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Bracciano Lakers

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posted: 2021-10-30 14:26:44 (ID: 100162373) Report Abuse
First of all, it is a pleasure to start this new section, following a fantastic idea spread out by our colleague coach Johnny Utah.

I’m not sure Admirals’ coaches noticed that other Regional leagues started a local Power Ranking with the intention to raise coaches participation up and spice up the competition.

Now a big disclaimer:
I won’t use any statistics or build any analysis tool to extract the Ranking, the positions are out of my foolishness and my personal guess. I have the intention to put my (worthless ) reputation on this, I’d love to receive directly on myself feedbacks (positive or negative) and live happy with them

I will re-evaluate teams each Thursday/Friday taking into account a couple of league games between the updates.

I’ll stop chatting now.
So let’s move to Yashin’s Admirals Circus Ranking ( acronym YACR since now on, because with an acronym everything seems more modern and professional )

In the group from 2nd to 12th place and in the one from 13th to 25th , differences seemed to me very thin so far. It has been difficult to find any justification to have any team above others. I hope it will become clearer after some more matches.

#1 Green Mark Packers (2-0)
Solid start of season from the Austrian franchise that returned back to Admirals after great results in last seasons in Elite. They have already met and beaten one of the most dangerous competitors for the title and they are my personal favorites for the final bowl title.

#2 Bracciano Lakers (2-0)
Despite a partial rebuilding and a financial situation with possible disasters ahead, they have won the match with the Magpies, relegated from Elite in season 44. The second victory against a division rivals was a weak performance despite the result, because 4 interceptions (against) would lead to a loss against any other average team. I expect for the Lakers a descending trend from this peak position in the next weeks.

#3 Gettysburg Historians (2-0)
This recent built franchise has quickly gained the respect of the Admirals. Their playoff rush of the last season gave the impression of a very solid, well-conducted team. They surrendered to Bowl winners Mascots only after an harsh fight, coming out of the field with honor. If any team wants to contest their leadership in the NC, they must prove that they can keep their pace.

#4 BobBoy Magpies (1-1)
They declared a complete rebuilding, but Magpies are a powerhouse that made the history of Admirals and they have a very competitive roster anyway. The loss in the first game is only due to a low chemistry rating which means a re-arrangement of the players in the positions during the off season. I think that they will soon come back and claim their place at the top of AC Conference and of the league.

#5 Melittlemenon Thepitchhitchin (1-1)
They lost the second game to the Packers, but it was a confirmation that they can stand toe-to-toe with the best team IMHO of the Admirals. They are strong and skilled, but they couldn’t find the season of their confirmation so far. Countless seasons at the playoff, but they always fell short between Wild Card and Conference Final. Can this Season be the right one ?

#6 Oxford Bulls (2-0)
Among 2-0 record teams the Bulls came out defeating two competitive opponents, therefore their score deserves a little higher position than some other team. If they are set up for success it will be clear at the first direct matchup for the Division leadership where the Vamosahi seem a little bit more experienced to me.

#7 London Silverbacks (2-0)
Great start for the Silverback that are my favorites for the AC North division. They have already two W above other contenders, but they must confirm their good start in the next match @Nanaimo when the two top Canadian franchises of the Admirals will clash one against the other on Saturday: a game to watch.

#8 Devon Dog Soldiers (2-0)
Soldiers have lost themselves in last seasons. They are looking for some successes and find again the team they were until season 41. Signals seem positive, with two convincing Ws in the first two games, but their divisional rivals are already winning too. The playoff spot will be decided with direct matches, so they must capitalize extra-divisional matches as much as possible.

#9 Vamosahi (2-0)
Another veteran franchise with less results than they deserve. They are a frequent playoff contender and a single appearance at RZA Elite. They have good chances in Season 45 and the starting score shows it. The four NC divisions have 8 good teams for 6 places in the postseason, Vamosahi have chances to be one of them.

#10 Venom (2-0)
Good start for the US franchise with two resounding victories. In the NC North, Historians have demonstrated their dominance in the last post season and Venom are now a step behind IMHO. Anyway Venom have a well-established tradition of playoff participation. I expect them to confirm themselves in Season 45 too.

#11 Chosen Ones (2-0)
Perhaps the weakest of the 2-0 starters IMHO. Anyway they had a couple of imposing performances. They took the lead of the Division, trying to overwrite the last season, when they were overcame by the Sailors in last two matches for the playoff spot. If the Ones are ready to claim the NC South Division is still to be demonstrated, but the results are here and they must mean something.

#12 Nanaimo Bluebacks (2-0)
The last team with a starting record of 2-0. They are coming out of a very good 44 season with a good playoff appearance. In their division they are constantly battling against Devon Sog Soldiers and in this season they look equally strong to me. The winner of direct matches will claim the Division.

