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Man, I was wrong this weekend on some teams.

But the good thing in that is, it stays open who plays for which Bowls and Conference Championships.

It's almost halftime on the schedule and some teams already qualified for Bowl games.

But in Conference games for most teams it's far from halftime and there are a lot of games to play.

Remember, there are normally 12 games in total per team, and 7-9 games of that are conference games.

Most team now have 6-7 games played and the first 3-4 were non conference games.

Means most teams have only 2-4 conference games played. Some even only have played only one so far.

Of cause this will change in the next few weeks and by week 10 (of 15 weeks) it really gets hotter.

Still every week counts and some teams might have wished for a second chance this week.

Now let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 7

Saturday, October 12 12:00 PM ET
#25 Missouri @ #7 Georgia
It was a nice game where most of the time Mizzou did outplay Georgia. At least a bit.
The Tigers had a very good quarter in the 2nd, Georgia responed in the 3rd a bit and beginning of the 4th the game was 28-26 after a Georgia score.
Mizzouri did answer and they never stopped.
They won fair and square and made a nice jump in the rankings.
Next for them is Flordia and the Tigers are without their starting QB.
Georgia faces Vanderbilt.
Missouri 41 - Georgia 26 -> Jacks Score: 26-10

Saturday, October 12 12:00 PM ET
#12 Oklahoma vs. Texas played in the Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TeXas
This went totally different than expected.
Mack Brown saved his job for sure here.
10-23 to the half?
13-36 beginning of the 4th?
Oklahoma was not able to do much and they lost as the worse team on that day.
Texas now 4-2 with 3-0 in the Big 12.
Oklahoma is 5-1 but 2-1 in the Big 12.
Looks like the Big 12 will be interesting this season, with no real dominant team so far.
Might be Texas wins it all, but the 2 losses will keep them out of the national championship picture, at least as long as all other leading teams do not suck big time.
Oklahoma 20 - Texas 36 -> Jacks Score: 26-11

Saturday, October 12 3:30 PM ET
#17 Florida @ #10 LSU
LSU managed to rise to the highest ranked team of the SEC behind Alabama.
The win against Florida helped them to rank #6 (Georgias loss did help of cause).
They will have to play Alabama and Texas A&M in November which might shake up the whole division again.
Florida did lose this low scoring game on defense and they will face some more tough teams in the next few games, Mizzou, Georgia AND South Carolina are all not played yet.
For Flordia a big help was the Georgia loss two, but they now have to win against above mentioned teams, otherwise it gets impossible to reach the SEC Championship game.
Cant't wait to see those games.
Florida 6 - LSU 17 -> Jacks Score: 27-11

Saturday, October 12 3:30 PM ET
#19 Northwestern @ Wisconsin
That was a nice statement of the Badgers.
I can't say if Northwestern was still tired or Wisconsin so much better, but Northwestern never stood a chance.
This is more or less uninportant, as long as Ohio State wins, but the Badgers stayed in the hunt for the division.
Northwestern has to get his game right again, they are way better than the 0-2 conference record might tell you.
Remaining schedules are much easier than the past few weeks and will result for both teams in some win.
Northwestern 6 - Wisconsin 35 -> Jacks Score: 27-12

Saturday, October 12 4:00 PM ET
#2 Oregon @ #16 Washington
As expected was Oregon 1 or 2 gears to fast for Washington.
But that game showed that Oregon is beatable, if a teams is a bit faster on defense and a bit tougher on offense.
Having Alabama in mind, that looks at the moment like a nice final setup.
Wahsington was behind at the half (at home!) 21-7 and they came closer beginning the fourth to 31-24.
But that one score was easily stretched to 3 scores behind and Washington fell to the Ducks as expected.
Beside some supposed to be wins where they might stumble the Ducks will face UCLA and Stanford soon.
An don't forget the Civil War against the Beavers.
Washington will face UCLA, too in a few week, but before that some unranked PAC 12 foes.
Oregon 45 - Washington 24 -> Jacks Score: 28-12

Saturday, October 12 3:30 PM ET
East Carolina @ Tulane
And the Green wave won in OT!
They are the leading team in the CUSA West at the moment.
If they stay in the game and the 2nd team does the same, Tulane @ Rice will decide the division, end of the season.
That sounds so odd, I can't believe it.
But many games to play until then, so anything can happen.
East Carolina is now one game behind the leader (Marshall) in the East and might have to decide THAT division also on the final gameday against Marshall on the road.
East Carolina 33 - Tulane 36 (OT) -> Jacks Score: 29-12

Games of Interest

Rutgers fell to Louisville on Thursday - Louisville looks like they will cruise through the Amercian Conference. Looks like Houston is the toughest opponent left, but I'm not sure about that.
USC won against Arizona - Interims Coach Orgeron did win his debut behind a very nice offense.
Michigan State won against Indiana - I'm not sure what to make out of Indiana, they win an lose more or less randomly. The Spartans now lead the after the surprising Michigan loss.
Virginia Tech keeps on winning, this time against Pitt - In 3 weeks they play Miami. THAT looks like the division deciding game.
Texas Tech tops Iowa State - The Red Raiders now 6-0 and 3-0 in the Big 12. WTF?
Duke wins against Navy - Navy does look quite week this season.
Auburn wins against Western Carolina (FCS) - Not a big deal, but with that win did the SEC put 8 teams in the TOP 25 rankings with Auburn being at spot #24 as last one. 8 teams of one conference is a record.
Ohio falls to central Michigan - And there goes eventually the chance for the MAC finals for the Bobcats.
Maryland wins a close one against Virginia - Cavaliers are not good, but they do not quit. I like that.
Wyoming won against New Mexico - The Cowboys are now .... the leaders of the MWC Mountain Division with one game before Boise State. But they will face Boise State and Fresno State in November.
Penn State won against Michigan in 4!!! OT - tough game, with some luck for the Lions. 50 ticks left in the regular game, they were behind 1 score. 30 ticks later it was tied. Michigan came in FG-range (52 yarder), but the kick was not good. 1st OT, Penn State missed their FG, Michigan could end the game with a FG, but Penn State blocked it! 2nd OT, both teams made FGs. 3rd OT, Penn State fumbled and turned the ball over! But Michigan missed the 33 yard FG! 4th OT, Michian kicked a FG and Penn State, on 4th and 1 went for the 1st down and got it, stayed alive and at the end scored a TD. I think those fans of Penn State did need new underpants after that.
Utah upsets Stanford - The Cardinals were not able to use their chances and the Utes just kicked them out of the national title hunt.
BYU beats Georgia Tech - BYU strong this season, except that Virginia loss at the start.
Bowling Green loses against Mississippi State by 1 point - Not bad for a MAC team.
Oregon State beats Washington State - The Beavers looked very good. Looks like they are on track again.

‘Til next time

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