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posted: 2012-02-22 12:42:27 (ID: 29040) Report Abuse
I'll do the same then. Good luck to you too!
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posted: 2012-02-23 05:52:49 (ID: 29220) Report Abuse
My top 32: (I got my #1, #3, #9) - so my top-10 would have been plenty

Dft# Name Pos'n Age
1 Rénald Jordana RB 20
2 Baha Okereke LB 21
3 Jürgen Müller FB 19
4 Florentino Martínez FB 19
5 Vladislav Valenchuk DL 20
6 Adeagbo Kalejaiye LB 18
7 Curtis Harms RB 18
8 Sadiki Sekibo LB 21
9 Salih Ababneh G 18
10 Kiongozi Akinyemi SF 18
11 Samuel O'Connor QB 18
12 Tatomir Suljic DL 19
13 Charles Barclay RB 19
14 Evo Tiwa LB 19
15 Arturo Ibañez DL 20
16 Thuveni Boro QB 19
17 Dong-Uk Dokgo FB 18
18 Bernardino Aguilar LB 20
19 Orlando Vanich LB 21
20 Anthony Hutchinson DL 22
21 Cecilio Espuch LB 22
22 Nanji Botha OL 20
23 Codrut Voican OL 21
24 Isidro Pérez G 18
25 Hamidi Onwuatuegwu LB 18
26 Viacheslav Doniy RB 18
27 Maris Jansons OL 18
28 Antone Kraus OL 18
29 Bassam Qasim QB 20
30 José Gracia OL 20
31 Théophile Mille SF 21
32 Adedapo Gowon LB 22
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posted: 2012-02-23 10:36:41 (ID: 29336) Report Abuse
I forgot to bring my list of draft order to work so I'll post it when I get home. It's interesting to see your order though because I know there are some players I had ranked very differently!

I got my pick #3, #8 and #30 though so quite happy
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posted: 2012-02-23 22:31:29 (ID: 29519) Report Abuse
1. Adeagbo Kalejaiye
2. Anthony Hutchinson
3. Baha Okereke
4. Vladislav Valenchuk
5. Tuimasi Uhatahi
6. Stole Blagojevic
7. Harun Aziz
8. Codrut Voican
9. Curtis Harms
10. Isidro Pérez
11. Salih Ababneh
12. Théophile Mille
13. Bernard Uba
14. Darío Serrano
15. Rasin Shaheen
16. Mukut Chande
17. Rénald Jordana
18. Viacheslav Doniy
19. Oskar Górski
20. Adedapo Gowon
21. Cecilio Espuch
22. Orlando Vanich
23. Sadiki Sekibo
24. Evo Tiwa
25. Ahmed Horn
26. Tom Bos
27. Achmed Nasser
28. José Gracia
29. Elewa Jakande
30. Jabulani Nzeogwu
31. Saburi Câmara
32. Nanji Botha

I'd like to get your opinion on some players you placed differently to me if that's ok? Would be interesting to see how we ranked them
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posted: 2012-02-24 08:43:52 (ID: 29560) Report Abuse

Hutchinson. My #20; your #2. I downgraded him for being 22, and for slightly lower TmWk.

Jordana. My #1; your #17. 5*, 40+ Spd/Str/Int/TmWr. Only he and Okereke had that, and Jordana was a year younger.

Kalejaiye. My #6; your #1. He actually had my top grade, but I dropped him down - probably for his TmWk. I think I dropped him too far, in retrospect. One of many errors, I'm sure! (btw - Comice drafted him, moved him to DL, and changed his name: Rostislav Bubenícek)

Aziz: My #64; your #7. OLs rate low for me because of Speed. Aziz was also a bit low on TmWk for me. The top OLs on my board were Botha and Voican, #22 and #23. And, honestly, I should have had Voican over Botha. Another error! (I'm hoping my 87CP OL Coach makes up for an average OLine; and to develop some in-house talents.)

Ababneh. My #9, your #11. I was surprised to see him so high on your list. I thought most would overlook a Gunner. I rated him the #1 DB.

