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Poster Message
posted: 2020-04-09 01:31:52 (ID: 100148219) Report Abuse
Meitheisman wrote:
Yeah sorry for not being more active in here, your rankings are appreciated even if I don't always comment. Keep up the great work

It’s about all I’ve got to keep me occupied during this time, so as long as the quarantine is going, you can expect the rankings to keep coming.
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posted: 2020-04-12 03:35:59 (ID: 100148354) Report Abuse
Training settings have been set, and that means it's time for Badgers' Brutal Power Rankings, Week 9.

1. Neuseen Buccaneers, 8-0, - - . Third week atop the rankings, really don't see them dropping down without a loss or maybe a close game against a weak team.

2. Fargo Knights, 7-1, +1. A nice win against the veteran Gamecocks bumps them up to #2. Those Knights do wear impressive armor, but come playoff time someone seems to be able to shoot the arrow through the helmet slot every time.

3. Lyon Eagles, 8-0, -1. A bye week gives Lyon a chance to relax and realize that it is virtually impossible to beat Wilmersdorf Wadenbeisser. I wouldn't even dare to challenge them to a friendly, Meitheisman's got some guts, and his team shows it.

4. Misawa, 9-0, - - . Despite being ranked only 10th in the league rating-wise, success on the field says otherwise about this team's ability. Misawa is one of the scarier teams to play in Fire 1, and I sure wouldn't be surprised if they get to Elite and stick around for a while sometime.

5. TigerCats, 5-3, +1. Taking the lead in a tight divisional race bumps these guys up a notch in the ladder. It'll take more than roaring to claim the division though.

6. BoneCrushers, 8-0, -1. Bot teams make you feel way better about your team than you should. Those that are able to get past it are successful; these guys have to prove that they're more than just a bot basher to earn some clout in this league.

7. Maykop Blues, 7-1, - - . The Blues made my guys look like a fourth-grade flag football team today. Thanks for letting me score a couple of times @alexshans84 . These guys are good; don't sleep on 'em.

8. Green Bay Hackers, 5-3, - - . Mutterings are starting to stir around the Hackers' camp, as failure of recent playbooks is spurring discontent. Some playbook changes will have to come for sunshine and rainbows to return to Hacker life.

9. Hainaut Gamecocks, 6-2, +1. An understandable loss to a top 5 team today. Nothing to worry about with that loss, especially in a weak division.

10. Sacko Del Toros, 6-2, -1. Red flags might want to be raised about this loss to Arsago Seprio Boars. Los Toros might be running the wrong way; might need to check their brains.

11. Pitcairn Bounty Mutineers, 6-2, - - . These guys are just chilling in the 11th spot. This isn't a bad league to do a rebuild; even when your team is at its low you can still scrape together 10+ wins.

12. Bluebombs, 5-3, - - . I keep waiting for these guys to tumble down the slippery slope and into bankruptcy. If it's not bankruptcy, it's just a matter of time before the Top Managers lower in the league catch up.

13. Andorran Castellers, 3-5, - - . I think these guys are going to fall soon, but it's just unrealistic to change teams by 8 or 9 spots at a time, instead they'll fall when the veteran managers get their acts together and stop sucking.

14. Novosibirsk Lions, 5-3, +1. Domination lies ahead for these guys, I think in the near future as well. They still have some growing to do, but it won't take long, as they know what they're doing when the only people who know what they're doing are pretty much automatic playoff bids.

15. BETIS SANPOL, 4-4, -1. I like this team's future, but for now, they look more like sandbags when they face a viable opponent.

16. San Antonio Storm, 3-5, - - . @Sverngolld, get your ass up here, you're better than 3-5 and you know it. Where's that defence? Have you turned it into a plastic fence to cut costs?

17. The TITANS, 5-3, - - . This is another team that is just waiting to fall into bankruptcy. It won't take long, but a little longer than it will for Bluebombs.

18. GLADIATORI ROMA, 5-3, +1. They're finally starting to look like the team that went to Elite in Season 33. They won't make any serious noise this season, but maybe soon.

19. Carbon Bay Baby Sharks, 3-5, -1. Growth will continue, but the fact of this game is that you have to use slow growth to be effective. You have to build your stadium, and once you have a reliable stream of money coming in you can start to build your team. I have yet to hear of an Elite team without a full stadium, so all of us should take that example and build our stadiums! Good job @Osta9er! You're doing it right!

20. Arsago Seprio Boars, 3-6, +2. A surprise W against the Toros has these guys riding I believe the highest they've been this season. Nice job; I expect that they'll perform to their team's abilities for the rest of the season.

