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Poster Message
posted: 2017-10-14 20:05:08 (ID: 100116047) Report Abuse
GG cjfitzg, this has to be the closest game I ever won

Wonder if I should rename my team to Vienna Packers now
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posted: 2017-10-15 23:13:15 (ID: 100116097) Report Abuse
Another week gone, time for the next power rankings.

#1(1/1) San Diego Hurricanes 11-1
#2(2/2) Montesacro Mermaids 11-1
#3(3/3) Universitatea Craiova 11-1
#4(5/5) Coastal Dolphins 11-1
#5(6/6) Guinness Drinkers United 11-1
#6(4/4) Soul Sonic Force 10-2
#7(7/12) Green Panthers 9-3
#8(9/9) Wallace Wildcats 9-3
#9(11/11) Black Seaweed 7-5
#10(10/8) Vienna Armadillos 9-3
#11(8/10) Torino Black Bulls 7-5
#12(12/7) Munich Saints 9-3
#13(13/13) Saffron City Psychics 7-5
#14(14/14) Mongolian Prairie Weasels 7-5
#15(16/18) Dumbarajko Elephants 6-6
#16(15/15) BU Terriers 6-6
#17(17/17) 16_horsepower 7-5
#18(18/16) Meda Bruins 4-8
#19(19/20) Durham Wasps 5-7
#20(22/22) Munich Germans 5-7
#21(21/21) Phins 4-8
#22(20/19) Norman Hunters 3-9
#23(24/25) Denver Death 4-8
#24(23/23) Soton Pangolins 3-9
#25(25/26) Buffalo Eagles 2-10
#26(26/27) Grizzly Bears of bupti 3-9
#27(27/24) Bretzfeld Bandits 3-9
#28(28/28) Green Bay Badgers 1-11
#29(29/29) Budweiss Red Foxes 3-9
#30(30/31) Kitty Hawk Terpz 1-11

So what happened last week?
Detroit Gros Hamsters went bot, so another team out of the power rankings
Bretzfeld Bandits lost two games by a big margin dropping them to almost rock bottom.
Soton Pangolins had the closest loss possible against Vienna Armadillos, leading untill 9 seconds before the end of the game.
16_horsepower continues to be hot, with a 5 game winning streak now.
And I have no idea in what order to rank #7-#12... seems like everyone won and lost against everyone there.
Coastal Dolphins won against Soul Sonic Force, so they rise again, as do the Drinkers... still on their way to Number one ;-)
Finally, no movements on the very top of the rankings... San Diego still atop the league.

And while we're at it, let's also look at the playoff picture:
1. Montesacro Mermaids x 11-1
2. Guinness Drinkers United x 11-1
3. Munich Saints 9-3
4. Mongolian Prairie Weasels 7-5
5. Soul Sonic Force 10-2
6. Green Panthers 9-3
in the hunt
Dumbarajko Elephants 6-6
Durham Wasps 5-7
Phins 4-8

Well, the hunt is only theoretical... the 6 teams in the playoff picture right now will also be the teams in the playoffs.

1. Universitatea Craiova 11-1
2. San Diego Hurricanes 11-1
3. Coastal Dolphins 11-1
4. Vienna Armadillos 9-3
5. Wallace Wildcats 9-3
6. Torino Black Bulls 7-5
in the hunt
Saffron City Psychics 7-5
16_horsepower 7-5
Black Seaweed 7-5

Considering Torino Black Bulls still meets Vienna Armadillo twice and Black Seaweed on a hot winning streak now, NC North is still everyones division,
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posted: 2017-10-24 15:13:05 (ID: 100116686)  Edits found: 2 Report Abuse
Wow, I'm so late this time, I'm almost early

