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posted: 2020-03-17 16:19:07 (ID: 100147570) Report Abuse
Fire is looking a little more populated this season than last. NC especially, only having one bot team. AC has 4, but it seems like Fire is trending upward. Nice
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posted: 2020-03-22 03:45:24 (ID: 100147698) Report Abuse
Week 3 Power Rankings:

1. Fargo Knights 3-0. Will this be the year they promote to Elite? They've been dominant in previous seasons, and with the strongest schedule thus far, an undefeated start puts them on top.

2. Lyon Eagles 3-0. Second season back from a one-and-done trip to Elite, their team still has the structure of an Elite franchise and very well could be headed back next season. Strong start for a strong team.

3. Neuseen Buccaneers, 3-0. You know that it wouldn't be long before one of last season's Elite teams would appear on this list. Haven't had a strong schedule strength thus far but have pounded their opponents, putting them at #3.

4. Misawa, 3-0. Our other Elite team from last season comes in right behind the Bucs. Another strong start (and maybe a different playbook?).

5. BoneCrushers, 3-0. Like the Knights, will this finally be the season they promote to Elite? They will need to prove themselves against much stronger opponents before that can be proved true.

6. Green Bay Hackers, 3-0. I'm liking the way my team has played thus far. A week one road win in a thriller against the TigerCats has set the tone for the season (although our last two games were against a bot and a team that turned bot the very next day). Big things expected.

7. Maykop Blues, 2-1. Alexshans84 has us confused today with his puzzle . His team, however, is looking strong this season despite a loss to the Fargo Knights (an understandable one too). Will be interesting to see how things go for the Blues.

8. Sacko Del Toros, 2-1. An impressive win over the TigerCats turns heads and puts them high in the power rankings. I predict that we will find the week one loss to the Andorran Castellers to be an outlier, one that was quickly moved on from, a small blemish.

9. TigerCats, 1-2. Don't let a 1-2 record fool you. Although it may drop the Cats farther down in the list than we're used to seeing, these guys will recover and be a force down the stretch. You'll pay the price if you put these guys on the back burner after three games.

10. Hainaut Gamecocks, 3-0. There's been nothing splashy about their season thus far, just solid wins against bot teams. Veteran management puts them as high as they are.

11. Pitcairn Bounty Mutineers, 3-0. The only noteworthy thing that's happened to this team in the past few seasons appears to be a general weakening. Probably a general rebuild, given an average age of 22.1 and players' salaries totaling $1.2 million. They'll be in the top 7 soon for sure, and eventually higher.

12. San Antonio Storm, 1-2. Appearing to flounder now, recent success ensures that they stay above the many obviously clueless managers we have in Fire 1 only because of our bot problem.

13. RiverCity Gamblers, 3-0. The all-bot record is misleading. Kflash89 is building his team nicely, but don't expect the Gamblers to take the league by storm and go to Elite like Misawa did. Ain't gonna happen. Just wait until he plays some division rivals; that will bring the record back down to earth.

14. BETIS SANPOL, 1-2. A new team trending in the right direction by FULLY BUILDING HIS STADIUM before starting to build his team. Valiant efforts against the veteran BoneCrushers and Gamecocks. I hope this guy sticks around; I have a feeling like he will be good.

15. Bluebombs, 2-1. If he doesn't get his act together and build his stadium, he will turn into one of the clueless veterans yet to come in this list, but since he's got two wins and a decent team I'll put him here.

16. Arsago Seprio Boars, 1-2. Not yet at the point of being a clueless veteran, too new for that, this guy has pulled some upsets in the past, so don't sleep on him.

17. Andorran Castellers, 1-2. Made some noise a season or two ago, seems to be falling a little bit here this season. It's early still, so we'll see. At least he's got a fully built stadium to account for his high salaries.

18. Carbon Bay Razor Sharks, 1-2. Osta9er seems to know what he's doing, that's why he's all the way down here. He's taking his time to build his team, unlike 15-17, which bodes well for his future. Expect a climb from this team in the next few seasons.

