elephants 2-6
A loss against the Mermaids - nothing to fret about.
#19(19) Durham Wasps 3-5
Dominant win against Green Bay Badgers, but they need to beat stronger teams to move up.
#20(20) Munich Germans 3-5
Good showing despite the loss, so no drop for Munich Germans this week.
#21(24) Phins 4-5
Another win for Phins, that makes 4 in a row. Maybe not against the strongest teams, but enough for a move up here.
#22(23) 16_horsepower 3-5
A bit of an unexpected win against Soton Pangolins, so a move up for them.
#23(21) Soton Pangolins 2-6
Loss against 16_horsepower, so they drop behind them.
#24(22) Grizzly Bears of bupti 1-7
Yet another loss against a strong team. The Bears did have a tough schedule so far.
#25(25) Bretzfeld Bandits 3-5
A win against a bot, so nothing to say here.
#26(27) Denver Death 2-6
Good showing in the OT loss against Munich Saints, so they climb up one spot.
#27(28) Green Bay Badgers 1-7
A 44-0 loss against Durham Wasps. So why did they rise? Well, because this was not the ugliest loss this week.
#28(29) Buffalo Eagles 1-7
One up during a bye... all thanks to the Hamsters.
#29(26) Detroid Gros Hamsters 1-7
This 0-53 loss against Phins was without a doubt the ugliest this week.
#30(30) Budweiss Red Foxes 1-7
#31(31) Kitty Hawk Terpz 1-7
No movement on the bottom of the the rankings, since both teams were on a bye.
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posted: 2017-10-01 16:12:51 (ID: 100115360) Report Abuse
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posted: 2017-10-09 19:44:35 (ID: 100115795) Report Abuse
Even though nobody seemed to miss them, here is another Power Ranking. Real life is keeping me a bit busy, so I think i will only do them every (real life) week.

Before I start, let me put out how cool it is that we neither have an unbeaten team nor a winless team. The league seems to be pretty balanced

We have a new #1 on the block and a new hot team in the middle of these Rankings in 16_horsepower.
The previous rankings are shown as #[current ranking]([ranking W10]/[ranking W9])

#1(1/2) San Diego Hurricanes 9-1
#2(2/5) Montesacro Mermaids 9-1
#3(3/4) Universitatea Craiova 9-1
#4(4/3) Soul Sonic Force 9-1
#5(5/1) Coastal Dolphins 9-1
#6(7/8) Guinness Drinkers United 9-1
#7(6/7) Munich Saints 9-1
#8(8/6) Vienna Armadillos 8-2
#9(9/9) Wallace Wildcats 8-2
#10(10/10) Torino Black Bulls 6-4
#11(11/14) Black Seaweed 5-5
#12(13/12) Green Panthers 7-3
#13(12/11) Saffron City Psychics 6-4
#14(14/13) Mongolian Prairie Weasels 6-4
#15(16/16) BU Terriers 4-6
#16(15/15) Meda Bruins 4-6
#17(17/22) 16_horsepower 5-5
#18(18/18) Dumbarajko Elephants 4-6
#19(19/17) Norman Hunters 3-7
#20(21/19) Durham Wasps 4-6
#21(20/21) Phins 4-6
#22(22/20) Munich Germans 4-6
#23(23/23) Soton Pangolins 2-8
#24(25/25) Bretzfeld Bandits 3-7
#25(24/26) Denver Death 2-8
#26(26/28) Buffalo Eagles 2-8
#27(27/24) Grizzly Bears of bupti 1-9
#28(28/27) Green Bay Badgers 1-9
#29(29/30) Budweiss Red Foxes 2-8
#30(30/29) Detroit Gros Hamsters 1-9
#31(31/31) Kitty Hawk Terpz 1-9

So, what happened last week in our league?
16_horsepower dethroned Coastal Dolphins in a huge upset win 21-10, Buffalo Eagles are starting to show signs of life and Munich Saints were defeated which means no unbeaten team remains in this league.

Overall, the top is still very close, one could argue for any of the top6 teams to be number one, but for now, this honour goes to San Diego Hurricanes.
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Europe   pete owns a supporter account   pete is a Knight of

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posted: 2017-10-09 19:54:02 (ID: 100115797) Report Abuse
McKay93 wrote:
Even though nobody seemed to miss them...


McKay93 wrote:
#6(7/8) Guinness Drinkers United 9-1

Wait, If the Drinkers go up one rank week by week, we will finish ...

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posted: 2017-10-09 19:57:01 (ID: 100115799) Report Abuse
pete wrote:

Wait, If the Drinkers go up one rank week by week, we will finish ...

at exactly 0!

best place to be
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Europe   pete owns a supporter account   pete is a Knight of

Joined: 2011-09-01/S00
Posts: 20566
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posted: 2017-10-09 20:04:46 (ID: 100115800) Report Abuse
OK, so one week without gain needed...Team: we are going to play lousy tomorrow...
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posted: 2017-10-10 13:05:08 (ID: 100115815) Report Abuse
Especially good to see no one with 0 wins. On a personal note, enjoying this season much more than my last attempt to survive in 1.1
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posted: 2017-10-11 20:16:52 (ID: 100115876) Report Abuse
Nice job on the power rankings! I've been especially quiet this season...just way too much going on IRL. I'm lucky I haven't gone bot by accident already. LOL
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