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posted: 2020-05-01 01:54:53 (ID: 100148732) Report Abuse
alexshans84 wrote:
Osta9er wrote:
You know you have great blocking receivers and have scouted the other team to learn they have very undersized and weak cornerbacks. You think outside run should do the trick.

The wide receivers don't block in this game, so it's not a factor in outside run success.

The wide outs do not block What do they do on running plays to acount for corners and safteys show them magic tricks and hope they are distracted? I really hope this isnt true. That would be a major flaw with the sim. You cannot realistically replicate football without factoring in perimeter blocking/tackling. Do the corners and safteys not tackle as well? Because thats who would typically getting drawing the block from receivers . No offense to anyone but i dont even see how this would even work in theory. If they dont block wouldnt there be an Huge hat count advantage > Defense
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posted: 2020-05-01 09:00:08 (ID: 100148733) Report Abuse
Alex is right, there is no WR blocking in RZA.
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posted: 2020-05-01 11:28:42 (ID: 100148736) Report Abuse
There are a few areas where the sim doesn't quite hold up to real life. HBs do next to nothing on passing plays (rarely are targeted, don't block), SF seems to do very little, WR/TE/KR don't fumble, DTs don't get sacks, to name a few.

To answer the question, the impression I get is the WRs run a pass route as a decoy to occupy the CBs, who then break off and make downfield tackles, usually after the ball carrier has gained 10 yards, give or take
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posted: 2020-05-02 20:15:36 (ID: 100148776)  Edits found: 1 Report Abuse
It's time for Power Rankings for Week 15! I'm actually doing this before the new gameday for once!

1. Lyon Eagles, 14-0, - - . Solidifying their claim to #1 for quite some time, I'm guessing, beating the Buccaneers by a TD. I sense an Elite appearance on the horizon for these guys.

2. Neuseen Buccaneers, 13-1, - - . A tough loss to an extremely good team. The Buccaneers are finally proved to not be invincible.

3. TigerCats, 10-4, - - . Will the Cats compete for an Elite run with the Bucs? Or will they snatch the Choker trophy from BoneBruiser instead?

4. Fargo Knights, 13-1, - - . They've fallen under the radar a little bit with a pretty easy schedule for the middle chunk of the season. They'll have to prove themselves to be competitors in the playoffs.

5. BoneCrushers, 13-1, - - . I hope that BoneBruiser's division gets filled by the Fire 2 teams that will get bot flushed up to this league. 6 free wins every season is getting ridiculous.

6. Misawa, 12-2, - - . Be a lot cooler if you had a mascot.

7. Maykop Blues, 11-3, - - . I have a feeling like the Blues could spoil hopes for a deep playoff run for the Knights. A team seemingly heavily affected by dayform is tough to beat if at the top of their game.

8. Green Bay Hackers, 10-4, - - . The fact that I will probably get a wild card spot with a 12-4 record barring some major upsets is crazy, and why a playoff restructure would be a good idea .

9. Sacko Del Toros, 9-5, - - . The Toros are back in the playoffs thanks to losses from the Mutineers and Lions and a favorable PD. Season-spoiler is the nickname I'd give to this team if they hold on to this playoff spot.

10. Hainaut Gamecocks, 10-4, - - . These guys will have their work cut out for them in the playoffs this season, with a tough schedule bound to happen. Fire 1 may not be a strong league as a whole, but the playoffs feature some tough teams that the Gamecocks are simply not capable of handling.

11. Bluebombs, 10-4, +4. The only winning team from spots 11-15 has these guys jumping big. They may prove me wrong and not go spinning off into debt, at least not this season.

12. Pitcairn Bounty Mutineers, 9-5, -1. A surprising loss to Bluebombs. Could it be that good veteran teams, even those in a rebuild, aren't guaranteed a playoff spot anymore?

13. Andorran Castellers, 8-6, -1. I'm excited for this team's future. The fights (and even wins) they've put up against good teams has left many bright spots on an otherwise average season.

14. Novosibirsk Lions, 9-5, -1. Losing to GLADIATORI ROMA lowers this team back to new team in ascendancy level. Maybe the Lions forgot to take their steroids this week.

15. San Antonio Storm, 8-6, -1. I wish I could say something nice, but this is a division rival we're talking about. I don't feel bad at all about putting the Storm in their place.

16. GLADIATORI ROMA, 8-6, +1. These guys have really pulled themselves up out of the cellar that characterized their early-season blues. Maybe next season will see a revival of this team's glory days.

17. BETIS SANPOL, 6-8, -1. A new team that just can't seem to break through to that next level yet. A solid win this week, but improvements will still have to be made before these guys will be respected by the top tier of the league.

18. Carbon Bay Baby Sharks, 4-10, - - . I think these guys are in a similar situation as BETIS. They've got a much harder division to operate in, but I think they will find good success either next season or the following season.

19. Dolphins Pisa, 6-8, - - . I can't see how this team has managed to win 6 games with an average age of 27 and a stadium of under 100,000. Bad decision-making is this team's bread-and-butter.

20. Arsago Seprio Boars, 3-11, - - . Da Boars. Are bad. We know this. Already.

21. neroverde, 6-8, +1. I will be happy when teams like this are relegated down to Fire 2 because we don't have bot flush anymore. Unless they figure it out, which I don't expect happening.

22. RiverCity Gamblers, 4-10, -1. The Gamblers have quite a lot of growing to do, especially in the tough AC West. If these guys survive to be competitive, there could be some intense division games in the future.

23. Bonaval Acorns, 5-9, - - . This is another team that I will happily see relegated when bot flush is no longer relevant in Fire. Bad veterans are frustrating.

