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That's how I like it. Not only did some team show they can beat teams supposed to be superior, no, also did teams got already in competitive mode and did put pressure on their opponents.

I talked about coaching changes in my preview on Friday and here are some coaching changes which did so far pay off.

Arkansas is 2-0, Auburn also 2-0, as are Boston College, Colorado, NC State, Oregon, Tennessee and Wisconsin.
Of cause this is not a good indication, since the whole season is not played.
And some teams are not that much of a surprise.
Arkansas was a good team, when it was coach in a bad way for ONE season.
Oregon and Wisconsin were in TOP shape, so any coach with a bit of knowledge should be able to win with them ...
Well ... remember when Southern Miss got a new coach as reigning champion in 2012 and did crash so bad, the coach was let go after ONE season? That’s always possible, too.That’s always possible, too.
We will see how those coaching changes will turn out.
Best guess is, some will do fine, some will surprise in a good or bad way and some will just suck as expected.
Yeah I know ... that's not very much and new, but that's how this sport world works.

Let's have a lock at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 2of the new Season

Saturday, September 7
#12 Florida @ Miami (FL)
Muschamp, the Florida HC, will probably have a long time to thing about this game. He might never get the chance for a rematch.
Those Florida - Miami - games do happen not often and you better win it if they happen.
This week, Al Golden, the Miami HC, took the chance and won it and Will Muschamp has to pick up the pieces of his supposed to be contending football team and fix it.
It's not like Miami did dominate, they just did capitalize of Florida mistakes.
5 turnovers were just too much for Florida, would have been for most football teams.
Miami did even turnover the ball once for a Florida counterattack, but the Gators did just turn the ball over in the redzone ....
Let's hope the Gators get better and let's hope Miami finds some offense and we all will have an exciting football season.
Florida 16 - Miami (FL) 21 -> Jacks Score: 4-3

Saturday, September 7
Western Kentucky @ Tennessee
This was a bit special, until WKU did just fuck up big time.
It started good with a WKU field goal trip and a Tennessee punt.
Then did Brandon Doughty of WKU throw his first interception (yes, his first ...). The Vols return it to the house.
Then did Brandon Doughty of WKU throw his second interception. The Vols return it to the house.
Then did Keshawn Simpson rush and fumbled. 5 plays later did the Vols kick a field goal.
Then did Antonio Andrews rush and fumbled. 2 plays later the Vols scored a TD.
Then did Brandon Doughty of WKU throw his third interception. 3 plays after (now in the second quarter) the Vols did score a TD.
It's not like WKU did anything on offense then stepping on the field and turn the ball over. 5 times in a row. (OK, there was ONE successful rush between the first INT and the 3rd one ...)
WTF? You are leading 3-0 and suddenly it's 3-31?
I can't even imagine what went through those kids ....
Offense and defense.
This is so wild ...
At least they got some stability back and finished the half with 17-31.
Well, Petrino did let his QB stay in the game (maybe for punishment) and he throws another 2 INTs and at the end did WKU fall by a 50-something game. They did only score another field goal, so it looked like the motivation after halftime was gone.
No sense in talking would-have-been and could-have-been, Tennessee did win fair and square and the Hillltoppers have to get better and probably will not crash the BCS Bowls.
Western Kentucky 20 - Tennessee 52 -> Jacks Score: 5-3

Saturday, September 7
#6 South Carolina @ #11 Georgia
I expected a close match but at the end it wasn't that close.
OK ... It was, until halftime.
And end of the third quarter they had a 24-34 score with Georgia just scored the last extra point.
The Gamecocks did counter but missed the extra point.
But the Bulldogs did cruise all over the field right after that and scored another time for the final score.
After that only two long drives happened without any scoring.
What was left is that UGA did rebound from the Clemson loss and South Carolina has to be better prepared for the upcoming SEC matches.
By the way ... in the first quarter did Georgia after a score go for an onside kick and got it!
It's those little things you have to appreciate ...
South Carolina 30 - Georgia 41 -> Jacks Score: 6-3

