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At least the 4th week delivered some nice results including some upsets.

Obviously were most of the scheduled matches just for filling the gaps.
Some games might had some school internal value (I could only identify the Battle of the Palouse between Washington State and Idaho, but who am I to judge other matchups between local schools ...) but most of them were just "another game to get over with".

This was not the week for big movements in the rankings, only Arizona State did move out of the TOP 25 after their loss.
Next week will be much better, and from that point on it will happen on regular basis, since the conference games do start big time and then we will see movements. Hurrah!

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 4:

Saturday, September 21, 3:30 PM ET
Michigan State @ #22 Notre Dame
With 7-10 at the half and Notre Dame leading this looked as expected. Close and very defense driven.
OK, it did not change much in the second half, but Irish fans had to wait for relieve.

The Spartans did tie the score beginning of the 3rd quarter and Notre Dame did score beginning of the 4th quarter to 10-17.
Spartens did answer with a field goal.
Then did follow 10 min. of nail biting defense battle which ended without any additional points on the board.
Whoever likes such games, have fun.
Michigan State 13 - Notre Dame 17 -> Jacks Score: 13-5

Saturday, September 21 7:00 PM ET
#23 Arizona State @ #5 Stanford
And here are the most prominent losers of this week.
Arizona State did lose this one and dropped out of the rankings.
Unfortunately, the game was totally one sided.
The Cardinals led 0-29 before the Sun Devils did score.
That was in the second half.
End of the 3rd it was 7-39.

Still in the ranks to watch the game?
Then you were able to see the big comeback of the Sun Devils!
No bullshit!
Arizona State did cut the lead down to 28-39.
Somehow did they stop Stanford with 3-and-outs and did score quite fast.
6 min. to go and we had almost a ball game.
If only they would have stopped them another time.
Stanford marched down the field and ate 5:30 min. of the clock, kicked a field goal and that's that.
The season is not over for the Sun Devils, but if they want to win the division, they have to play better.
Arizona State 28 - Stanford 42 -> Jacks Score: 14-5

Saturday, September 21 7:45 PM ET
Auburn @ #6 LSU
Two things were interesting in this game.
First thing was LSU has a hell of a runningback.
Jeremy Hill did everything you wish a back to do.
He was the one to move the sticks and who did help LSU to win this one.
Second thing I learned is, Auburn is not ready yet, but with every game they get better and they won't just roll over and let the other SEC teams win against them.
I like it.

Against LSU it looked like it was over at the half. 0-21 for LSU.
Auburn did hold LSU for another TD in the 3rd, but managed to score twice in the same time. 14-28.
With 6:30 in the 4th it was 21-35. And THAT was the end of nice SEC football. It got very defense driven and it ended without any additional points.
LSU will meet Georgia and Auburn will meet Ole Miss next week. Jippie!
Auburn 21 - LSU 35 -> Jacks Score: 15-5

Saturday, September 21 8:00 PM ET
Kansas State @ Texas
I can't say Texas looks very good, but I have to admit the running game got good.
Johnathan Gray did keep them alive at any point and ran every down like it was 3rd and 1 against a goalline defense.
Kansas State did start awful.

First Quarter ended 0-10 and they did not get anything going on offense.
They were down 0-17, when they were able to score the first time. With those 10 points behind they went into the locker room.
They did have a critical turnover at the beginning of the third quarter and soon they were again 17 points behind.
In the 4th quarter did the Wildcats offense got more yards and they started to score regularly, but Kansas State was not able to stop Gray, so Texas almost answered every time.
Another two turnovers did seal the deal. Texas won and looks much better than last week, Kansas State did look bad.

We will see how they will do against the rest of the Big 12.
Kansas State 21 - Texas 31 -> Jacks Score: 15-6

Saturday, September 21 10:15 PM ET
Utah @ BYU
The Holy War did end a bit unspectacular.
In the 1st half did Utah score, BYU not.
Then, until the middle of the 4th quarter, did BYU still trail 6-20.
They got one good drive going and scored. 13-20.
5 min. to go, so the order was to stop Utah fast and then win the game.

The first part went well, but the intended scoring drive ended with an interception.
But still 1:37 on the clock. They stopped Utah again and then did ... suck with four incomplete passes in row. Game over.
I'm a bit disappointed of BYU. That team is NOT ready to compete for big Bowls.
Utah 20 - BYU 13 -> Jacks Score: 15-7

Friday, September 20 9:00 PM ET
Boise State @ #2 Fresno State
Hui, WHAT a close game. And the winner is ... Fresno State.
I was expecting a nice Broncos performance on defense, but that defense never showed up.

10-10 after the first quarter.
19-24 at the half.
26-34 after the 3rd quarter.
7 mins. To go and Boise State did suddenly lead 40-34.
The Bulldogs marched over the field and scored 40-41 with 2:14 left.
Easy with such an offense right?
But the drive ended at mid field and Fresno State was able to kneel down to run down the clock.
How could that happen?

To be honest, the defense wasn't that bad, the offense of Boise State did just deliver the ball to Fresno State on very bad field positions (bad from the Broncos point of view).
Boise State fans can only hope for a better concentrated team in the rest of the season.
Fresno State fans can hope for a big season.
Boise State 40 - Fresno State 41 -> Jacks Score: 15-8

Games of Interest

Clemson did beat NC State - Some expected the regular Tigers slump/upset for this game. They have to wait a bit longer.
Georgia Tech bested North Carolina - The Tar Heels did not look like contenders.
Virginia Tech did win against Marshall - 8 points are not much. I'm very concerned about the Hokies.
Middle Tennessee did top Florida Atlantic - Not much here you might think, but the Blue Raiders are now 3-1. Not bad for new team in the CUSA and former SBC club.
Kansas beats Louisiana Tech by 3 points - OK, Kansas did beat an FBS team now, after more than 2 seasons. Might be the last win of the season. LT has a problem.
Duke lost against Pitt - 58-55? Was any defense on the field? Bad signal for the Blue Devils, this doesn't look like a Bowl season.
Jacksonville State (FCS) beats Georgia State - OK; Georgia State is not a FBS powerhouse. In fact they are a former losing FCS team, so this result is no wonder. But still ... As a FBS team they should win this. Period.
USC won against Utah State - By 3 points .... This is awful. Let's see, how USC will do against the other PAC 12 big shots.
Tennessee falls against Florida - Vols not ready for the big SEC teams, but Florida did lose their starting QB. We will see if this throws the team out of bounds.
Maryland wins big against West Virginia - The Terrapins now 4-0, the Mountaineers are 2-2. Is that coach still save? West Virginia is not used to get beaten 37-0.
Rutgers beats Arkansas - Razorbacks not ready? Can't really judge that game. Rutgers might be quite good (but lost already to Fresno State) or Arkansas is not that good in rebounding?
Northern Illinois almost fell against Eastern Illinois (FCS) - 4 points are not much. At the end not many will remember such close win, since they won, but 4 points? Maybe EIU is so good?
UConn almost beat Michigan - That was close. The Wolverine did almost lost against a so far bad UConn team. I'm concerned over that Michigan Team.
UTSA beats UTEP - Not relevant? UTSA is a quite new team, 2nd season in the FBS and they are 2-2 at the moment. UTEP should be better, but wasn’t.
Washington State wins against Idaho - The Battle of the Palouse is easily won by Wazzu with 42-0. Both schools are only 8 miles apart from each other, including the state border between them.

‘Til next time

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