#13 Tovari (1-1)
One of the Season 44 playoff contenders, that surrendered only to the Mascots. A good team since many seasons which is missing something to fight for the Elite. They are still searching for the magic ingredient. A loss with the Oxford Bulls in the last round puts some shadow on their actual value. Next games will show us if they are a playoff contender again

#14 Steenies Sailors (1-1)
Sailors lost last game against Coyotes and this seems a step back from the team that played Wild Card game in Season 44. Are they ready to rise again? The question has to be answered in the following games. From an external observer point of view, they seem to have financial difficulties too, but we will see soon if this will undermine their performances on the field.

#15 2nd Chronicles 7:14 (1-1)
Chronicles don't show the performances they used to have few seasons ago. They are struggling in a division where the RZA relegation land always a top tier team and it doesn't help their development. The team has ups and downs that negate them any real possibility to shine at the top. Let's see in next matches if they can remain in the top half of the rankings or they will inexorably slide down.

#16 Coyotes (1-1)
Coyotes are playing in a division where they look like the third place team. They have a quite expensive roster that could suddenly outburst in brilliant performances. From the outside they seem a supernova on the verge of exploding. We look closely to their next matches to understand if they are blossoming.

#17 Whitings Vancouver (1-1)
Whitings seem a team with potential. They have the handicap of playing in a division with 3 strong opponents, one of them relegated from RZA and the most competitive team of Admirals 1. Running for the second place against Frankonian and Tovari could lead to a low final result to gain a Wild Card. They have to make a step forward if they want to play the offseason.

#18 Crazy Tigers (1-1)
They look like the sacrificial lamb of the division. They seem weaker and less experienced than the opponents. Still they are 1-1 and defeating a good team after all. So this is the chance I can give them. If they demonstrate that they can fight on, they will remain in the high-end of the lower half of the rankings. With a small stadium, it is almost impossible that they can perform well in the long period.

#19 Glastonbury Grail Knights (1-1)
They seem competitive, but the loss to the Soldiers removed some perspective for their season. The two teams at 2-0 in their division gave a better impression in the first two matches. Knights don't seem ready for the big jump, but it is too early to say it without giving them some credit. LEt's see in the next matches...

#20 Lakfakalle Eagles (1-1)
They are first in the AC East Division and only for this they should deserve a better position. The problem is that they won against a BOT team and that's why the Point Difference gives them the leadership. I'm a bit conservative with the Eagles and I see them out of the playoff list, but I'm ready to be surprised. After all they have some good past performances in different previous seasons. If they can recover the team they were, perhaps they can demonstrate that I'm wrong.

#21 Fighting Frankonian (1-1)
They seem to me the weakest team in their Division. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I want to see some brilliant victory before raising my bet on them. They must find some W outside the Division, because I can see only 1 victory in the 6 divisional match ... and perhaps I'm too optimistic about it.

#22 monmouth EVIL MONKEYS (0-2)
It is strange to see the Monkeys with two losses. They have potential to be a playoff contender and still they started the season with 2 L against potential rivals for the Wild Card spot. Their quotation went downside dramatically. The season is long and they have the numbers to recover it, but they have to run uphill now and they must start immediately.

#23 Alprausch Alpakas (0-2)
Same division of the Monkeys and same situation. An extra trouble is the fact that they have already lost a Divisional match and so they have a match less for a potential comeback. If they want to clinch a playoff spot, they must make steps forward now and without hesitation otherwise the train will run away without them.

#24 Tenbury Terriers (0-2)
Another mysterious start for a team that I has as a personal favorite for the playoff. Terriers had two bad matches and two losses, one against potential rivals in the rush to Wild Cards. The coach is surely upset and we can hear him screaming out loud in the locker room. Terriers must stand up immediately and try to put the season back on track.

#25 SP Nightstorms (0-2)
In Season 42 I thought we'd find a new franchise with potential for the Admirals league. Unfortunately after that shiny season, Nightstorms fell into anonymity. This season started with 2 losses and it doesn't seem a wake-up signal. The worst part is that they lost to divisional rivals and to a middle-ranking team, on the positive hand there are plenty of matches for a comeback in the second half of the season.

#26 Berlin Iron Tigers (0-2)
Tigers are as unfortunate as Thepitchhitchin. In our division the competition is always harsh and there are always many teams that are hungry for playoff spots. Berlin team is a little bit less experienced in front of their rivals and the difficult start of the season puts them in a rear position immediately. They have some cards in hands, but they must significantly raise their level if they want to stay at the top of the Division

#27 Poruba Jeremies (0-2)
Jeremies impressed us very much in the last match. They intercepted Bracciano's QB 4 times. Unfortunately they couldn't capitalize on that massive number of turnovers and lost the game. For sure the few spectators didn't give them the energy they would require. It's time to build up some more standings and enlarge the stadium, because fans are the fuel of our teams.