Any others that interest you, let me know!
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posted: 2012-02-26 10:05:36 (ID: 29977) Report Abuse
That makes alot of sense actually. You've got 3 top players there. Agree about the Gunners being overlooked. It's a good way to get a quality player that others might miss. I got a new RB by drafting a KR that way too! Now onto the next draft...
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posted: 2012-05-17 11:46:18 (ID: 40663) Report Abuse
Anyone interested in comparing draft boards again this year or will they be too different due to drafting by need rather than best player available?
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posted: 2012-05-17 17:21:16 (ID: 40755) Report Abuse
Yeah, I stacked my draft a bit, trying to ensure I got at least one OL or DL. Ended up with 2 DLs (my #3 player at pick 30, my #5 ranked at pick 62, and a SF; my #23 with the 94rh pick.)

I rated LB Vladimir Govoruhin as the top player in the draft. He went to the Braves as the 14th pick.

I think Hrowakas Braves took the #2 guy on my board, DL Zuher Okafor, and changed his name to Zachary Marin.

I had OL Simao Gouveia rated at the top, too. Pretty sure he went at #18 to Alquímicos de Urulandia, and is now named Manu Urrutia.

Definitely not a great draft for me, but a very solid one that helped my defense. Now I have to sort through my DLine and Safties and see who stays, who shifts position, and who goes.

I had your guys rated: Juraev, #14 , Faria #45, and Gimenez #47. Lots of Speed in that group!! Before I adjusted for need, Juraev was a Top-10 for me.
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posted: 2012-05-18 17:38:42 (ID: 41080) Report Abuse
1.Zuher Okafor
2.Serikzhan Juraev
3.Fermin Charlton
4.Penha Bankole
5.Vladimir Govoruhin
6.Rijad Vukovic
7.Simao Gouveia
8.Moises Jack
9.Gonçalo Faria
10.Kiume Amaechi
11.Lucas Giménez
12.Max Tobias Van Rhyn
13.Javier Romero
14.Xú Eng
15.Malakai Kau
16.Edouard Klötzli
17.Lyle Lira
18.Tommaso Lanham
19.Rodell Rowe
20.Louis Clarke
21.Johan Skúlason
22.Nit Chalerm
23.Dong Fu
24.Liko Teoh
25.David Mason
26.Kitti Sanya
27.Cristiano Grava
28.Sabri Kammerman
29.Shichiro Komon
30.João Melo
31.Helge Heggelund
32.Liyana Gunawardene

That's my list of top 32. Had it weighted slightly to get some positional needs filled but happy with my choices so far. Even though I was quite deep at WR I couldn't resist a 49+ speed and turns out he isn't even red capped so I got lucky

I'd be delighted to have gotten any of the top 8 on my list though
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posted: 2012-05-18 17:43:08 (ID: 41084) Report Abuse
I was a bit disappointed that my three draftees had 4 red-caps combined. My 32:

1 Simao Gouveia OL
2 Zuher Okafor DL
3 Shinda Olanrewaju DL
4 Vladimir Govoruhin LB
5 Tommaso Lanham DL
6 Kitti Sanya OL
7 Penha Bankole LB
8 Darik Spence OL
9 Fermin Charlton LB
10 Nit Chalerm LB
11 Cristiano Grava CB
12 Malakai Kau QB
13 Logan Keating TE
14 Serikzhan Juraev WR
15 Léo Rey TE
16 Rodell Rowe DL
17 Max Tobias Van Rhyn SF
18 Michelangelo Hunt LB
19 Coshel Manju FB
20 Moises Jack CB
21 Gabino Miranda QB
22 Sadiki Silva RB
23 Antony Silvestre SF
24 Louis Clarke WR
25 Shichiro Komon SF
26 Vehid Vidovic P
27 Alfonso Luna K
28 Didar Rozhkov QB
29 Antón Calvo SF
30 Liyana Gunawardene RB
31 Seveci Avinesh SF
32 Dong Fu LB

A lot of similarities.
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