#1(2/2) Montesacro Mermaids 13-1
#2(4/4) Coastal Dolphins 13-1
#3(5/5) Guinness Drinkers United 13-1
#4(1/1) San Diego Hurricanes 12-2
#5(6/6) Soul Sonic Force 11-3
#6(3/3) Universitatea Craiova 12-2
#7(7/7) Green Panthers 10-4
#8(8/8) Wallace Wildcats 11-3
#9(9/9) Black Seaweed 9-5
#10(10/11) Torino Black Bulls 9-5
#11(11/10) Vienna Armadillos 10-4
#12(14/14) Mongolian Prairie Weasels 9-5
#13(15/15) Dumbarajko Elephants 7-7
#14(19/19) Durham Wasps 7-7
#15(12/12) Munich Saints 9-5
#16(16/16) BU Terriers 5-9
#17(13/13) Saffron City Psychics 8-6
#18(23/23) Denver Death 6-8
#19(17/17) 16_horsepower 7-7
#20(18/21) Phins 5-9
#21(22/22) Norman Hunters 4-10
#22(20/18) Meda Bruins 4-10
#23(21/20) Munich Germans 6-8
#24(26/26) Grizzly Bears of bupti 4-10
#25(24/24) Soton Pangolins 4-10
#26(25/25) Buffalo Eagles 2-12
#27(29/29) Budweiss Red Foxes 4-10
#28(27/28) Green Bay Badgers 1-13
#29(28/27) Bretzfeld Bandits 3-11
#30(30/30) Kitty Hawk Terpz 1-13

So, what was your favourite upset of last gameday?
Budweiss Red Foxes beating Phins 31-27 was just a small upset.
Denver Death beating San Diego Hurricanes 29-20 was probably the biggest upset of the week!
Munich Saints 10-30 Durham Wasps - the decline in Munich continues.
Norman Hunters 47-15 16_horsepower - somebody had the manpower to stop the red-hot 16_horsepower.
Saffron City Psychics 22-27 Grizzly Bears of bupti - still a very good season for the psychics, but that was a painful loss.
Universitatea Craiova 14-26 Vienna Armadillos - Craiova just didnt seem like they would lose random games like this.

With this many unexpected results, a lot of movement in the Rankings this week. We have a new number one in Montesacro Mermaids, while the Drinkers continue to rise - 3rd place right now and 2 weeks to go...

In terms of Playoffs... we already know 10 of the 12 teams. Only one questions remains:
Which team of the trio Black Seaweed, Torino Black Bulls and Vienna Armadillos will miss the playoffs? We might even see a team with 11-5 not going through this season.

1. Montesacro Mermaids z 13-1
2. Guinness Drinkers United x 13-1
3. Mongolian Prairie Weasels z 9-5
4. Munich Saints z 9-5 (they have a bot game in Week 17, so they won't lose their spot unless they try to)
5. Soul Sonic Force x 11-3
6. Green Panthers y 10-4

1. Coastal Dophins z 13-1
2. Universitatea Craiova x 12-2
3. San Diego Hurricanes z 12-2
4. Vienna Armadillos 10-4
5. Wallace Wildcats x 11-3 I do not believe they'll lose to tanking Kitty Hawks Terpz while at the same time Black Seaweed makes up ~200 points worth of PD in two games, so I feel confident in putting an x there.
6. Torino Black Bulls 9-5

In the Hunt
Black Seaweed 9-5
Saffron City Psychics 8-6 After the loss vs Grizzly Bears, the chance here is only theoretical

Last edited on 2017-10-24 15:18:51 by McKay93

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Europe   pete owns a supporter account   pete is a Knight of

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posted: 2017-10-24 15:23:02 (ID: 100116689) Report Abuse
McKay93 wrote:...while the Drinkers continue to rise - 3rd place right now and 2 weeks to go...

There is enough Black Stuff in stock, so the Management of the Drinkers doesn't worry about the further season...we should be fine. Still think about sending assassins to these Swiss

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posted: 2017-10-24 21:37:18 (ID: 100116771) Report Abuse
Just wait for the Wildcats post-season implosion. It's a near seasonal tradition!

***hoping Pete doesn't notice the Galaxy receiving TD record that was finally topped***
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posted: 2017-10-29 13:30:01 (ID: 100117120) Report Abuse
The final Power Rankings this season. And let me tell you, ranking the teams is really hard, especially with teams losing randomly to weaker opponents only to beat stronger opponents the next week. It's almost as if teams don't want me to give proper rankings here