19. Novosibirsk Lions, 1-2. As far as I can remember, he's a returning manager, which would make sense because he clearly knows what he's doing. His team just can't compete with the big dogs yet, and that's okay. It will soon.

20. The TITANS, 1-2. Meh, that's how I describe what this team has done in the last couple of seasons. New team with a fully built stadium though, so there's promise.

21. Bonaval Acorns, 1-2. I don't think j_airo deserves the title of 'clueless veteran,' so his mediocre franchise will go here.

22. Venice Winged Lions, 1-2. Very new team, obviously bad, hope he sticks around and builds correctly. Light at the end of the tunnel for these guys though.

23. GLADIATORI ROMA, 1-2. I probably shouldn't consider them a 'clueless veteran' but a few seasons of rebuild and no results has me close. Come on, I remember falling to these guys in the Wildcard round the first time I made the playoffs with my first team. They should be better than this.

24. Dolphins Pisa, 0-3. I don't know what's come of these guys recently. Mismanagement seems to be the answer. 27 years old for an average age on the Senior Team? Really? Most Elite teams have a lower average than than. Clueless.

25. neroverde, 1-2. Oof, these guys haven't been good for a while. I wonder when they'll fully build their stadium? They've only had since Season 1 to do it. Building that stadium, man, it really takes good financial skills to do that.

26. Schönspieler, 2-1. Oh, the eternally clueless Schönspieler. Been the worst team in the league since I've been around. Looks like about 10 seasons ago they were alright, but I have not seen a worse human team (sorry if it's because you don't have any time to manage your team, I've been kinda mean tonight).

27-32 are all bots and therefore probably didn't even deserve this sentence.

Thanks for everyone who has read all the way to the end of my power-rankings-turned-rant, I don't know what got in me tonight, but now it's out and I'll be back to my normal cheery self, who sets his training instead of staying up late ranting about his league mates. Goodnight.
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posted: 2020-03-22 19:06:55 (ID: 100147721) Report Abuse
I don’t know how many people read my rant, but if I said something demeaning about your team, I apologize. I was not myself last night, and will be sure that something like this doesn’t happen again.
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posted: 2020-03-23 03:38:11 (ID: 100147726) Report Abuse
I enjoyed reading it
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posted: 2020-03-23 09:39:22 (ID: 100147732) Report Abuse
Meitheisman wrote:
I enjoyed reading it

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posted: 2020-03-23 16:34:07 (ID: 100147740) Report Abuse
Dang, dude! I'm going to try to stay in Elite just to avoid the risk of having a scathing review of my team by you. Hopefully your calling out of certain teams will light a fire (no pun intended) under them
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posted: 2020-03-23 17:29:27 (ID: 100147741) Report Abuse
After another crushing deafeat in Supercup, I can't wait to read next week's review!
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posted: 2020-03-24 00:30:33 (ID: 100147751) Report Abuse
prchaser wrote:
Dang, dude! I'm going to try to stay in Elite just to avoid the risk of having a scathing review of my team by you. Hopefully your calling out of certain teams will light a fire (no pun intended) under them

Haha yes or at least convince them to be active in the forums.
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posted: 2020-03-24 07:52:12 (ID: 100147754) Report Abuse

@Badgers. WE ARE NOT WORTHY !! Lol I think you should make this your nitch every week. After all...Badgers are known to be brutal, why should the Power Rankings be any different. It would give other leagues a reason to pop in from week to week. If some dont like the "negative" reviews then do something to change it. We all have the same opportunity as the the next man.

Personally I thought it was hilarious and needed. I'm not entirely sure if mine was a complement or burn, simply because I havent been around long enough to have a read on your personality but never the less I think its Hilarious. Well done sir .. Well done
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posted: 2020-03-24 16:10:23 (ID: 100147768) Report Abuse
Greetings from Galaxy. Your Power Rankings write up is awesome. Fun to read about teams I would otherwise know nothing about. Looking forward to the next one!
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