21. RiverCity Gamblers, 3-5, -1. Erosion seems to be hitting this team hard. I thought California was burning though?

22. Dolphins Pisa, 4-5, -1. Dolphins are cool, and it looks like they're finally returning home to Italy. Maybe your good players will return home too.

23. neroverde, 3-5, - - . This guy has a team in another game I play, and I don't think it's good there either. It takes more than just having a team to be good; we'll see if he figures that out.

24. Bonaval Acorns, 2-6, - - . I don't understand how a team that's been around since season 1 is this bad. Do regions with more developed second divisions have managers like this? Someone please help him.

25. Venice Winged Lions, 1-7, - - . They've been very active on the TM recently; whether or not they're finding good players is yet to be determined.

26. Schönspieler, 2-6, - - . I'm running out of things to bash about this team . You know a team is bad when you can't find anything more bad to say about them.

There's your power rankings for week 9. Make sure to enjoy yourselves a bit in these weird times!
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posted: 2020-04-14 07:51:44 (ID: 100148413) Report Abuse
By the way it was not my best players in the game, I forgot to set "starters" depth chart
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posted: 2020-04-14 18:37:07 (ID: 100148425) Report Abuse
Can't wait 'til Saturdays updated rankings, after toppling the Tigercats. I've achieved my dream.
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posted: 2020-04-15 02:49:01 (ID: 100148438) Report Abuse
Sverngolld wrote:
Can't wait 'til Saturdays updated rankings, after toppling the Tigercats. I've achieved my dream.

I felt the same way about beating these guys for the first time. It's a milestone in a big way.
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posted: 2020-04-15 03:26:33 (ID: 100148439) Report Abuse
Power Rankings, Week 10:

1. Neuseen Buccaneers, 9-0, - -
2. Lyon Eagles, 9-0, +1
3. Fargo Knights, 8-1, -1
4. Misawa, 9-0, - -
5. Green Bay Hackers, 6-3, +3
6. TigerCats, 5-4, -1
7. BoneCrushers, 8-1, -1
8. Hainaut Gamecocks, 7-2, +1
9. Maykop Blues, 7-2, -1
10. Sacko Del Toros, 7-2, - -
11. Pitcairn Bounty Mutineers, 7-2, - -
12. Andorran Castellers, 4-5, +1
13. Novosibirsk Lions, 6-3, +1
14. San Antonio Storm, 4-5, +2
15. Bluebombs, 6-3, -3
16. BETIS SANPOL, 5-4, -1
17. The TITANS, 5-4, - -
18. Carbon Bay Baby Sharks, 3-6, +1
19. GLADIATORI ROMA, 5-4, -1
20. Arsago Seprio Boars, 3-6, - -
21. RiverCity Gamblers, 4-5, - -
22. Dolphins Pisa, 4-5, - -
23. neroverde, 3-6, - -
24. Bonaval Acorns, 2-7, - -
25. Venice Winged Lions, 1-8, - -
26. Schönspieler, 3-6, - -

Key Takeaways from Week 10:
1. Upset central! Today we saw my Hackers over the BoneCrushers 34:30, San Antonio Storm over TigerCats 34:28, Andorran Castellers over Maykop Blues 31:21, and Novosibirsk Lions over GLADIATORI ROMA 12:10 (though that one doesn't really seem like an upset any more).
2. Playoff races are getting heated, especially in the NC, where there are 8 teams with a 6-3 or better record! This could be fun to watch late in the season!
3. Sleeper team: Novosibirsk Lions. They've been racking up quality wins lately, and are becoming a team that you can't just blow off as a new and therefore weak team. Watch out.

It'll be an interesting playoff race this season, as it seems that we have more teams getting up to a competitive level. If this trend continues, Fire 1 is going become a seriously competitive league at all levels. I'm not complaining. GO FIRE!
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posted: 2020-04-17 10:57:54 (ID: 100148483) Report Abuse
badgers wrote:
3. Lyon Eagles, 8-0, -1. A bye week gives Lyon a chance to relax and realize that it is virtually impossible to beat Wilmersdorf Wadenbeisser. I wouldn't even dare to challenge them to a friendly, Meitheisman's got some guts, and his team shows it.

Ahhhh man, yesterday I just played an official SC game against WW and only lost 24-17... and I had the ball on my own 40 as time expired
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posted: 2020-04-17 17:00:28 (ID: 100148490) Report Abuse
Dannnnng, that's impressive. I would be curious to see how my team fared against WW; I'm guessing it would be nowhere near 24-17.
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posted: 2020-04-19 03:45:57 (ID: 100148513) Report Abuse
Saturday night means Badgers' Brutal Power Rankings, Week 11:

1. Neuseen Buccaneers, 10-0, - - . What can I say? There's really nothing to critique about these guys. They've been dominant all season long, and are one of three undefeated teams remaining in the league.