Power Ranking Week 17

#1(1/1) Montesacro Mermaids 15-1
Except for a random loss to Vienna Armadillos, they were flawless this season, making them clear number 1 in these rankings.
#2(2/6) Universitatea Craiova 14-2
They lost to San Diego Hurricanes and Vienna Armadillos who both ended up behind them in the rankings, but they beat Coastal Dolphins who won against SDH... man these rankings are hard.
Anyway, number 2 for the team from romania
#3(4/2) Coastal Dolphins 14-2
They lost to 16_horsepower and Universitatea Craiova this season. Losing to the no. 2 and winning against the no.4 this season, they are about the only team in the 2-6 range I'm comfortable in putting in the spot they ended up in.
#4(5/4) San Diego Hurricanes 14-2
They lost to Coastal Dolphins and Denver Death this season, but beat the no.2 Universitatea Craiova. They might as well be number 2 here, but everything is really close at the top - so just let the playoffs decide
#5(6/5) Soul Sonic Force 13-3
Well, the first of the top team not to lose random games against weaker opponents. They lost to no.1 Montesacro Mermaids, no.3 Coastal Dolphins and one of their games against Guinness Drinkers United. On the other hand, they didnt really beat another top team this season except the second game against GDU, so number 5 might be just the right spot for them.
#6(3/3) Guinness Drinkers United 14-2
They lost against Coastal Doplhins and Soul Sonic Force this season, while only winning one game against SSF and no other top teams on the schedule this season. Only number 6 for the Drinkers in the final rankings today, but pete is welcome to prove me wrong in the playoffs. Did I mention that teams no.2-6 were hard to rank?
#7(7/7) Green Panthers 12-4
The "Best of the Rest" award goes to Austria, with the Green Panthers at number 7. They lost to Black Seaweed, BU Terriers and both games against supreme Montesacro Mermaids while their most notable wins were against Vienna Armadillos and Torino Black Bulls.
#8(8/8) Wallace Wildcats 13-3
Ranks 7-11 were really close as well. Wildcats ended up in number 8 spot, just because the Panthers just didn't slip up in the second half of the season. They lost to Black Seaweed and twice against Universitatea Craiova, while their most notable wins where against Mongolian Prairie Weasels, Vienna Armadillos and Torino Black Bulls.
#9(10/10) Torino Black Bulls 11-5
They lost against Universitatea Craiova, Green Panthers, Montesacro Mermaids, Wallace Wildcats and Black Seaweed, while their most notable wins were against Black Seaweed and twice against Vienna Armadillos. Going 5-1 in the division makes for a worthy division winner in the end.
#10(9/9) Black Seaweed 11-5
So sad to see them miss the playoffs at 11-5. I put them behind TBB, but they were really close all season. They lost against Universitatea Craiova, Montesacro Mermaids and one of each game in the division against Torino Black Bulls, Vienna Armadillos and BU Terriers. Apart from their division wins, their most notable wins were against Wallace Wildcats and Green Panthers. I really could have ranked them anywhere up to number 7, but just like in the playoff race, they ended up just short.
#11(11/11) Vienna Armadillos 11-5
They lost against no.7 Green Panthers, no.8 Wallace Wildcats, no.9 Torino Black Bulls (twice) and no.10 Black Seaweed, so putting the Armadillos into number 11 spot seems justified. The most notable wins were against Universitatea Craiova, Montesacro Mermaids, and one game against Black Seaweed.
#12(12/12) Mongolian Prairie Weasels 10-6
Not really any unexpected results for this team except for the loss against Meda Bruins in week 2. They lost to the top teams and beat the weaker team to end up atop the division in the end.
#13(13/15) Munich Saints 11-5
They started the season 9-0, but the only tough game they had was against Saint Etchford Spitfires, which they won (obviously), but they went on to lose against Dumbarajko Elephants and Durham Wasps, with no other outstanding wins.
#14(15/14) Durham Wasps 9-7
The early losses against Munich Saints and Saffron City Psychics held this team back, with their most remarkable game being the close week 2 27-28 loss against SD Hurricanes. They did well this season and just came short of the playoffs, finishing as 7th best team in AC.
#15(14/13) Dumbarajko Elephants 7-9
The average team this season. They won the games you expected them to win and lost the games you expected them to lose. The only result that is not according to these rankings is the win against Munich Saints week 12.
#16(16/17) Saffron City Psychics 9-7
Almost a great season for the Psychics, but the late losses week 15 against Grizzly Bears of bupti and week 17 against Denver Death made them drop - both in the power rankings and the playoff race.
#17(18/18) Denver Death 8-8