#28 Chicago Red Dragons (0-2)
A new franchise with the troubles we all had at the beginning of our history. They have a professional coaching staff, but a stadium which is not adequate to a good team. Perhaps it's time to prepare a good place for the fans to gather if they want to become an Admirals competitive team.

#29 Medway Marauders (1-1)
Despite being 1-1, this team is IMHO one of the human weakest franchise around. The manager is in charge since end of September and in only one-month only miracles can happen. They have to make their painful run in the competition with the focus of learning. This season will teach them very much if they have the patience to endure losses, learn from others and continue to build up the team following healthy principles. Good luck to them and be sure that I'm your fan.

#30 Flockiflock (0-2) BOT team
#31 Outwood Rangers (0-2) BOT team
#32 Bratislava Meliotrons (0-2) BOT team
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SP Nightstorms


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posted: 2021-11-03 14:00:25 (ID: 100162485) Report Abuse
Good job!!
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Bracciano Lakers

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posted: 2021-11-05 22:26:29 (ID: 100162524)  Edits found: 2 Report Abuse
YACR - Take 2

#1 Green Mark Packers (3-0) - -
It will be difficult to have a different team in this spot. Packers are the best team by far. Anyone that wants to negate this statement must prove it on the field.

#2 Bracciano Lakers (4-0) - -
After the unexpected victory against Thepitchhitchin, Bracciano keeps the second place in the rankings. Next week will be a Bye, but we will spend a couple of weeks with red balance, therefore next games will be the hardest in many seasons.

#3 Gettysburg Historians (4-0) - -
Historians confirm the great impression of the first two games with a convincing second couple of W. 4-0 and counting...

#4 BobBoy Magpies (3-1) - -
Magpies are back, without surprise for me. Their ranking position will raise for sure after the next matches.

#5 Devon Dog Soldiers (4-0) +3 (8->5)
A couple of easy victories to strengthen the position in the division and track the full-steam running BlueBacks. Both of them could have a chance for a playoff spot, if they keep recording W in the next matches.

#6 Venom (4-0) +4 (10->6)
Venom are trailing the Historians, giving the impression that the division will be decided in the two direct matches.

#7 Nanaimo Bluebacks (4-0) +5 (12->7)
BlueBacks are going from a W to another, but they are close followed by Soldiers. The run between these 2 franchises will be a duel to watch in the weeks to come.

#8 Vamosahi (3-1) +1 (9->8)
They lost to Venom in a great match of the third week. Then they steamrolled the Bulls to establish a significant leadership in the NC East division. They are emerging as the powerhouse of the Division.

#9 Melittlemenon Thepitchhitchin (2-2) -4 (5->9)
They lost at home against Lakers, but the game was really close until two interceptions in the 4th quarter that modified the perfect balance of an even match. The record is 50% but it doesn't reflect the real value of the team.

#10 London Silverbacks (3-1) -3 (7->10)
They lost to Nanaimo, but they recovered quickly in the 4th match with a close W against Monkeys. The leadership of the AC North division is a two-parties affair between Silverbacks and the resurrected Alpakas. They are going down, more for successes of others than for own flaws. Going on like that, they would raise again in better position.

#11 Chosen Ones (3-1) - -
Lost to Magpies, but that's not a surprising result. The Ones keep the first position in the NC South Division and since they are on the top, they must be respected as a playoff pretenders.

#12 Oxford Bulls (2-2) -6 (6->12)
Two losses for an icy shower on the winning expectations of the first 2 matches. Who are the Bulls ? The winners of the first 2 or the losing team of the 3rd and 4th game?

#13 2nd Chronicles 7:14 (2-2) +2 (15->13)
Despite of losing at Eagles' nest the door is still open for the second place in the Division. Chronicles are somewhere lost in the mist and they doesn't resemble the team of some seasons ago. We hope they will find the way out.

#14 Steenies Sailors (2-2) - -
Sailors are still at 50%, winning away and struggling at home seems quite strange. Losing to Historians is not uncommon in this season, but if they want to clinch a playoff ticket, they must speed up their pace.

#15 SP Nightstorms (1-2) +10 (25->15)
Biggest jump up of the week. Strange for a team with a Bye turn... Partly is due to a convincing victory against Eagles, the rest is due to the fact that this Division didn't shut the door in the face to the Brazilian franchise. Chosen Ones didn't fly away and Sailors look not so distant in terms of performances. There is a glimpse of starlight in the night storm.

#16 Coyotes (2-2) - -
Another couple of confusing results from the Coyotes. They were annihilated by the Soldiers and it means that they are already two games behind in the rush for the Division. Historians and Venom look beyond their possibilities.

#17 Whitings Vancouver (2-2) - -
Scoring a big W against Frankonian raises their chance adding to that the decline of Tovari. 2nd place of the division is still open.

#18 Lakfakalle Eagles (2-2) +2 (20->18)
A difficult match against Nightstorms and a big victory in the Divisional match. Some sign of life are emerging. 50% is not the percentage that opens the fdoor of the playoff, but it is something they can build upon.