24. Venice Winged Lions, 4-10, - - . The Lions have a long road ahead of them, but unlike the teams directly in front of and behind them, it's understandable that they are down here at the bottom of the league.

25. Schönspieler, 4-10, - - . I will be happiest when this team gets relegated, and then doesn't win a division 2 conference championship. That will be a good day.

I will do a playoff picture after next league gameday instead of the normal power rankings. I feel like that will be interesting to see, especially with the NC playoff race being so close. Enjoy this half-week and be ready for week 16!

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posted: 2020-05-10 04:29:19 (ID: 100148983) Report Abuse
Power Rankings, Week 17 (sorry, forgot to do the week 16 rankings):

1. Neuseen Buccaneers, 15-1, +1. Claiming the #1 seed in the AC playoffs; this team's playoff matchups will have sleepless nights prior to those games.

2. Lyon Eagles, 15-1, -1. I suspect that the surprise loss in week 16 was due to the resting of starters. These guys are the clear favorite to come out of the NC; Fargo will have to give it their all to beat the Eagles.

3. TigerCats, 12-4, - - . BoneCrushers may have a better record and seed, but the Cats are clearly the better team. Avoiding a choke will be this team's biggest obstacle.

4. Fargo Knights, 15-1, - - . The Knights get a week of rest for their successes this season. Will their playoff performance reflect their regular season success? Or will they choke in the Divisional round, as they have done countless times?

5. BoneCrushers, 15-1, - - . ^

6. Misawa, 14-2, - - . Another strong season for a team with an impressive start. A strong finish will surely be in store as well.

7. Maykop Blues, 13-3, - - . Home field in the Wild Card round will be a great boon for these guys, who could spoil a season or two.

8. Green Bay Hackers, 12-4, - - . We'll have to play very well as the #5 seed in the AC. I'm sure my guys will be ready to play.

9. Hainaut Gamecocks, 12-4, +1. Winning the division yet again; will this be the season when they break through?

10. Bluebombs, 11-5, +1. These guys have right to celebrate, as they have secured their first-ever playoff appearance. They have a long way to the top, but the playoffs are a huge milestone for a new team.

11. GLADIATORI ROMA, 10-6, +5. These guys snuck into the playoffs thanks to a late hot streak. That could prove to be fatal for a team that's not prepared.

12. San Antonio Storm, 8-8, +3. Benefiting greatly from The TITANS going bot; it only took a .500 record to get in. A quick out will end this season as a weird one with lots of ups and downs.

13. Sacko Del Toros, 10-6, -4. PD is the only thing keeping this team out of the playoffs this season. Well, there's always next year to plan for.

14. Pitcairn Bounty Mutineers, 10-6, -2. 10-6 isn't bad at all for a down year. Missed the playoffs, but not too bad. Next year will be better.

15. Andorran Castellers, 10-6, -3. One of three 10-win-or-better teams in their division, yet only the winner made the playoffs. Crazy how that happens sometimes.

16. Novosibirsk Lions, 9-7, -2. A disappointing end to the season. Perhaps the steroids wore off.

17. BETIS SANPOL, 8-8, -1. I predict that next season or the season after, BETIS will take over the division from the Gamecocks.

18. Carbon Bay Baby Sharks, 4-12, - - . The Baby Sharks are still in their growing phase. If one of our Elite members doesn't come back to this division, though, and the Bucs promote, they could be the division champion next season.

19. Dolphins Pisa, 7-9 - - . These guys don't serve dolphins right. Dolphins are good, and these guys aren't.

20. Arsago Seprio Boars, 4-12, - - . This season was a mega oof for this team. Will they ever figure it out?

21. neroverde, 8-8, - - . Why these guys decided to just stop building their stadium with just 12,000 seats left is beyond me. An 8-8 record is the result.

22. RiverCity Gamblers, 4-12, - - . Gamblin' didn't do these guys much good this season. Gotta just look to next season.

23. Bonaval Acorns, 5-11, - - . Nobody knows, when this team will be good. Nobody knows, if it will ever happen.

24. Venice Winged Lions, 4-12, - - . Their wings are yet to grow. I predict they will, someday.

25. Schönspieler, 5-11, - - . This team got lucky. 5 bot games to pad their horrible performances against even the weakest of human teams. Unbelievable.

Good luck to everyone in the playoffs!
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posted: 2020-05-12 07:46:05 (ID: 100149012) Report Abuse
Thanks for the write-up and good luck!
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posted: 2020-05-13 02:21:11 (ID: 100149059) Report Abuse
Blowout victories characterized this season's Wild Card round, with the losers scoring a combined total of 47 points while the victors combined for 205 points for an average of a 12:51 final score for this round. Home teams went 3-1 in this round (I'm happy to say that my team was the only one to win on the road); I suspect that could easily change with some very good matchups on the ticker for Saturday. Good luck to everyone and hope to see either TigerCats or Neuseen Buccaneers in the conference championship!
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posted: 2020-05-16 16:47:51 (ID: 100149166) Report Abuse
Thank you Badgers for the upkeep all season man. You are appreciated man.

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posted: 2020-05-16 19:32:25 (ID: 100149175) Report Abuse
My pleasure. I’m just glad that I was able to hold on against BoneBruiser to seal my first conference championship appearance. GG to the BoneCrushers and congrats to skeetz, Meitheisman, and Tokyo 2020 for making it to the conference championship! These should be excellent games!
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posted: 2020-05-17 03:15:31 (ID: 100149188) Report Abuse
Yes Badger congrats on winning the divisional playoff and great job on the write ups.

Hope for the choke!
good luck to all on Tuesday.
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