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posted: 2012-12-15 09:47:08 (ID: 72280) Report Abuse
Here is Buffalo's draft analysis (with a little time delay ). I added the stats of the 11 league games into the draft analysis.

AC East

Podsabotin Charrs Draft-grade: D

Best Pick: Niko Smrekar (LB,2rd,#53)
The young LB has good strenght and average INT for a LB, but is a little bit lazy in the training. In 11 games he made 56 Tackles and caught 1 INT. A solid start into his carrere

Questionable Pick: Emil Šmid (QB,1rd,#21)
This was the highest drafted QB, but I think there were better ones with a stronger arm. He is not the starter for the team and scored 8 TD in 11 games but also 5 INTs. He completed only 42% of his passes for 805 yards.

Sleeper pick: Petar Založnik (OL,3rd,#85)
This OL has the potential to be a good OL. He was not the strongest and struggled in his rookie season. In 11 games he had only 19% good blocks and only 27 Pancakes.

Solihull Moors Draft-grade: C+

Best Pick: Jake White (LB,1rd,#10)
This former SF has definitly a nice combination of STR,SPE,INT and TW, but he was not worth a Top-10 pick,because there were much better Defenders avaiable. However, his rookie stats are great with only 2 missed tackels, 4 INTs, 3 Sacks and 1 forced Fumble.

Questionable pick: Craig King (LB,2rd,#42)
The former DL made also the transition to LB. A solid pick early in the second round, but not the best choice. In 11 games he made only 24 tackles, but has one 1 and one FF, which he carried into the Endzone.

Slepper pick: Darren O'Doherty (SF,3rd,#74)
The former LB is very smart and has a great work ethic in the training. He has to work hard to improve his physical skills. As SF he had not the huge impact in his first 11 games with only 20 tackles.

AC North

Konjarnik HighTowers Draft-grade:C-

Questionable pick:Teofan Vukovic (SF,1rd,#29)
There were better DB's late in the first round, but they chosed this one with average speed for a SF. In 8 games he had no impact with zero tackles.
Sleeper pick:Zuhejr Djukic (CB,2rd,#51)
A solid CB, but not the best available option. In 11 games he made only 19 tackles and caught 1 INT.

Trivun Popovic (3rd,#93) sold for 30.7 Mio$

Devon Warriors Draft-grade: C-

Best pick: Nabhani Okonkwo (DL,2rd,#52)
The best of three strange draft choices. His skills were ok, but nothing special, but he is a important player for the team with good stats. He missed only 4 tackles has 2 sacks and 1 FF for a TD.

Questionable pick: Saghiri Yeboah (P,1rd,#20)
Hmm, a punter in the 1 round. He has not a strong leg and and is averageing only 32.4 yards per punt

Sleeper pick: Gilbert Bazire (LB,3rd,#84)
This was a good pick in the third round. A player with a lot potential and a good rookie season. He has 8 INT's already, but with his speed he was able to score only 2 pick-6.

Nova Gorica Warriors Draft-grade: C-

Best pick: Tamás Mulligan (CB,1rd,#9)
A CB with great speed, but he has to play more physical in this league. He missed nearly the half of his tackles, but caught 5 INTs which is great for a CB. This player can be a star in the future.

Questionable pick: Taha Coelho (SF,2rd,#41)
This player is very young and his developmet is in progress. He has to show in the future, that he is more than average. In 8 games his impact was negligible.

Sleeper pick: Erwan Quentin (RB,3rd,#73)
A nice RB with good speed was a good pick in the 3rd round. He is the top Halfback of the team with 534 yards and 4 TDs, but he is far away from the elite-RBs in the league.

AC South

Nova Gorica Gamblers: C

Best pick: Thisseas Tomaras (LB,1rd,#26)
The Cypriot is very smart, but his physicals are only average. He must work hard to find his position in the team. He played only 8 games as backup and made only 20 tackles and forced 1 fumble.