#19 Fighting Frankonian (2-2) +2 (21->19)
1-1 after two divisional confrontations. They sunk Tovari and lost against Vancouver. The rush for the second place is still open, but going zig-zag in this way won't bring them far...

#20 Tenbury Terriers (2-2) +4 (24->20)
Terriers bounced back with two victories, but one was against BOT team. This is the reason because they have only raised 4 places in the rankings. If they want to prove they deserve an higher position in the league, they must do better than this.

#21 Alprausch Alpakas (2-2) +2 (23.>21)
Alpakas went 2-2 after starting 0-2, but both victories are against BOT teams, so the same rationale as above. They must prove they can win against coaches to be taken into consideration for better positions.

#22 Glastonbury Grail Knights (1-2) -2 (19->22)
Two Divisional opponents at 4-0 leave little openings to a Knights' comeback. To come out on top they must make exceptional results from now until the end of this season.

#23 Tovari (1-3) -10 (13->23)
Worst drop of this week. Tovari lost badly both matches and they are now laying on the bottom of the Division. Nothing is lost so far, but the signals are bad and the football they are playing is not paying dividends. The last call is now, if they don't start winning, they are out. Their place in Admirals 1 is not at risk, but if Tovari don't stand up soon they would be lost in the swamp of the losers.

#24 monmouth EVIL MONKEYS (1-3) -2 (22->24)
A victory against Bulls and a 1-point loss against Silverbacks sound like an heartbeat to me. Perhaps we have not lost them yet. For sure they had a start of the season with a challenging schedule: 4 intense match against playoff contenders. Being 1-3 unfortunately means that in this period there are teams around which are better than the Monkeys.

#25 Berlin Iron Tigers (1-3) +1 (26->25)
1-1 in the two Divisional matches. Bracciano is beyond the Tigers current strength, while the W against Jeremies makes a statement of who is the weakest team of the Division.

#26 Crazy Tigers (1-3) -6 (18->26)
Two losses versus two division rivals mean that the remaining hopes are very thin. They look weak and below the level requested from their Division and perhaps from the Admirals 1. The management must take immediate action to change this downtrend.

#27 Poruba Jeremies (0-4) - -
Something good was shown in the first two matches, despite the two losses and again two L with heavy point deficit. They are not going anywhere.

#28 Chicago Red Dragons (0-4) - -
Sailors and Chosen Ones are not the opponents you hope to meet when trying to move up from the bottom of the rankings. Four losses against 4 very good teams. They can only hope to measure themselves with some team at their level, sooner or later.

#29 Medway Marauders (1-3) - -
One shootout after the other they are confirming the sensation that they are one of the weakest team of the league. The only W against BOT and with a normal score is not a good sign of health.

#30 Flockiflock (0-4) BOT team
#31 Outwood Rangers (0-3) BOT team
#32 Bratislava Meliotrons (0-4) BOT team

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Melittlemenon thepitchhitchin

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posted: 2021-11-06 18:04:56 (ID: 100162533) Report Abuse
Sorry, I've only just stumbled upon this. Really good read and I'll be looking out for updates as we go along. Hoping to be able to climb up YACR rankings.
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posted: 2021-11-11 04:47:16 (ID: 100162607) Report Abuse
Just saw this as well.

Thanks for writing these up.
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Bracciano Lakers

Italy   Yashin owns a supporter account   Yashin acts as Mentor for beginners

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posted: 2021-11-13 13:07:06 (ID: 100162644) Report Abuse
YACR - 3rd round

#1 Green Mark Packers (5-0) - -
Full steam ahead. Two easy games in the archive and ready to roll on. If there can eventually be a week to see them suffering, for sure it couldn't be this one.

#2 Bracciano Lakers (5-0) - -
Lakers recovered from the worst week of their history with a 80-yds pass with 1 and nuts on the clock, transforming a L in a W against the Chronicles that would deserve the victory for the great performance they did show on the field for the previous 59 minutes.

#3 Gettysburg Historians (6-0) - -
Bulls gave their best and almost stopped the Historians, but the USA franchise looks in great condition and they are winning with good continuity. Perfect score so far, as a confirmation of the good performance in the last season.

#4 BobBoy Magpies (4-1) - -
In my opinion these Magpies would already be at second place, but they need to score W against other first string teams before making the final leap to the top. It will happen soon, because they seem in great shape.

#5 Nanaimo Bluebacks (6-0) +2 (7->5)
BlueBacks are 6-0 and nevertheless they cannot claim the Division top, because Soldiers are closely trailing them. I cannot wait to see the two matches between the two franchises fighting for the leadership. If nothing exceptional occurs, they both are on the road to the playoff.

#6 Devon Dog Soldiers (6-0) -1 (5->6)
See Bluebacks comment. They are a position below, only because of 40 points less in PD and it forces them at the second place in the Division.