Really hard to rank this team. They had a really bad start into the season, going 2-8, including losses to 16_horsepower and Soton Pangolins. With a really strong finish, beating SCP and most notably San Diego Hurricanes, they finished at number 17.
#18(17/16) BU Terriers 5-11
They mainly suffered from a tough division, going 1-5 in the division. Their most notable result was the win against Green Panthers week 7.
#19(19/19) 16_horsepower 8-8
Strange season for this team. They had a bad start, including a loss against Munich Germans, then they had a hot winning streak including a win against Coastal Dolphins, and finally did bad at the end of the season again, losing against Norman Hunters.
#20(20/20) Phins 6-10
Their most notable results were a loss against Munich Germans week 4 and a close loss week 15 against Budweiss Red Foxes. Apart from that, they recovered well from a bad start into the season and avoided relegation successfully.
#21(21/21) Norman Hunters 4-12
Not really a good season for the Hunters, their only notable win was against 16_horsepower. They also had a couple of unlucky losses, losing 5 times by a margin of 3 points or less, so expect them to bounce back next season when the luck is on their side again. (Finishing 4-12 with a PD of +1 tells the story of this season )
#22(22/22) Meda Bruins 6-10
The most notable win was against Mongolian Prairie Weasels week 2, other than that they just had a tough schedule and results according to these rankings.
#23(23/23) Munich Germans 7-9
Tough to rank this team. They lost to no.27 Buffalo Eagles and twice against no.22 Meda Bruins, while on the other had they won against no.19 16_horsepower, no.20 Phins and no.21 Norman Hunters. This spot is probably not justified, but neither is any other spot
#24(24/25) Soton Pangolins 4-12
Well, they won against Denver Death. Other than that, mostly tough and/or unlucky losses, losing 7 times by a margin of 4 points or less. Seems like Fortuna didn't favour the english teams this season
#25(25/27) Budweiss Red Foxes 4-12
Not much going for this team. They won one game against Phins and lost against Green Bay Badgers. Their other wins came against Detroid Gros Hamsters (one of them prior to becoming bot) and tanking Kitty Hawk Terpz.
#26(26/24) Grizzly Bears of bupti 4-12
Their only notable win was against Saffron City Psychics in week 15, other than that one win against a bot, one against no.28 Green Bay Badgers and one against tanking Bretzfeld Bandits.
#27(27/26) Buffalo Eagles 2-14
They won two close games, one against Munich Germans(45-46) and the other against Norman Hunters (23-27). Enough to say they were not the worst team this season.
#28(28/28) Green Bay Badgers 1-15
Well they didn't tank this season.
Oh, they also won one against Budweiss Red Foxes.
#29(29/29) Bretzfeld Bandits 3-13
After going 3-7, they decided to tank the rest of the season, putting them in the second to last spot here, because it's hard to tell the true strength of a tanking team.
#30(30/30) Kitty Hawk Terpz 1-15
They won their first game against Soton Pangolins, but somewhere around week 4, started tanking the rest of the season.
#31(31/31) Detroit Gros Hamsters 1-15
Went bot week 12.
#32(32/32) Saint Etchford Spitfires 4-12
Went bot week 9 (they are bot for longer, so they are on the bottom of the list despite being the better team up to the point they went bot)
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posted: 2017-10-29 23:51:09 (ID: 100117183) Report Abuse
Nice job, wondering if you correct the Ranking when the Drinkers enter the Bowl
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posted: 2017-10-30 14:02:56 (ID: 100117221) Report Abuse
Nice work McKay, great detail

Good luck Tuesday.

Neither of our form is great going into this game, wouldn't like to call it either way. Made some changes to playbook on both sides of ball recently, whether they've been beneficial or not I'm not sure
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posted: 2017-10-30 14:14:07 (ID: 100117222) Report Abuse
Great job. You've pretty much summed up my season perfectly. Some good, some bad. I would just add that my playbook was somewhat lacking early in the season, and while there's still some things I need to improve there, it was definitely looking better by season's end.

Good luck to everyone in the playoffs.
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posted: 2017-11-04 20:44:13 (ID: 100117777) Report Abuse
Soul Sonic Force 41 - 14 Guinness Drinkers United

Well, looks like i dont have to a l t e r the power rankings after all

Also, GG kyry1720, my defence just didn't show up for Q4

Green Panthers 27-23 Montesacro Mermaids

Very nice win for the Panthers, didnt expect the Mermaids to lose again this season.
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