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The now unemployed Carl Pelini seemed to have taken more drugs than just pot. There are reports regarding cocaine use.
If this is true, then this gets a different taste.
I'm still not sure if a school should just push the eject button on a coach like this (or make him resign ...) but this is of cause more serious.
I think if everyone just has been truthful and they would have taken steps to get this cleared, there wouldn't have been the need for such resignation.
Or maybe I'm too friendly to a US-society?
Florida is not that open minded as you think, having many republican leaders in the past.
But I really can't anticipate how they would react on such an event.
Image Pelini would agree for treatments, would ask for a second chance?
Would the public grant it?
I'm sure they would. They will. Pelini will step on another field someday and for sure he will not be run out of town by a mop before the first season game.

Anyway, we have a few weeks left for football and we have still some upsets waiting.
For some coaches the clock is ticking.
Several web sites do have hot seat lists, ranking the coaches from 1 for most likely to get fired to 125 for safest coach of the FBS.
My guess is that about 10-15 spots of fired coaches will come up.
Some might be stuffed by the interims coaches in place. Some will be stuffed by smaller school coaches, leaving those position open.
Expect another 25-30 new coaches in schools.

This season it does not look that crowded in the "next big thing" department, like the last few seasons.
Biggest surprise for me are the Buffalo Bulls under Jeff Quinn.
They are 6-2 and 4-0 in the MAC so far and are primed to play in the MAC Championship game, if they keep on winning.
He could be on someone’s list.
We will see.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 10:

Saturday, November 2 8:00 PM ET
#7 Miami @ #3 Florida State
It was an open game until halftime.
Miami trailed 1 score and it looked OK.
But Duke Johnson, Miami’s RB, did break his ankle and FSU did turn up the speed.
Miami’s offense was no longer able to move the ball and FSU did score and score.
At the end a clear Seminoles win.
There are still some teams left to hunt the Hurricanes down and get into the ACC Championship game, but it looks unlikely Miami will NOT play against FSU again, in the big game.
They probably will then lose again ...
Miami 14 - Florida State 41 -> Jacks Score: 37-17

Saturday, November 2 7:00 PM ET
Tennessee @ #9 Missouri
The curse is broken!
I picked Mizzou and they won!
The game ended 3-31, so nothing special to talk about, except that Mizzou rebounded from their loss and answered with a never open game.
With Kentucky, Ole Miss and Texas A&M as remaining games, it will be tough for the Tigers to win the division, if they lose another game.
South Carolina is only one game behind and they do only have to play Florida. Also not easy, but if they win THAT game, and Mizzou stumbles, the might sneak into the SEC final.
Tennessee 3 - Missouri 31 -> Jacks Score: 38-17

Saturday, November 2 7:00 PM ET
#18 Oklahoma State @ #15 Texas Tech
I picked the Cowboys and they I was right.
Texas Tech is not ready for the BIG show, but with a new coach in his first season, the hopes for Red Raiders fans are high for the future.
Oklahoma State is together with Oklahoma right behind the two leading teams, Texas and Baylor.
It looks unlikely one of the unbeaten teams will fall before their direct competition on last gameday, but you never know.
The Big 12 looks nice this season.
Oklahoma State 52 - Texas Tech 34 -> Jacks Score: 39-17

Saturday, November 2 3:30 PM ET
#21 Michigan @ #22 Michigan State
OK, NOW I believe in the Spartans.
Well ... I still believe they won't win the Big 10, but they are primed to win the division and with that defense it will be interesting to see them play Ohio State in the Big 10 Championship game.
Michigan was held to .... 168 yards in total with ... -48 yards in rushing!
The majority of those minus yardage was run by the Michigan QB, who often had nowhere to go and was gang tackled several times.
In THAT rivalry this is big.
The Spartans will live from that win for years ... decades.
The Spartans still have to play Nebraska on the road, so nothing is secured yet, but the Huskers are not the Huskers of the past, so this game is manageable.
Michigan 6 - Michigan State 29 -> Jacks Score: 40-17

Saturday, November 2 12:00 PM ET
#24 Wisconsin @ Iowa
Not as close as expected did the Badgers win against Iowa.
Iowa had no real chance to win this and Wisconsin is still one of the best teams with 2 losses.
I don't think they have a chance to win the division, with Ohio having one game in front and one win against Wisconsin in the pocket.
They will play for one of the big Bowls and their Rose Bowl series will end this season.
Iowa has another mid-level to lower level season, but as it looks now, the coach is safe, again.
Wisconsin 28 - Iowa 9 -> Jacks Score: 41-17

Friday, November 1 2013 9:00 PM ET
USC @ Oregon State
The Beavers did fall to the Trojans, which was not only a surprise for me, it was not even close!
It looks like the Interims Coach likes to keep the job, which might happen, or not.
For the Beavers there is only a chance to annoy some more teams for the rest of the season, the hunt for the PAC 12 North is over.
USC secured a Bowl bid with that win, which will help them to rebuild, with which ever coach will be on the side-line next season.
USC 31 - Oregon State 14 -> Jacks Score: 42-17

Games of Interest

North Texas won against Rice - The CUSA is still open for grab and there are no real leading candidates. Of cause some teams are eliminated already, but with so many teams winning and losing against supposed to be "stronger" teams, everything is possible.
Boston College won against Virginia Tech - VT did almost eliminate itself from the ACC division race. A loss against BC AND Duke? How should they top Miami?
North Carolina bests North Carolina State - Not a real surprise, but NC State was supposed to be better and the Tar Heels did play bad the few weeks in the past. A turnaround?
Syracuse blanks Wake Forest - A mid field ACC game. Syracuse still in the game for a bowl bid.
Georgia wins against Florida - This game went totally under the radar for me, since both teams fell from the ranks. A supposed to be deciding SEC division matchup became a more or less irrelevant game.
Notre Dame was almost beaten by Navy - That was a scare for Irish fans. Normally Navy gets blasted by the Irish, but this season they won only by 4 points.
Nebraska won against Northwestern - Close game, Northwestern looks like they always get the short end of the stick, regardless of the opponent.
UTSA won against Tulsa - That did hurt for sure. Tulsa is used to win big games and they have a down season. Losing against a 2nd year FBS team ... Hurts.
West Virginia wins against TCU - Both teams are not completely BIG 12 teams since a long time and do battle for survival. WV might get a bowl bid, looks like TCU is out of scope already.
Florida Atlantic won against Tulane - Right after Pelinis exist FAU wins against one of the better teams of the conference ... Tulane loses the first time a CUSA match in this season.
Auburn beats Arkansas - No surprise, but Auburn is now #2 in their division, right behind Alabama and the Iron Bowl is only a few weeks away.

‘Til next time

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