#7 London Silverbacks (5-1) +3 (10->7)
Knights and Vamosahi both surrendered to Silverbacks, who are showing a rising trend, after losing to undefeated Bluebacks. They are running at double speed compared to their Division rivals. Winning the AC North should be at their hand.

#8 Vamosahi (4-2) - - (8->8)
They suffered and lost to Silverbacks with a poor performance last week. It was a 50% match in the forecast, but Vamosahi disappeared from the field at the end of a great first quarter to reappear only when it was too late to recover. They gave Terriers a chance to come back and now they are both at first place of the NC East.

#9 Tenbury Terriers (4-2) +11 (20->9)
Alpakas and Tovari are not first class teams, but a streak of 4 W must be respected. That's the reason for the biggest jump up of the week. Terriers are convincing after a terrible start. We are waiting for a further confirmation of their true value.

#10 Melittlemenon Thepitchhitchin (3-2) -1 (9->10)
Only one game against Frankonian, who are struggling in this first half of the season. Good enough to score a W and have minor changes for their position in the rankings. They are surely better than their current score and they will soon prove it.

#11 Venom (4-2) -5 (6->11)
The order for Venom is to forget the past matches as soon as possible. Two bad losses in both games of the week, the first against Tovari who seemed in great difficulties in this first half of the season. I couldn't find a reasonable explanation for such a bad result. With shaken morale, undefeated Soldiers were the wrong opponent in the wrong game and the double L was served. It means that Historians are sailing away and Venom must put up a convincing comeback to catch them up again.

#12 Whitings Vancouver (4-2) +5 (17->12)
Being second in the Division after Packers is an excellent result. They are running for one of the two Wild Cards and they seem to have chances. The next round against Vamosahi will give us some feedback on their positioning, taking into account that they will have to face Packers twice before the end of the regular season.

#13 Coyotes (3-2) +3 (16->13)
Still waiting to see if they can play for some Wild Card or they will go through an anonymous season. A victory against a 0-6 opponent doesn't sound like a statement of power, but Venom lost two games and suddenly the second place of the Division is open again for Coyotes. Can they grab it out of Venom's hands ?

#14 Chosen Ones (3-2) -3 (11->14)
Lost badly to Vancouver and it leaves the Division open to three teams. They cannot impose their leadership and the other teams are ready to jump over Ones. They must change speed or the incoming divisional games will be an hell.

#15 Oxford Bulls (3-3) - - (15->15)
A good week for the bulls after all. A losses vs Historians seems quite normal this season and they gave them an hard nut to crack. The NC East Division is still searching for its master and Bulls are still into the pack of three competitors. They are a step behind, but there are plenty of games before declaring a winner.

#16 Steenies Sailors (3-3) -2 (14->16)
In NC South the rush is wild and Sailors are in the midst of it. They continue to score a W and a L and they are still at 50%. My sensation is: if they can put some extra effort, they can accelerate. At that point it will be a problem for their competitors to maintain the same speed.

#17 SP Nightstorms (2-3) -2 (15->17)
Winning against Red Dragons is not a reason for celebrations in these days. Nevertheless, a W is always a W and if it keeps NightStorms in the rush for the Division title then it is worth some fireworks. A little drop in the rankings, because others moved upward with better matches. We are waiting for them to move up soon.

#18 Lakfakalle Eagles (2-3) - - (18->18)
Lost a low score match against Crazy Tiger and it means that there are two rivals for the second place in AC East behind the Magpies. The Wild Card chances are slipping through their fingers and this loss could cost them very much at the end of the season.

#19 2nd Chronicles 7:14 (2-4) -6 (13->19)
BlueBacks, then Lakers in two consecutive games and Chronicles have got nothing. They deserved a better outcome, but in both game they gave the impression of a significant improvement. If it is so, results will arrive in the next games of the first half of this season. Their chance to grab a wildcard are few, but they could try to play their cards and see if something special can still happen.

#20 Glastonbury Grail Knights (2-3) +2 (22->20)
They are losing against top rank opponents and winning against their equals or slightly better. Knights had more games against playoff contenders and that's the reason because they are "sub par". Some match ahead seems at their level, so I expect some more upward reports in the next weeks.

#21 Berlin Iron Tigers (2-3) +4 (25->21)
Third power in a highly competitive Division. They have an heavy roof above their head. It doesn't seem realistic to have playoff expectations, but who can predict the future ? A close win against descending Monkeys is not a significant indicator. They have to show a different pace in many more games to come.

#22 Tovari (2-4) +1 (23->22)
After the bad week of the last review, Tovari had two important matches in this week. W against Venom, who are suffering a lot in this phase and a L against Terriers. Not so bad after all, but it is still too few to start the comeback they need. Vancouver is two W ahead and they have shown good results in the week. The risk is that Tovari must rely on others' mistakes instead of counting only on own results.