Questionable pick: Adil Bulatovic
This choice was ok, but Adil is only an average LB. He has problems to make it to the DC and has only 2 snaps in 2 league games. There is a big question mark behind his future.

Sleeper pick: Jarrick Mason (SF,3rd,#90)
There were not so many alternatives late in the draft. Perhaps he is a solid SF for the future. He got the chance to show his talent in 6 league games and missed no tackle.

Wesley Crushers Draft-grade: D+

Best pick: Nicolae Nour (DL,1rd,#17)
A good pick, but there were better defenders avaiable. He has good stength and is very smart. He has to improve his tackling and he will be a good long-term solution. In 11 starts he has 1 sack and outstanding 4 FF and 2 TDs.

Questionable pick: Gerald Irish (OL,2rd,#49)
Irish from Wales . This player is a joke... but more a bad joke. You can pick an OL in the second round, but this player was no improvement. His strenght in ok, but he has the worst blocking stats of the team. He is playing like a real rookie.

Sleeper pick: Lucas Peters (OL,3rd,#81)
Nice INT and TW, but Strength ??? Ok this player is young and may be a solid player in the future. This stats are no improvement now. We will seee............

Hurricanes Draft-grade: D+

Best pick:Said Sharif (DL,1rd,#11)
This was a good bick, but again not the best option. The GM danny don't trust him even though the player has great physical skills. He played only in 8 games as backup and has only 14 tackles.

Questionable pick:Mohd Shahrulnizam Saleh (QB,2rd, 43)
Not the best pick they made. It's ok to choose a QB in the 2rd, but than take the best avaiable. This QB played like a 4rd rookie. Only 43% completed passes and more INT's than TDs.

Sleeper pick:Halim Ayasha (QB,3rd,#75)
The team had a starting QB, drafted a QB in the second round, but were not sure with their choice and drafted another QB. This QB might be better than Saleh and produced better stats in his 10 games. 9 TD and 4 INTs are ok, but he can be star in the future, because he is smart, has good arm strenght, but he is not a mobile QB.

AC West

SV Furpach Draftgrade: C-

Best pick: Kay-Uwe Lange (QB,3rd,#95)
The second last player in the draft seem to be a lucky bag. He looked not special in the Draft-combine, but he made a huge step in his rookie season. Nobody expected such good stats from him. 54% completed passes for 827 yards, 11 TDs and only 2 INTs. Surprisingly the QB help also on the other side of the ball as CB and has 3 INTs already.

Questionable pick:Osman Jaber (LB,1rd,#31)
The bowl finalist had a bad draft position, but I can tell you a hand full of players who would have been a better 1rd choice. The former SF is only an average LB. In 11 games he missed only 4 tackles, but produced no turnovers.

Sleeper pick:Wakur Qassem (QB,2rd,#63)
This player looked like a future-staring-QB before the draft. Now he is only a backup, but the potential for more.

London Silk Draft-grade: B

Best pick: Josiah Redmon (CB,1rd,#24)
Redmon is a real Trackstar with great Speed. He was a steal late in the first round. He is young and a future Star-CB. He played in 11 games and made 75% of his tackles and 1 INT.

Questionable pick: Ron King (OL,3rd,#88)
It was a good pick in the 3rd round, but has Ron enough strength to be an elite-OL? In his 11 games he made only every second block so he has a lot room for improvements.

Sleeper pick: Hershel Hackett (DL,2rd,#56)
This Defender looked not like a great player, because he was not so physical in the draft-combine. His stats speak another language. In 11 games he made 97.2% of his tackles and has 2 sacks.

Firenze Fappers Draft-grade: B+

Best pick: Wilbert Stoll (RB,1rd,#18)
The best avaiable RB in the draft was worth a first round pick. He is a tough runner with a lot of speed, but in 11 games he has still no score.

