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I'm on vacation, so the review has to get a little bit shorter.

First of all, another coach was let go during the season, right after week 6 was over.

Don Treadwell, HC of Miami (Ohio) was released after his team lost against Central Michigan and fell to 0-5 for the season so far.
He had 2 years and 5 games to prove he was the right choice and did not deliver.

Second, this weekend was full of matchups of unbeaten teams and after the weekend, some teams are for sure surprised to stay unbeaten.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 6

Saturday, October 5 12:00 PM ET
#25 Maryland @ #8 Florida State
Maryland was an unbeaten team and boy did they get blasted by the Seminoles.
They had basically no chance to get anything going and lost by 9!! TDs.

This game was, if you are not a Seminoles fan in and out, so lame. Sorry for putting it up here.
Maryland 0 - Florida State 63 -> Jacks Score: 21-9

Saturday, October 5 8:00 PM ET
#4 Ohio State @ #16 Northwestern
This was waaaaaaaaay better.
Northwestern had Ohio State almost down, but the Buckeyes came back and did do their thing good enough to win this.

The results does sound not that close as it was. In fact did Ohio State score a TD with time running out, because they recovered a dropped lateral in the endzone.
Ohio State made some big mistakes and did turn the ball over quite often, but were able to compensate this.

Northwestern looks very good and I'm curious to see them playing Wisconsin next week.
Ohio State 40 - Northwestern 30 -> Jacks Score: 22-9

Saturday, October 5 10:30 PM ET
#15 Washington @ #5 Stanford
At the end did Stanford win and I think they were a bit lucky here.
Washington was very good, except the special team unit which allowed the return TD right on the kick off.

They had almost the chance to win this, but were not able to move the ball in the last few minutes, so Stanford was able to run down the clock and win it.
Looks like the PAC 12 North is very interesting this season.
Washington 28 - Stanford 31 -> Jacks Score: 23-9

Saturday, October 5 7:00 PM ET
#24 Ole Miss @ Auburn
Ah my upset tip and I was right!

Ole Miss did play well, but not so well as Auburn.
Bottom line was, Ole Miss was not able to stop the Auburn QB Nick Marshall who had not 100 yards through the air, but 140 yards on the ground.
Auburn looks dangerous enough to upset more teams in the SEC.
We will see.

Ole Miss did lose 2 in a row, not the result they expected.
Ole Miss 22 - Auburn 30 -> Jacks Score: 24-9

Saturday, October 5 7:30 PM ET
#22 Arizona State vs Notre Dame at AT&T STADIUM in ARLINGTON, Texas
Notre Dame was able to keep the Shamrock Series alive with 5 consecutive wins over the years against different opponents outside of South Bend.
ASU was able to stay in the game, for almost the entire 4 quarters, but a late turnover for a pick six did cost them too much.

Notre Dame looked good enough here, but I'm not sure if they will win all remaining games except the Stanford game, which will be for sure close.
They play some quality opponents like Pitt and BYU and we will see, if they have enough spirit to win all those games for a good record and Bowl.

Arizona State has to focus on the PAC 12 South now.
Everything still possible.
Arizona State 34 - Notre Dame 37 -> Jacks Score: 25-9

Saturday, October 5 8:00 PM ET
West Virginia @ #17 Baylor
OK, now everybody is talking about Baylor for sure.
73 points against West Virginia?
Only hope for opponents is, they allowed 42.
That's too much.

Both teams still have to play some of the big teams of the Big 12 or even all of them, so it will be funny to watch.
West Virginia 42 - Baylor 73 -> Jacks Score: 26-9

Games of Interest

Texas won by 1 point against Iowa State - I think the Longhorns got lucky on that one, but at the end, nobody will ask for that.
UCLA did hold off Utah - surprisingly open game, UCLA was lucky to pull that one away.
San Diego State won against Nevada - The Wolfpack has some trouble, are now 3-3.
Navy won against Air Force - Not much of a surprise, but since Air Force was supposed to be a bit better ... They were not.
Penn State lost against Indiana - wow, that's huge. The Hoosiers ended a 16!! game losing streak against the Nittany Lions.
Ball State won against Virginia - Looks like a down year for the Cavaliers. Again.
Michigan State won against Iowa - If I would be a Hawkeye fan, I would just be crazy. No consistency at all since ages.
sMU loses against Rutgers by 3 - Total points in the game: 107! Rutgers defense was supposed to be good.
Virginia Tech beats North Carolina - Now do the Tar Heels look like pushovers. Something is terrible wrong there.
Wake Forest beats North Carolina State - Nice close game. NC State quite good in rebuilding mode, but far from being finished.
Oklahoma State wins a close one against Kansas State - I'm still not sure what to make out of this Cowboys.
Rice tops Tulsa - Tulsa was supposed to be a bit better than 1-4. Rice now 3-2.
Georgia escapes the Vols in OT - THAT was close. Georgia is not very consistent, but still the best bet for the division champ.
Tulane beats North Texas - The Green wave is now 4-2!
Washington State wins against Cal - Wazzu now 4-2. Cal needs help.
FIU does overcome Southern Miss by 1 point - The Golden Eagles now 0-5.
South Florida beats Cincinnati - First win for the Bulls this season.
Oklahoma almost fell to TCU - Close game, but the Sooners did win by 3.
Louisiana Lafayette wins against Texas State - For me, the Ragin' Cajuns do look like the SBC champs at the moment.
Missouri beats Vanderbilt - Mizzou now 5-0. I think for now the Tigers fans are happy.
South Carolina tops Kentucky - Their Star-DL did sit out the game for probably no real reason, except not getting hurt, but the Gamecocks did win anyway.
Louisiana Tech wins against UTEP - They were lucky I think. By 3 points.

‘Til next time

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