#23 Fighting Frankonian (2-4) -4 (19->23)
Vamosahi and Thepitchhitchin are well beyond their possibilities. This is the verdict of the field. Fighting with Tovari could seem a positive result, but Tovari are having a bad season so far, so not much to celebrate about. Second place in Division could still be a target, but it would require some positive results more.

#24 Alprausch Alpakas (2-4) -3 (21->24)
0-2, then 2-2, now 2-4, Alpakas are on the rollercoasters. The sad fact is that they win only against bottom ranked teams and that's a negative indicator for the season. Let's see if they can move this situation a bit.

#25 Crazy Tigers (2-4) +1 (26->25)
They are suffering from a monstrous schedule at the start of the season. They have played only matches against high rank opponents and despite of that they have brought home two W, the last one with Lakfakalle in a divisional match that keeps them in position to fight for the second place. Playoffs seem out of reach, but if they keep playing like this an they can find some confidence in their strength, perhaps the flame of the hope can still burn. I cheer for them: GO TIGERS !!!

#26 monmouth EVIL MONKEYS (2-4) -2 (24->26)
It's a pity to see Monkeys struggling like that. The team is having big difficulties and the results show it clearly. We can only hope they find the exit from the labyrinth and come back to the team that impressed us in last seasons.

#27 Poruba Jeremies (0-6) - -
Jeremies are paying an high price to the awful schedule they had so far. Added to that they dwell in one of the worst Division of Admirals 1. Perhaps with a softer situation they could express some more talent, but to be honest I see them scoring W only with BOTs or against 27 or lower ranked teams. Ready to be denied at any time.

#28 Chicago Red Dragons (0-6) - -
Same comment as above, with the important difference that Red Dragons score very few points per game and it can only mean that their offence is weaker than Jeremies' one. This is the reason because they are one place below.

#29 Medway Marauders (1-5) - -
The trend described last week is confirmed. They aren't seeing the light out of the tunnel.

#30 Flockiflock (1-5) BOT team
#31 Outwood Rangers (0-5) BOT team
#32 Bratislava Meliotrons (0-5) BOT team
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Melittlemenon thepitchhitchin

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posted: 2021-11-13 13:22:07 (ID: 100162645) Report Abuse
Aaaaagggghhh, going backwards (only by one place though).
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Bracciano Lakers

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YACR - 4th volume

#1 Green Mark Packers (7-0) - -
One of the two games at the top of the league has been solved in favor of Packers. Lakers surrendered to an Interception in the last seconds of the game, down 1 pt and with the ball in FG range to win. Packers are strong and they gave another demonstration on the field. Still n°1.

#2 Gettysburg Historians (8-0) +1 (3->2)
Historians are the winner of the other top battle, coming out on top of the BlueBacks in another close game. Historians are marching without obstacles so far and they are officially the main challenger for the Packers in the NC Conference

#3 Bracciano Lakers (6-1) -1 (2->3)
Lakers lost to Packers at home and it gave them the measure of their strength. In the Conference there is no more undefeated teams and in the Division Thepitchhitchin are trailing Lakers. If they want to close at the first divisional spot, they have to find immediately the previous playstyle.

#4 Nanaimo Bluebacks (7-1) +1 (5->4)
They lost to the Historians and they are undefeated no more. The game was even and there was very little difference between the two teams. This is the good part of the loss. On the other side, the victory of the Soldiers restores the parity in the leading spot of the Division and the two teams are marching straight to the direct matches that will decide the outcome in the second half of the season.

#5 Devon Dog Soldiers (7-1) +1 (6->5)
See (again) Bluebacks comment. Easy victory for the Soldiers and gap closed. The two teams are toe to toe waiting for the duels to come.

#6 Vamosahi (6-2) +2 (8->6)
Two W in this phase were mandatory since the two division rivals both ended with double W. They keep a tight margin of control in the top spot, but the road to the playoff seems long and full of perils.

#7 Melittlemenon Thepitchhitchin (5-2) +3 (10->7)
A demonstration of confidence against Magpies gave them a big burst both in the playoff rush and in the Division competition for the leadership. Bracciano lost and with the two important victories, Melittlemenon are closing the gap. They have shown numbers on the field that left the Magpies shocked.

#8 BobBoy Magpies (5-2) -4 (4->8)
Magpies suffered against Melittlemenon and were defeated. They remain a team that will show up to the playoff, but in the food chain their position is a little lower than I expected for them. The bad day can always happen, so we are looking for a confirmation of Magpies difficulties or a return to the previous situation.

#9 Venom (6-2) +2 (11->9)
Venom are back on track. Two important W are responding to the Coyotes good winning streak. They keep the second place in the Division after the outstanding Historians.

#10 Tenbury Terriers (5-2) -1 (9->10)
Another easy W against a BOT team to push the streak forward, but some convincing W is still missing, if they want to show the world that they are a playoff powerhouse.