Questionable pick: Sanford Morin (OL,2rd,#50)
I rated him as second best OL in the draft, because of his outstanding strength and TW. This pick was real steal in round 2, but his stats are only ok and not briliant: 264 good blocks (46%) and 136 pancakes.

Sleeper pick:Mitchel Farrar (QB,3rd,#82)
This was a real sleeper. A nice QB late in the third round. He took place directly in the drivers seat and showed good games as starting QB.

NC East C+

Monster Piskots

Best pick: Petr Škrabal (SF,1rd,#27)
This very young Defensive Back has a lot of potential. Speed and Strength are enough for a solid Strong Safety. In 10 games he missed no tackle.....but made only 4. We will see more of him in the future.

Questionable pick:Oldrich Cervený (RB,2rd,#59)
Why did they choose a RB with low speed, when a RB with good speed is still on the board. The result is, that he carried the ball only twice this season.

Sleeper pick: Kurt Frolík (CB,3rd,#91)
This player is not sooo smart and teamwork is only ok, but he was one of the better players late in the draft. This was a good pick and teh player responded with 18 tackles in 10 games.

Paradise Regained: Draft-grade: B

Best pick: Rafael Flores (LB,1rd,#16)
They can't miss this player, who was one of the best defenders in the draft and worth a top-10 pick. Great SPE, STR and INT. He is a frachise player and the future in their defense. His rookie stats are solid with 26 tackles, 3 sacks and 1 FF.

Questionable pick: Darin Sipes (OL,3rd#80)
Can this OL be a long-term solution? He was one of the older players in the draft with poor strength for an OL. The stats say, yes the can: He has the best blocking ration in the team and 154 pancakes, but his future is still questionable.

Sleeper pick:Khongdy Svacina (OL,2rd,#48)
Paradise picked another OL in the second round who has enough STR to be a start as Guard. I think he has to play Tackle now and his stats look bad with 48% success only. He is a struggling rookie, with a better future.

NC North A-

Leeds Celtics
Modesto Asbury (CB,1rd,#30)
This young CB was a steal late in the first round. He has great Speed to cover elite-WR. In 11 games he made 78% of his tackles and caught 1 INT. You should have him on your radar.

Questionable pick:Olin Barrow (WR,3rd,#94)
Oh Johnny!!! Are you crazy? You draft a QB and convert him to a WR? Play fakes or wildcat formations are not possible. Ok you don't use him in your offense and only as KR.

Sleeper pick:Quintin Holden (QB,2rd,#62)
Leeds had already their star QB, but Johnny didn't missed the best QB of the draft late in the second round. It is like having Andrew Luck being Payton Manning.

Aston Rovers: Draft-grade: B

Best pick:Miguel Suarez (LB,1rd,#23)
Good pick in the first round. This LB can be an anchor of the defense - strong, smart MLB- He lead the team with 54 tackles and has additional 3 INTs.

Questionable pick: Francis Jean (LB,3rd,#87)
Definitly a solid pick in the 3rd round, but can he be more than an average defender? He must play more physical and need better tackling, but 3 INTs and 1 FF are a good sign.

Sleeper pick:Wade Pettis (LB,2rd,#55)
The former DE made the transition to LB sucessfully. Speed and strength are ok and INT is great. He mad 86% of his tackles in 11 games and a important part of the team.

Venice Panthers B

Best pick: Volodymyr Grach (OL,1rd,#22)
They call the Ukrainian "Jack Frost" and defenders have nothing too laugh. Or? He has definitly the potential to be a great passblocker, but his rookie stats are poor.

Sleeper pick:Chadwick Barth (OL,3rd,#86)
Another talented OL was selected by the Panthers in the last round. Really good choice, but perhaps the wrong position in the OL. He's missing too much blocks.

