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Another interesting weekend with some great games, boring games and strange ones. Upsets and well won games by the favourites.

Just another week and we have the non-conference games in the majority behind us. I'm never quite sure if I love or hate that part of the season.

I love it, because it gives the chance to compare teams from different conferences.
You only have the chance to see such thing in the Bowls and in the non-conference games and with week 5 the non-conference games are more or less done.
So until December that's it.

I hate this part, because most of the games are meaningless. They count against the BCS and the Bowl eligibility but at the end, the conference games do decide the season for most teams. A loss against a team outside the conference does not mean you can't win the conference or even the national championship.
It hurts, most of the time, but not as much as a conference games does.
So I'm glad when they are over and the real games start.

Especially the FCS games are not interesting. Sure an upset is always nice and I love to see the emotion coming with that, but that happens not very often. Most of the time the FCS teams get a 40-something defeat or even worse and then they can go home and the FBS team gets another win and was able to test some players and plays.

I think most of my hate does come from those cupcake games. Because I love to see games like Florida State vs. Florida or Notre Dame vs. Michigan, Oklahoma vs. Oregon anyone? Or how about Louisville vs. Kentucky?

Well, at least the later was on this week, didn't make my list because it was to one dimensional.
But let that new coach at Kentucky teach a few seasons ...

Not every matchup is a hit but there are always some, every season.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 3of the new Season

Saturday, September 14
#16 UCLA @ #23 Nebraska
I picked Nebraska because of the home game and the Huskers QB.
Until the start of the 3rd Quarter it was alright.

Then did UCLA basically stop Nebraskas offense down and did on the other hand cruise over the field 4 times and did score every time, fuelled by good field positions and at least one bad decision by Nebraskas HC playing a fake punt and turning over the ball.

OK, you have to have the guts to make such calls and if they work you are the hero, if not you are dumb.

But the error was not this down; the error was deep in the offense, which couldn't get a few yards.
Well-deserved win by UCLA, makes the PAC 12 interesting.
UCLA 41 - Nebraska 21 -> Jacks Score: 8-5

Saturday, September 14
#1 Alabama @ #6 Texas A&M
I would give this game a very good score.
It was open for the whole time and A&M did really play hard, at the end it was not enough.
I did not expect such high scoring game, but OK, fun for the people.

At first it looked like a regular Tide-game, score high and let the opponent not score much.
In the fourth quarter did A&M come back big, but one last scoring drive by the elephant was enough to let Texas hope for an onside kick recovery and some additional magic.

We all know how games normally end, if you try an onside kick with 15 ticks left on the clock, right?

Alabama recovered the ball, took a knee the next play and the game was over.
This game might have decided the SEC and might have sorted out A&M from the national championship picture, but the season is still long and even Alabama has to play some more games.
Alabama 49 - Texas A&M 42 -> Jacks Score: 9-5

Saturday, September 14
#25 Ole Miss @ Texas
For one half did Texas look quite good, good enough to win the game.

But in the second half did Ole Miss still play strong and Texas looked like old man football.
17-23 was the score at halftime and then did only Ole Miss score from this point on.

Texas running game was non existing in the second half and the defense did collapse. Fine, it needs time to adjust to a new defense so expecting a 180 degree turnaround from one gameday to another one was too much to hope for, but I think the problems are deeper.

How can a team such as Texas be exhausted after half time? With such depth on the roster?
Longhorns fans might have to suffer a lot this season.
Ole Miss 44 - Texas 23 -> Jacks Score: 10-5

Saturday, September 14
#20 Wisconsin @ Arizona State
Hmm ... What should I say? The Sun Devils did win, by a strange ending.
Let's jump into the fourth quarter.

Game was open the whole time and Arizona State just scored for a 24-32 lead. 8 min. to go.
Wisconsin responded and scored for 30-32. Two-point-conversion failed. Still almost 4 min. to go.
The Sun Devils did only manage get to mid field and punted. 1 and half min. to go.

Wisconsin took the ball on their 17 yard line and marched over the field to the Sun Devil 13 yard line with 18 ticks left on the clock.
Enough to get the ball from the right hash mark to the middle by a small kneel down play. That was the plan.
Then did the confusion start.

The QB stumbled a bit by bumping into his own OL and did put the ball on the ground, by purpose. Maybe the knee before that, maybe not. It looks like he did not.

He called for a TO. At least it looks like he makes the signal.