#11 London Silverbacks (5-2) -4 (7->11)
Bad loss to the Alpakas that opens up the Division again. They are slightly ahead, but they don't seem ready to take the lead and cut the competition away.

#12 Coyotes (5-2) +1 (13->12)
Double W to trail the Venom and contest the Wild Card spot. A team that has shown some potential finally. In the last direct match they have to make a further step forward, if they want to have the same chance of their opponents.

#13 Whitings Vancouver (4-3) -1 (12->13)
Losing against Vamosahi means nothing. The spanish franchise has another pace which is faster then canadian one. Hopes for a Wild Card spot must be nourished in more favorable matches.

#14 Oxford Bulls (4-3) -1 (15->14)
A good week for the bulls after all. A losses vs Historians seems quite normal this season and they gave them an hard nut to crack. The NC East Division is still searching for its master and Bulls are still into the three pack of competitors. They are a step behind, but there are plenty of games before declaring a winner.

#15 monmouth EVIL MONKEYS (4-4) +11 (26->15)
Knights and Rangers kneel before Monkeys. Finally a consistent winning streak to close the first half of the season at 50%, but most important to stay close to Silverbacks and ready to exploit any mistakes by the Canadians.

#16 Crazy Tigers (3-4) +9 (25->16)
Two victories for the Tigers and finally a breath out of the swamp. They chances are poor rush for a Wild Card, less than that for the Division title, most of all because of the terrible schedule that match them against Bracciano in the next turn.

#17 Chosen Ones (3-4) -3 (14->17)
The NC South is a mess. The three top teams are close and the Division title is open. The worst part is that they are struggling. Six losses for the three of them mean that they all are less competitive than other teams outside their Division. This is a bad signal for anyone.

#18 Steenies Sailors (3-4) -2 (16->18)
See Chosen Ones comment, with the difference (which is becoming more relevant game after game) that they have a worst PD in a possible tie-break.

#19 2nd Chronicles 7:14 (3-4) - - (19->19)
W against the Tigers from Berlin and a little improvement in the Divisional rankings. They are making progresses, but not fast enough. Are there enough chances to grab a Wild Card spot ?

#20 Lakfakalle Eagles (3-4) -2 (18->20)
Lost without scoring at Melittlemenon. IT sounds like a demonstration that they are not ready for the playoff. They still have the possibility to gain a Wild Card spot, but they must make more than one step forward.

#21 Glastonbury Grail Knights (3-4) -1 (20->21)
With BlueBacks and Soldiers running like crazy, they have no chance at all. Moreover they jump from a good to a bad match one week after another. To compete at the top, they need much more consistency than the one they have shown so far.

#22 Alprausch Alpakas (3-4) +2 (24->22)
Winning against Silverbacks gives them a chance to fight for the division and for playoff spots. They are trailing, but they proved they can stand toe to toe with the top of the AC North. Two games behind, but with some unexpressed potential that can suddenly boost them up.

#23 Fighting Frankonian (3-5) - - (23->23)
Against the Packers they have closed a terrible set of three monster opponents. Now that they are back confronting with teams at their level, some W are showing up. Vancouver seems still at their hand, but a Wild Card spot seems too optimistic in the current overall scenario.

#24 SP Nightstorms (2-5) -7 (17->24)
Two losses and back into the well. They are struggling and they don't seem capable of understanding what's going wrong. Until the moment they can find the right adjustments they will never be able to capitalize the weakness of the two division rivals, who are conceding them a lot of opportunities, unanswered so far.

#25 Tovari (2-5) -3 (22->25)
A difficult season, that's clear. They are not finding any solution to their problems. Results are merciless and after half of the season we can say that they will miss the playoff. Miracles can happen, but only if they arrive in multiple numbers... one miracle alone could not be enough at this point.

#26 Berlin Iron Tigers (2-5) -5 (21->26)
No glory outside the Division, where they could play more even matches. Third place in AC West seems theirs, but it is something that brings no glory to the German franchise.

#27 Medway Marauders (2-6) +2 (29->27)
A second W against a BOT team, but a W. They have move from the bottom of the YACR, but the overall impression is that they are not capable of winning matches against human coaches. Ready to change my statement when they'll decide to prove me wrong.

#28 Poruba Jeremies (0-7) -1 (27->28)
No way out... Frankonian could be a feasible opponent, but they lost with a heavy score. They are ending among the worst five teams.

#29 Chicago Red Dragons (0-8) -1 (28->29)
Some glimpses of football in the match against Eagles. It was still a loss, but they have played a valiant match, losing with a decent scoring. IS this the rebirth day for the Red Dragons? Only time will tell...

