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Ron English, the now former HC of Eastern Michigan, was fired on Friday.
He was on the eject seat anyway, with a 11-46 mark over 5 years, but now it's twisted the way he was fired, because he used homosexual slurs during a DB-team meeting.
As much as the tide is turning to the political correct behaviour corner for coaches and other official members of college football teams, really doubt THAT was the reason.
It might be NOW the reason to avoid compensations towards English, but for sure he was not fired for slurring. Not even in that context.
If he did slur that way, he did it over years, since nobody STARTS slurring that way out of the blue in a team meeting.
Anyway ... the FBS has one new open coaching position (this one was highly expected).
By the way ... right after English was fired did Eastern Michigan WIN their first MAC game of the season .... Well ....

It was a bad week for my picks.
I did basically pick almost every game wrong ...
At least we now have (at the moment) a clear #1 vs #2 punch. Oh no .. there is still Ohio State … Looks like the Buckeyes might get snubbed.

I will try to round up the conferences next week, still some open spots and almost every conference is open for more than 2 teams.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 11:

Thursday, November 7 7:30 PM ET
#10 Oklahoma @ #6 Baylor
Baylor made a statement here.
They have a strong schedule for the rest of the season, but beating Oklahoma did show they are totally in the mix for the Big 12 Championship.
Biggest threats are still Oklahoma State and Texas.
We might get a deciding game at the last gameday vs Texas.
THAT would be fun, seeing Baylor win it all against Texas.
Oklahoma has to settle for a upper half spot in the conference, but with 2 losses behind Baylor and Texas, having lost against BOTH teams, there is only a theoretical chance for a conference win.
Oklahoma 12 - Baylor 41 -> Jacks Score: 43-17

Thursday, November 7 9:00 PM ET
#3 Oregon @ #5 Stanford
I'm amazing regarding the final result.
I think the Ducks are still confused how they sucked that one up.
I tell you how.
They just sucked 3 quarter and 3:20 min. Then they were able to score their first points (after 26 Stanford points until then).
Suddenly the Ducks woke up and did score, stopped Stanford (by blocking a field goal and scoring on the return), recovered an onside kick, scored again, and then ran out of luck by NOT recovering the next onside kick.
Well ... even that impressive comeback attempt did just show that either Stanford’s defensive coordinators did wonders or the Oregon offense coordinators did suck big time this game.
Way to slow, way too much pressure on the QB, way too one dimensional ...
Well, we won't see Oregon on the BCS final, probably not even in the PAC 12 final.
Stanford just has to win the last 2 PAC 12 games (USC and Cal) and will play the South winner.
They are not set yet, but they look like the real deal. That USC game won't be easy, it's on the road and USC is getting better.
We might see an upset their and Oregon can send flowers to south California.
Oregon 20 - Stanford 26 -> Jacks Score: 43-18

Saturday, November 9 3:30 PM ET
Nebraska @ Michigan
It was a game you want to see as a Big 10 fan. Close, defense driven.
2 min. left in the game Nebraska did score for the 4 point lead.
Michigan gets the ball.
They started to get some yards, but way to slow with way to few yards.
A min. left, Nebraska got the ball back, ran out the clock and that's that.
Winning in the big house in front of 112 thousand Michigan fans? THAT'S big.
Brady Hoke got his first home loss with Michigan since he took over.
It destroyed their last hope for a Big 10 title this season.
Nebraska keeps their hopes alive to win the division.
3 games left and the most important will be next week against Michigan State.
Nebraska 17 - Michigan 13 -> Jacks Score: 43-19

Saturday, November 9 7:00 PM ET
Virginia Tech @ #11 Miami
You have to give the Hokies credit for THAT win.
OK, fine, the Hurricanes were sloppy, lost two fumbles and did basically almost nothing on offense.
But winning THAT big against Miami IN MIAMI ...
I said Virginia Tech has a plan, winning that game and winning the next 2. That way, winning the division and then ...maybe ... winning the conference.
Step one accomplished.
They have to hope for a Georgia Tech loss next week against Clemson, but that looks quite good for now.
Maryland and Virginia do also look beatable ...
VT looks primed for the championship game (at the moment).
What's left for Miami?
If they win against Duke and VT AND GT stumble, they get back into the mix.
They still have a tough game left, against Pitt.
Virginia Tech 42 - Miami 24 -> Jacks Score: 43-20

Saturday, November 9 7:00 PM ET
Houston @ #21 UCF
Hey, I picked that right.
I expected a high scoring game, but it was more or less defense driven and the Golden Knights did win. (Sorry, for me they are still "golden")
Now UCF can win the American on their own, but with 4 games left to play there is still room for upsets and second chances.
But since they already have beaten the two best teams, they are now the favourites to win it all.
Houston dropped a few spots behind Louisville and will have to win from now on to get back into the mix.
Houston 14 - UCF 19 -> Jacks Score: 44-20

Saturday, November 9 8:00 PM ET
#13 LSU @ #1 Alabama
It was NOT the big showdown as anticipated.
It was a more or less open game until the 4th quarter, with LSU trailing 10 points.
But 10 points against Alabama?
At the end it was much more and LSU was never able t score again.
It looks like Alabama is marching to the BCS final without any real treat on their way.
I still hope for the Iron Bowl, but as it looks at the moment, Alabama is a league of their own.
LSU 17 - Alabama 38 -> Jacks Score: 45-20

Games of Interest

Ohio did lose against Buffalo - That more or less ends any championship dreams the Bobcats might have left. Now with 2 losses the odds are bad for a division championship.
New Mexico won against Air Force - The Falcons are winless in the MWC. The Lobos got by this win their first MWC win this season.
Vanderbilt did beat Florida - This is huge. Vanderbilt did not win against Florida since ... 1988 and they did not win against Florida IN FLORIDA since .. 1945! Boom. That's how to get a place in the heart of the fans ...For Florida’s HC it's a disaster.
Minnesota wins against Penn State - The Gophers still have chances for the division win.
Kansas State beats Texas Tech - The Red Raiders did now lose 3 in a row.
Western Michigan loses against Eastern Michigan - First win for Eastern Michigan in the MAC. With a fresh named interims coach ....
UTSA beats Tulane - UTSA with only 2 losses in the CUSA so far.
Syracuse wins against Maryland - Maryland did start the season well, but is now still not Bowl eligible
Wisconsin tops BYU - Wisconsin keeps on winning and works his way back into the rankings
Duke wins against NC State - Duke now with ... 7!!! Wins.
Arizona State did almost fell to Utah - The Sun Devils stay on top of the PAC 12
Idaho loses against Old Dominion - Old Dominion with a strong season, which is a transition to the FBS level
Arkansas State beats ULM - Arkansas State looks like the lonely contender behind ULL for the SBC
Pitt wins against Notre Dame - Welcome to reality. The Irish will lose at least one more time this season.
San Diego State tops San Diego State - The Aztecs did take care of the competition.

‘Til next time

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