Saturday, September 7
#14 Notre Dame @ #17 Michigan
Autsch .... That was my first thought after I got the result of that big Notre Dame - Michigan game.
They think about giving the rivalry a rest, I'm not happy about that, but since I don't have a say about those plans, it's not worth to be grumpy about it.
At least they got a nice end of the last series of games.
End of the first quarter it was 7-10 and the 115109 Michigan fans went wild.
Notre Dame had a crucial interception which gave the Wolverine the chance for a 13-27 half time lead.
End of the third quarter it was 20-34.
Then did Notre Dame NOT kick a field goal and went for 4th down and did not make it.
Game over?
Not so fast.
Michigan did throw an interception and the Irish did return it to the house. (well, they CAUGHT it in the house ...)
7 points game.
9 minutes to go, Notre Dame did kick a field goal.
4 points game.
But Michigan had one nice drive left in the tank and scored for the final score with 4 min. left.
Notre Dame was not able to counter this and lost the game.
What to make out of this?
Notre Dame has issues on both sides of the LOS and Michigan has to get his QB a bit better on focus.
His interception almost destroyed the whole effort of the team and that interception was stupid at best.
He was under pressure in his endzone and to avoid a safety he just throw the ball away right into the arms of a Notre Dame player.
If you want to compete on the highest level, you can't do that. Better take the 2 points and let the defense make their stand. Or even better, throw the ball away, BEFORE half of the Notre Dame defense has a grab on your shirt.
Notre Dame 30 - Michigan 41 -> Jacks Score: 7-3

Saturday, September 7
Washington State @ #25 USC
I'm sorry for the USC fans. Sorry they have such a bad coach.
Wazzu did basically nothing for deserving the win here, except making USC pay for their own errors.
First quarter was not very exciting, ending scoreless, second quarter did bring a USC lead after a Cougars turnover.
Washington State did then give USC the chance for another cash-in after another turnover, but the USC was again unable to move the ball.
Well ... if you don't like the offer, we might consider yours....
Wazzu return an USC interception for a TD. Game tied.
USC blocked a field goal in the 3rd quarter, missed their own field goal attempt also in the 3rd, missed a 4th and 8! play beginning of the 4th, gave up a big play which did set up the game deciding field goal for the Cougars and did then throw another interception in their miserable comeback attempt.
Lessons from the game?
Wazzu had a sucky offense and USC an even suckier one.
Kiffin is on fire, for sure. So many bad decisions and on top of that it looks like he is not coaching the kids.
Washington State 10 - USC 7 -> Jacks Score: 8-3

Saturday, September 7
Navy @ Indiana
That one was a bit of a surprise for me.
Indiana was a bit error prone and did give a very good Navy team a 17-0 lead before they were able to respond.
They went into halftime with 24-14.
Then it was scoring for scoring for scoring until the score was 38-28.
Indiana then did stop Navy to a field goal, which looked like a good thing, considering they were not able to stop them all day.
And with almost 4 min. to go, Indiana did close the gap to 41-35. 6 Points left?
Easy ... stop them and score ... haha.
Indiana tried an onside kick and lost it, Navy did play a 4th and 2 for a first down and that was the end of the story.
What surprised me was the very bad first quarter of the Hoosiers.
THAT and only THAT did give Navy the chance for the win.
Don't get me wrong, Navy deserves the win, they should be proud about that one.
Indiana did just not play as they should play if they want to get respect in the Big 10.
At least the Navy soldiers got a good workout. LOL.
Navy 41 - Indiana 35 -> Jacks Score: 8-4

Games of Interest

Boston College did win against Wake Forest for a 2-0 start. - At the moment the coaching change looks like a good move.
Houston did beat Temple. - Also a 2-0 start for Houston.
Illinois won against Cincinnati big time. - Are the Bearcats that bad, or the Illini better than expected?
Purdue almost lost against Indiana State (FCS) - Purdue has to get much better if they want to survive in the Big 10.
Maine (FCS) won against UMass - Man, that UMass team looks NOT like a FBS team. I'm still not convinced that move to the FBS was a smart move.
Chattanooga (FCS) did beat Georgia State - Another FCS upset. Georgia State is new on the FBS level and did play bad last season, but hey, you are now with the big boys, so act like some.
Central Michigan was almost upset by New Hampshire (FCS) - Are those FCS schools this season so tough?
Air Force lost against Utah State big time. - Looks like that loss against Utah last week did fuel some anger in the Aggies team.
South Alabama won against Tulane. - Not bad for a 2nd year FBS team.
Cal did beat Portland State (FCS) by a score - Cal did score a lot, but where is the defense? I hope they get better against those PAC 12 teams ....
Richmond (FCS) was 2 points shy of an upset against North Carolina State - Richmond does such things regularly, but still .... 2 points?
Oklahoma did win against West Virginia by 9 points in a low scoring game - Oklahoma has to find a better offense production. The Mountaineers are not known for defense and there are way bigger teams on the schedule.
Tulsa did rebound and beat Colorado State - The Rams did start 0-2, Tulsa now 1-1 ...
BYU did top Texas - Well, say good bye to the defense coordinator of Texas. He was fired after this 40-burger by the Cougars.
Kansas won - That's it. They won ... Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Nicholls State (FCS) did beat Western Michigan - The Broncos did start 0-2 .... Well, what should I say? New coach needs time.
SMU almost lost against Montana State (FCS) - June Jones better get his team on track.

‘Til next time

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