#30 Flockiflock (1-7) BOT team
#31 Outwood Rangers (0-7) BOT team
#32 Bratislava Meliotrons (0-7) BOT team

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Melittlemenon thepitchhitchin

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I'll give the next instalment a miss after tonight's debacle.
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Bracciano Lakers

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YACR - 5th bulletin (fast because time is short this week)
#1 Green Mark Packers (9-0) - -
Nothing to add, always n°1.
#2 Gettysburg Historians (9-0) - - (2->2)
Historians are on fire. Undefeated and running over any opponent. One of the teams to beat.
#3 Bracciano Lakers (8-1) - - (3->3)
Lakers back on track. Two Wins and good hopes for the playoff.
#4 Nanaimo Bluebacks (8-1) - - (4->4)
Great season so far.
#5 Devon Dog Soldiers (8-1) - - (5->5)
Waiting for direct matches, leadership of AC South is a thriller.
#6 Vamosahi (7-2) - - (6->6)
The real news are Terriers went BOT and Vamosahi are the winner of NC East (only a catastrophe could negate them the title)
#7 BobBoy Magpies (7-2) +1 (8->7)
Magpies have two W of advantage in the Division, they must play good football and live without troubles.
#8 Melittlemenon Thepitchhitchin (6-3) -1 (7->8)
Unpredictable, bad loss against Chronicles. Winning the return match against Bracciano is no more sufficient to win the Division. Nevertheless they are still in position for a Wild Card. No more margin of maneuver for them, since rivals are only one W behind.
#9 Venom (6-3) - - (9->9)
They lost against Historians. The last chance to try a comeback to the top. They are fighting for a Wild Card and they cannot afford any more mistake.
#10 London Silverbacks (6-3) +1 (11->10)
Only Monkeys to take care of, since Alpakas melted in the last games.
#11 Coyotes (6-3) +1 (12->11)
With Terriers gone fishing, they can now focus on Wild Card, their destiny is in their own hands.
#12 monmouth EVIL MONKEYS (5-4) +3 (15->12)
They cut Alpakas out of the playoff rush and consolidated a 4 W streak. They have found the right alchemy. Now it's time to accelerate at full speed.

#13 2nd Chronicles 7:14 (5-4) +6 (19->13)
Two W and a positive streak ongoing. Magpies seem out of reach, but some hope for a Wild Card can be nourished.
#14 Whitings Vancouver (5-4) -1 (13->14)
They crashed against Packers, but kept their honor. A good signal of hope for the rest of the season. The chance for a Wild Card are there, but divisional rivals are there too
#15 Chosen Ones (5-4) +2 (17->15)
Back to victories and the one against NightStorms counts double, because it lets them in the leading spot and it sends the Brazilians out of the Divisional title competitors.
#16 Crazy Tigers (4-5) - - (16->16)
Not many hopes for the playoff, but a feeble light is still there. They must win every game and hope for some mistakes by other teams... a very difficult cross of events.
#17 Oxford Bulls (4-5) -2 (15->17)
Two losses and they cannot celebrate the Terriers' departure. Still with some hope for Wild Card, but they are trailing among a long list of competitors, 7 teams to be precise.
#18 Steenies Sailors (4-5) - - (18->18)
Ups and downs, they cannot find continuity and their positioning has worsen. ChosenOnes went to the top of the NC South Division because Sailors missed one step.
#19 Tovari (4-5) +6 (25->19)
Two easy W to keep the Wild Card door open. There is a lot of road to run to secure one spot.
#20 Glastonbury Grail Knights (4-5) +1 (21->20)
Ac South Division seems closed for them. Losing against BlueBacks destroyed their last chance to come back. Only a miracle run can open up their playoff chances.
#21 Fighting Frankonian (4-5) +2 (23->21)
They seem the weakest team in the NC West and yet they have chances to run for a Wild Card. Two BOT W in the last week. They have to prove they can do more than that.
#22 Lakfakalle Eagles (3-6) -4 (18->22)
Two losses against Bracciano and BobBoy, without scoring again. Definitely a period to forget soon.
#23 Alprausch Alpakas (3-6) -1 (22->23)
A week that sounds like a shut out sentence.

#24 SP Nightstorms (2-7) - - (24->24)
Two L mean that they surrendered their last hopes. A bad season so far, perhaps it's time to prepare the next one.
#25 Berlin Iron Tigers (2-7) +1 (26->25)
Two other L for them and the season seems over.
#26 Medway Marauders (2-7) +1 (27->26)
A game against human controlled team and another loss. Trend is confirmed.
#27 Poruba Jeremies (0-9) +1 (28->27)
No news, only L.
#28 Chicago Red Dragons (0-9) +1 (29->28)
Thier score is a long list of red boxes.
#29 Tenbury Terriers (7-2) BOT team - - - They went BOT while performing so well ... a pity.
#30 Flockiflock (1-8) BOT team
#31 Outwood Rangers (0-9) BOT team
#32 Bratislava Meliotrons (0-9) BOT team
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