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posted: 2019-08-18 00:55:44 (ID: 100142176) Report Abuse
With four games left in the regular season, the playoffs are shaping up pretty well for this season. It would take some miracles for the field to change much.

The interesting races to watch are the battles for seeds in the playoffs, with lots of teams having only a couple of losses or less each in both conferences.

Starting with the AC, the playoff picture is currently this (including the points differential tiebreaker):
#1 Ajalvir Destroyers
#2 TigerCats
#3 Lunatic Purple Cowboys
#4 San Antonio Storm
#5 BoneCrushers
#6 Hainaut Gamecocks

This is going to be an interesting race to the top of the conference, as the top three teams are all sitting at 11-1 right now, and the next two are at 10-2. It'll definitely be something to keep an eye on. We've got a couple of games coming up this next week that could determine some of those seeds. First we've got a division rivalry, with BoneCrushers taking on Ajalvir Destroyers in the Brazen Tundra. Next we've got the Lunatic Purple Cowboys on the road against TigerCats. Two games to keep an eye on this upcoming gameday.

The NC won't see quite the amount of drama as far as seeding goes as the AC, but will still be entertaining to see how it turns out. Current playoff picture right now:

#1 Fargo Knights
#2 Lyon Eagles
#3 Maykop Misfits
#4 Sacko Del Toros
#5 Watford Hornets
#6 Penn State
#7 neroverde (only down 1 point on Penn State in PD)

Two games to take note of this next week in this conference will be in the battle for the final spot in the playoffs. First Penn State travels to The Field of Lights to take on the Lyon Eagles. Next neroverde takes on Bonaval Acorns at home.

Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out
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posted: 2019-08-26 16:02:00 (ID: 100142459) Report Abuse
My normally robust D just got schooled by the Watford Hornets in Supercup.
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posted: 2019-08-26 18:47:57 (ID: 100142461) Report Abuse
That's rough. You're next two league games will be little more than stat padders for your team for sure though.
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posted: 2019-08-26 20:09:41 (ID: 100142463) Report Abuse
Still made it into Supercup knockout, but by the slimmest of margins.
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posted: 2019-08-27 04:15:43 (ID: 100142471) Report Abuse
Congrats and good luck to all Fire teams remaining in the SC PO
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posted: 2019-08-27 16:07:22 (ID: 100142487) Report Abuse
Wow, defense got trounced again. going to be a short playoff season at this rate.
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posted: 2019-08-28 14:09:24 (ID: 100142520) Report Abuse
Maybe you could test out a new defensive playbook against a team that's really bad for being in Division 1.

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posted: 2019-08-29 02:49:31 (ID: 100142531) Report Abuse
Good luck in all of the playoffs (Super Cup and Fire and Holly)!
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posted: 2019-09-09 23:09:52 (ID: 100142923) Report Abuse
Good Luck to all Conference Championchip participants: Cowboys,Eagles,Toros and Tigercats as well as Hollys Wandenbeiser inElite (eventhough hes there by default )
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Fargo Knights


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posted: 2019-09-10 18:43:10 (ID: 100142936) Report Abuse
Congrats to Cowboys and Eagles advancing to bowl and elite next season.
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