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It happened!
Kansas did win against a Big 12 team. First time since ... November 2010!
Kansas Fans had to sit through 27! Defeats inside the conference.
Charlie Weis has now 3 wins for this season and there are still 2 games to play.
I'm not sure this will save his job, but if so, and he can add a few more wins next season ....
Another very surprising issue, Duke has not only 8 wins now, no, they are DIVISION leader.
They might win it!
We will have to be patient, but they do have a real chance to win it.
I'm wondering what's going on in all the other athletic departments in that division right now ....
I mean, Duke won against Miami, the U brought down by those basketball players?
I like that.

I also like the direction of the season.
It looks like many conferences and divisions are quite open thanks to a wide spread competitive field.
Anyone seems to be able to win against anyone (except UConn, Miami (OH), Hawaii, Georgia State and Southern Miss, they did not win once ..)
But there are 6 teams left being unbeaten, which is very much for that time of the season.
Last season at that time it was only Notre Dame.
The sad part is, it might happen that ALL of the 6 teams will stay unbeaten, since they are all from different conferences.

There are 4 teams unbeaten placed 1-4 in the BCS.
Which is worth the BCS final?
There is a bit hope for some upsets in the remaining games, but it might happen all of those 4 will stay unbeaten and then some computers and some coaches will decide which teams will be left out.
That will probably chance next season.
In that constellation, I'm, sure all 4 would be selected for the semi-finals.
I would like that idea.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 12:

Thursday, November 14 7:30 PM ET
Georgia Tech @ #8 Clemson
As expected did Georgia Tech lose.
But they still can win the division, by hoping for some more upsets like they happened this week.
The division is far from over.
Clemson can hope for a BCS bowl, but I doubt the get a spot.
FSU might play in the BCS final; the OTHER ACC championship team (like GT or even Duke) will take the automatic bid, right?
And then getting ANOTHER ACC team in a BCS Bowl?
Not easy.
Georgia Tech 31 - Clemson 55 -> Jacks Score: 46-20

Saturday, November 16 3:30 PM ET
#25 Georgia @ #7 Auburn
Auburn did almost fall, but they did not.
Georgia came back for a 38-37 lead, 1:49 left on the clock.
Auburn was 4th and 18 on their own 27 yard line.
What to do?
Why not hit the end zone with a 73 yard TD?
Georgia did made it BACK to Auburns 20 yard line but was then not able to score a TD, Auburn won.
Can't wait for the damn Iron Bowl.
Decides the division, who had thought THAT start of the season?
Georgia 38 - Auburn 43 -> Jacks Score: 47-20

Saturday, November 16 3:30 PM ET
#16 Michigan State @ Nebraska
Interesting match with a clear winner.
The Huskers did fumble too often and the turnovers did kill them.
They game was more or less open until the 4th quarter, but at the end Michigan State prevailed.
Now they can almost for sure plan for the Big 10 Championship game.
They would need to lose all remaining games and whoever wants their spot has to win all remaining games.
Not completely nuts, but unlikely.
Michigan State 41 - Nebraska 28 -> Jacks Score: 48-20

Saturday, November 16 3:30 PM ET
#12 Oklahoma State @ #24 Texas
Deep inside my guts I knew I picked the wrong team.
Texas did lose too much by losing their RB.
Oklahoma State did come into their stadium and the Cowboys did take care of the Longhorns.
Tough cookie for the Longhorns fans, not all is lost, but if Baylor loses at some gameday, a split conference championship is the most to hope for.
Oklahoma State has to keep winning. But Baylor and Oklahoma are not THAT easy, even at home.
I like the Big 12 this season.
Oklahoma State 38 - Texas 13 -> Jacks Score: 48-21

Saturday, November 16 7:00 PM ET
Florida @ #10 South Carolina
South Carolina did take care of Florida in a very defense kind of way.
Not many points, not much offense plays.
Good news for the Gamecocks: They are done with the tough SEC games.
Bad news for them, Missouri has 1 loss less.
Good news: Missouri has to play Texas A&M and IF they lose, South Carolina can sneak in as Division champ.
For Florida there is only one meaningful game left: Florida State.
I think it would be the greatest win for them to kick them out of the BCS final.
Florida 14 - South Carolina 19 -> Jacks Score: 49-21

Saturday, November 16 8:00 PM ET
#4 Stanford @ USC
Haha! I picked right!
I think Stanford can still feel the kick, the field goal kick which won the game for USC and which did hurt so much in the Cardinals family jewels.
Stanford did almost win.
They trailed 7-17 in the 2nd quarter, 10-17 at halftime.
Tied the game in the 3rd, had also a blocked FG in the 3rd.
Were in the USC red zone in the 4th, but were intercepted.
They came USC 3 minutes to go, marched the complete field, kept the drive alive with a 4th and 2 play, kicked a FG and won.
The crowd went nuts.
Now Stanford has to wait for an Oregon loss (which might happen, but probably not) and USC might even win the south division.
I love it.
The PAC 12 got a bit more open by this upset.
Stanford 17 - USC 20 -> Jacks Score: 50-21

Games of Interest

Cincinnati won against Rutgers - Now Cincinnati kept his chances for a AAC championship alive, Rutgers dropped out.
UCF did almost fell to Temple - Hard to imagine, but the tough UCF were basically beaten. An amazing catch for a score did keep them in the game. A FG did seal the deal.
Kansas won the first Big 12 game against West Virginia - 27 losses in a row in the big 12. Now they have a win. Kansas might get into the right direction.
Boston College did win against NC State - Tough year for NC State. 0-7 inside the ACC.
North Carolina did beat Pitt - Pitt won against Notre Dame last week and I never thought of them losing at home against the Tar Heels. Well, they did.
Virginia Tech lost against Maryland - I think this was the last chance for VT. All was set for a division title and then you lose AT HOME against Maryland? You suck!
Washington State won against Arizona - Wazzou is heading into the right direction.
Michigan won against Northwestern - I was sure Northwestern would win this, but Michigan won in 3 OT ....
Miami lost against Duke - I'm still stunned.
Colorado won against Cal - Colorado with the first PAC 12 win since Sep 2012.
Memphis won against South Florida - First win for them against an AAC team.
UTEP won against FIU - First win against a CUSA team for UTEP.
Nevada did beat San Jose State - The Spartans are now out of the division competition.

‘Til next time

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