Ekundayo da Mata (SF,2rd,#54) sold for 88.4 Mio$

Dresden Stars: Draft-grade: C+

Best Pick: Gustav Franke (TE,2rd,#35)
The world was upside-down in Germany. They let this great TE go in the first round, but picked him in the second round. This player is fast enough to be the greatest TE in the League, but his QBs must find him more often. He had only 7 catches in 11 games for 304 yards and 4 TDs.

Questionable pick: Maxim Richter (TE,1rd,#3)
I don't what the Manager saw in him to waste the 3rd pick of the draft. All great players were avaiable, but this TE is nothing special. OK he is the 3rd best receiver of the team now, but the teams had more needs than TEs

Sleeper pick: Janos Schmidt (TE,3rd,#67)
Another TE.....Why not. The problems at TE are solved for many seasons. Janos had a slow start into the season, but might be a long-term project..... and you can't play with 3 TE all the time

NC South: Draft-grade

Naprzód Marsz!

Best pick: Jan Jaroszewski (WR,2,rd,#60)
Best pick of the worst Draft-day in the polnish teams history. This player is soooooo slow and the only good thing is that he has glue at his hands. With his speed he is averaging only 10 yards per reception and has only 2 TDs.

Questional pick: Gwidon Zaleski (WR,1rd,#28)
Another slow WR in the teams. He get not so many snaps in the offense and has only 14 catches and 1 TD. Definitly not enough for a first round pick.

Sleeper pick:Kamil Czyzewski (CB,3rd,#92)
The team needed a CB and found one deep in the draft. This player made direcly an impact and is a solid Nickle-CB. He's averaging 2 tackles per game with a good success rate. One INT and one FF are on his stat account, too.

Hameln Rats

Best pick:Anthony Sides (1rd,#15)
You can make this pick, but it was not the optimum at #15. This RB has only the second best RB. His speed is good, but he is averaging only 3.5 yards per carry. He is only a backup RB with 3 TDs.

Questionable pick: Mohammed Temiz (DL,3rd,#79)

The former punter should play DL now. He has the strenth to do so, but his tackling abilities are poor. In 11 games he missed 40% of his tackles but forced 3 fumbles. A very interesting project.

Sleeper pick:Sharan Kudrna (QB, 2rd,#47)
He had the optimum combination of TW and INT, but he was not physical enough to be a first rounder. As Backup QB he has a great completion rate and had trown no INT up to date.

Raiders Tirol Draft-grade:C+

Best Pick: Patricio Doll (DL,1rd,#5)
This was the fasted DE in the Draft. A young player with a great start into his carrere. In 12 games he has 6 sacks, 1 FF and 48 tackles. If he can increase his strength he will be one of the best DE in the league.

Questionable pick:Abraham Carrasco (QB,2rd,37)
The team needed a new QB for their pass-heavy offense. The board was full of great QBs at the beginning of the second round and they selected one of the worst options. The result? Carrasco is the starter and had trown 22 TDs, but also 22 INTs. 45% completed passes are also not great.

Sleeper pick:Kadir Ommar (QB,3rd, 68)
The teams selected another QB in the 3rd round. The player has a good arm and is very smart. I think this QB will be the future QB of the team.

NC West

Lucea Cardinals Draft-grade: B

Best pick: Eldrick Harris (CB,1rd,#32)
This CB was one of the fastest players in the draft. It was unbelivable that this player drop down to the end of the first round. This player is the 2nd-3rd CB of the team. In 12 games he has 1 INT, 1, FF and 26 good tackles. The problem is that he missed too muck tackles.

Questionable pick: Joel Thomas (CB,3rd,#96)

Ok, the team had no choice at the last position. This player is still not good enough for the team and made 0 games for the team. It is questionable, if this player will be more than a backup in the future.

Sleeper pick: Fayard Ramsay (CB,2rd,#64)

This CB was not the fastest player in the draft, but has room for improvements. He can be a great Defensive back in the future. In 12 games for the team he played as FS and has only 2 tackles.