2. Lyon Eagles, 10-0, - - . The Eagles continue to fly high, destroying the Bonaval Acorns today. A bowl matchup between these guys and the Bucs would be no surprise to anyone.

3. Fargo Knights, 9-1, - - . Another top-10 victory for the Knights today keep them high in the standings, and keep them in the front of our minds as playoff contenders, like usual.

4. Misawa, 10-0, - - . Misawa has just been chilling with an easy schedule thus far. We will see how their record holds up, as they finish the season with three top-10 matchups in their last six. Today's game against a weaker-than-normal Pitcairn Bounty Mutineers was a good taste of what's to come in the next three weeks for this team.

5. TigerCats, 6-4, +1. I think these guys would be at the top of a strength-of-schedule ranking. It's been a tough road for the Kitties, but they finally crack into the top 5 of the power rankings. We'll see if they go deep into the playoffs, or if they will cement a new nickname as the Chokers.

6. Green Bay Hackers, 7-3, -1. The Hackers are hanging on to the lead in the division at the moment, but I'm likely going to have to win out to secure the division title. We will be glued to our computers, sharpening our hacking skills to ensure our success in the home stretch.

7. BoneCrushers, 9-1, - - . These guys have held the Choker trophy for the past few seasons, and are looking to pass that trophy on to a new team (skeetz better be careful). Is this the year? Will they finally break through?

8. Maykop Blues, 8-2, +1. Not an impressive win, but a win nonetheless. They've been inconsistent this season, but this weak league has allowed for an 8-2 record thus far. We'll see how deep they make it into the playoffs.

9. Hainaut Gamecocks, 7-3, -1. They fell victims to the TigerCats today. I guess small birds make easy prey for cats of all sizes.

10. Sacko Del Toros, 7-3, - - . An understandable loss for the Toros to a formidable foe. They have made great strides this season, but still have a little ways to go before we call them title contendors.

11. Pitcairn Bounty Mutineers, 7-3, - - . The Bounty Mutineers are busy raising the next generation of pirates, and still find themselves in the top half of the league. A successful rebuild seems to be under way.

12. Novosibirsk Lions, 7-3, +1. I'm excited to see what these guys do in the playoffs (If they make it). I don't this this is the year they make some noise, but their performance this season has certainly turned heads.

13. Andorran Castellers, 5-5, -1. I wonder what the future holds in store for this team. It certainly has immense potential, but only time will tell, I guess.

14. San Antonio Storm, 5-5., - - . It's fun to play in their division. I like that we're full. It makes playing a lot more enjoyable. It would be even more fun if it wasn't a guaranteed win, but you can't have everything.

15. Bluebombs, 6-4, - - . It has been a good season for a Senior Manager in it's fourth season playing the game. I love it when managers don't know what they're doing.

16. BETIS SANPOL, 5-5, - - . What does BETIS SANPOL mean? Because I'm sure that the team's performance doesn't stack up to the team's name.

17. The TITANS, 6-4, - - . If this game had been against just about any other human team, we would have seen a flip with BETIS SANPOL, but Schönspieler is basically a bot, so I refuse to move a team up in the rankings for beating Schönspieler.

18. Carbon Bay Baby Sharks, 3-7, - - . If GLADIATORI ROMA had beat a human team, the Sharks would be dropping, but their position is stagnant for now.

19. GLADIATORI ROMA, 6-4, - - . A bot bashing is always good for team morale, but not much else. Mediocrity has become this team's middle name the past few seasons.

20. Dolphins Pisa, 5-5, +2. This team has been so weird this season. I can't tell if their wins will lead to runs or nothing. So far it's been nothing.

21. Arsago Seprio Boars, 3-7, -1. Oh no, the boars are after me! Never mind, they're babies.

22. RiverCity Gamblers, 4-6, -1. The Gamblers have been okay this season. They will climb, but for now they remain in the depths of league badness.

23. neroverde, 4-6, - - . BUILD YOUR STADIUM SKINJAN!

24. Bonaval Acorns, 2-8, - - . Oof. How. Can. You. Be. This. Bad.

25. Venice Winged Lions, 1-9, - - . This seems to be the only new team whose record actually reflects their newness. Just shows you how bad this league is as a whole.

26. Schönspieler, 3-7, - - . No.

Have a good Sunday everyone, and I'll be back to give you your power rankings every week.
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Tokyo 2020
posted: 2020-04-19 14:44:21 (ID: 100148527) Report Abuse
As Mark Twain once wrote, "The reports of my death are exaggerated"
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