Refs did NOT signal for a dead ball, The Sun Devils jumped the ball, the clock ticked down and Wisconsin was not able to stop the clock and was not able to kick the eventually winning field goal.
Big mistake by the refs.

It doesn't make sense to try to get the ruling right, there were so many wrongs on the play ...
Fact is, all sides did screw up.

Wisconsin should have kneeled down and then take the Timeout (or spike) after the whistle, Arizona State shouldn't have jumped the ball, if it was declared dead, and the refs should have spotted the ball faster or should have stopped the clock for delay of game.

The PAC 12 did already gave out a statement that they are not satisfied with such referee behaviour, but that does not give Wisconsin the opportunity to kick a fieldgoal.
Wisconsin 30 - Arizona State 32 -> Jacks Score: 11-5

Saturday, September 14
Fresno State @ Colorado
This game was postponed because of flooding in Colorado. We will see if this is replayed. My pick stands and I will review it, if it is played.
Fresno State 0 - Colorado 0 -> Jacks Score: 11-5

Saturday, September 14
Tennessee @ #2 Oregon
7-38 was the score at half time.
As expected did Oregon blast Tennessee to the ground.
And that by running and passing.
The Tennessee defense was helpless and unable to get anything done.
Game ended with a few more scores by Oregon and the Voles were also allowed to score one more time.
If you like such games, it was fun, but it looked very boring for me.
Tennessee 14 - Oregon 59 -> Jacks Score: 12-5

Games of Interest

Tulane won against Louisiana Tech - THAT's not the way the Tech fans are used to. Skip Holtz is already on a hot seat, since you don't expect such a turnaround by taking over a good football team.
Texas Tech did win against TCU - I have to say I'm surprised by the Red Raiders and disappointed by the Horned Frogs. Looks like the new Tech coach was a good choice so far.
The Governor's Cup trophy stays at Louisville, after beating Kentucky - Rivalries are nice and this one is at least in Kentucky quite important. Louisville on a 3 game winning streak in this rivalry.
Michigan survived against Akron - I hope for the Wolverines fans that this was either a sloppy Michigan team or Akron becomes a powerhouse, because everything else would mean a lot of trouble for Michigan fans in the Big 10 this season.
Virginia Tech won by 5 points against East Carolina - I don't want to disrespect anyone, but VT should beat ECU by more than 5 points. I hope Beamer has more on his playbook and on his roster
ULM did beat Wake Forest - Big win for ULM, as SBC team they do not very often beat a team from a BCS-conference and they won now 2 games in 2 seasons.
Fordham (FCS) won on the last play against Temple - If you want to see a Hail Mary succeeding, watch the last play of this game. And listen to the reporter. Great emotions in this game. I love that.
Georgia Tech did beat Duke - Doesn't look that good for Duke. I hope they can bring some for fight to the next ACC games.
North Texas overcame Ball State - I think that was not on the list for Ball State. North Texas is not a powerhouse so far, but Ball State should have been better. Well ... Should ...
The Cy-Hawk Trophy goes to Iowa, after beating Iowa State - This rivalry is also played a long time and Iowa did rebound after Iowa State did win two in a row.
UCF upsets Penn State - Losing at home against UCF is not a thing you want. You not always get what you want. Nice game by UCF, Penn State was unable to stop them.
Washington wins against Illinois - Not only is Washington ranked (was already ranked before that win), they are also 2-0. Maybe the PAC 12 gets very interesting this season.
Florida International lost against Bethune-Cookman (FCS) - Another FCS upset. Nice and very clear. It will be interesting to see, if FBS teams will book more or less FCS teams in the future after all those losses.
Auburn wins against Mississippi State - The Tigers are now 3-0. Maybe the Iron Bowls become VERY interesting.
Florida Atlantic got the right finish to beat South Florida - Those Bulls fans are used to lose after the last coach. A turnaround is not visible.
South Alabama overcame Western Kentucky - That one is probably the first coffin nail in the SBC title dreams of Petrinos Hilltoppers.
Maryland did beat UConn - UConn now 0-2, Maryland 3-0. It's getting interesting for Terrapins fans.
Kansas lost against Rice - That was somehow expected. From this point downwards for the Jayhawks? Well LT next week, might be they win there.
Notre Dame beats barley Purdue - Purdue did good, but not good enough to upset the Irish.
Oregon State wins the shootout with Utah - 99 points in a game? Won by 3 points. Do the math.

‘Til next time

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