Nitro Shock Draft-grade: B-

Best player Francesco Vivó (WR,1rd,#12)
This was the best WR avaiable in the draft. The team needed new receivers and couldn't miss this player. In his rookie season he is the best receiver of the team with 38 catches for 636 yards and 7 TDs.

Questionable pick: Keovisian Dube (WR,2rd,#44)
I the second round the team selected another WR, but this one was not so fast and drafted too high. But he leads the team with 8 TDs and has 31 catches for 479 yards.

Sleeper pick:Eustaquio Miranda (TE,3rd,#76)
This TE was not a bad pick in the 3rd round. He can play a huge role in the future. He has no top speed, but perhaps he can be a redzone threat. 37 catches and for 460 yards and 4 TDs are a good carrere start.

Kaunas Hurricane Draftgrade: D

Questionable pick: Samat Ovekov (QB,1rd,#7)
This QB was ok, but no Top-10 pick. There were three better QBs avaiable. The QB is the starter for the team, but player not like a top-10 pick. He completed only 50% of his passes and has 7 TDs and INTs each.

Sleeper pick: Jehad Guma Kara (QB,3rd,#71)
This QB is not great, but played better than the starter for the team. He has 7 TDs and no INT, but his completion rate is increadible bad.

Efrén Pena sold for 17.2 Mio$

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posted: 2012-12-15 12:48:06 (ID: 72288) Report Abuse
Pretty much got what I was expecting. Thought I was going to get the best grade in my conference but Silk pipped me to it lol...

And cheers for putting the effort into this!

edit: so did fappers...

Last edited on 2012-12-15 13:48:03 by holmeboy

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posted: 2012-12-15 14:13:13 (ID: 72292) Report Abuse
Appreciate the hard work that goes into this
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posted: 2012-12-15 14:38:06 (ID: 72295) Report Abuse
Firenze wrote:
Appreciate the hard work that goes into this

Sorry Firenze I made a mistake for Willbert Stoll. You have a better grade now.
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posted: 2012-12-15 14:54:45 (ID: 72296) Report Abuse
Buffalo wrote:

Leeds Celtics
Modesto Asbury (CB,1rd,#30)
This young CB was a steal late in the first round. He has great Speed to cover elite-WR. In 11 games he made 78% of his tackles and caught 1 INT. You should have him on your radar.

Questionable pick:Olin Barrow (WR,3rd,#94)
Oh Johnny!!! Are you crazy? You draft a QB and convert him to a WR? Play fakes or wildcat formations are not possible. Ok you don't use him in your offense and only as KR.

Sleeper pick:Quintin Holden (QB,2rd,#62)
Leeds had already their star QB, but Johnny didn't missed the best QB of the draft late in the second round. It is like having Andrew Luck being Payton Manning.

Regarding Olin Barrow.... playing as a KR to get TC up, converted to WR for speed training, soon to be a star defensive player with lots of Int, and Vis already decent due to being a draft QB.

Thinking outside the box for the best way to use the dregs of the draft
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posted: 2012-12-15 14:57:39 (ID: 72297) Report Abuse
Buffalo wrote:
Firenze wrote:
Appreciate the hard work that goes into this

Sorry Firenze I made a mistake for Willbert Stoll. You have a better grade now.

Best grade in the conference
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posted: 2012-12-15 15:20:15 (ID: 72299) Report Abuse
Great work

Also I think it's far more interesting to read this now, when you can see the player's impact.
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posted: 2012-12-15 17:36:33 (ID: 72310) Report Abuse
tnx for this... i was waiting all season for this - was not sure some1 will make it

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posted: 2012-12-16 18:02:29 (ID: 72368) Report Abuse
The analysis is complete.
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posted: 2012-12-16 18:09:21 (ID: 72371) Report Abuse
Buffalo wrote:
The analysis is complete.

Thanks. I do s e l e c t players based on the needs of the team, not based on the excellency of the players themselves.

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