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The regular season is almost over and still some unexpected things do happen.
This week we saw several.

First thing, most shocking: Florida did lose AT HOME against an FCS team. Even if Georgia Southern will be a FBS team in the near future, one thing should NEVER happen: Losing as a SEC team AT HOME against a FCS team on gameday 12.
If you lose on the 1 day of the season, you might excuse it as "not in synch" which might be right, but STILL is a bad one by that matchup, but in week 12 there is NO excuse.
Will Muschamp should better have some credits left, because at the moment the Gators community is for sure not happy.

Second thing: Oregon sucked up big time. How dump can you (as a team) be?
They wanted to play for national championship and lost against Stanford. OK, fine. Was an away game and not a blowout. Maybe the aim was too high.
Then Stanford stumbled AGAIN (after their Utah loss, they lost against USC) and Oregon was back in the PAC 12 championship mix.
Win and you are in. What did they do? Losing in a blowout against a then 6-4 Arizona team!
Man .... Fine, I don't have any feeling for or against a Oregon team in the game.
But I'm asking myself, what happened to that dynamic Offense?

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 13:

Saturday, November 23 12:00 PM ET
Duke @ Wake Forest
Duke is almost in the ACC championship game. The now have as much win as the ever had as all-time high.
IF they want in the championship game, they need to win one more time.
Problem with that: They have to win on the road against Basketball-Arch-Rival North Carolina.
THAT ... WILL ... BE ... TOUGH.
OK, maybe I'm putting more weight into this than it has.
Still, a nice situation for such a game.
Duke 28 - Wake Forest 21 -> Jacks Score: 51-21

Saturday, November 23 3:30 PM ET
#12 Texas A&M @ #22 LSU
There goes the last discussion regarding a Heisman-Repeat for Johnny Manziel.
If you lose it won't get easier, if you lose big ... I'm sure you can make a nice formula out of this.
Bottom line is, he has almost ZERO chance for a repeat.
If he had won this, he would skyrocket, but losing ... means dropping.
LSU did everything right, they kept him in check and then it was check mate. lol.
LSU at home is still .... LSU at home.
Manziel will announce his pro-plans (or staying plans) before the Bowl game.
Texas A&M 10 - LSU 34 -> Jacks Score: 52-21

Saturday, November 23 3:30 PM ET
#19 Wisconsin @ #25 Minnesota
Minnesota had a very nice turnaround in that season, but they are a bit away from being a team like Wisconsin.
We might see something like that next season, but this season it's still Buckeyes, Badgers and then the rest.
Minnesota had not many chances and they did only score on an interception return.
So, Paul Bunyan's Axe goes to Wisconsin for the 10th time in a row but Minnesota is still leading by 1 win.
For the Badgers the season is almost over, they have to play a more or less meaningless game against Penn State and then they play in one of the mid major bowls.
The Gophers do also have play a meaningless game against the Spartans on the road and will play a Bowl.
Wisconsin 20 - Minnesota 7 -> Jacks Score: 53-21

Saturday, November 23 7:00 PM ET
#17 Arizona State @ #14 UCLA
It was not a boring game.
Both teams did fight for the teeth and at the end Arizona State did win.
Now they will face Stanford in the PAC 12 championship game, since Oregon didn't want to play (as it seems).
Coach Mora will have to get his team together for the 3rd season and then we might see something special.
The Sun Devils now have to rematch Stanford and have to prepare better than last time when they lost.
But before that they have to play rival Arizona next week.
UCLA plays USC next week.
Arizona State 38 - UCLA 33 -> Jacks Score: 53-22

Saturday, November 23 7:45 PM ET
#8 Missouri @ #24 Ole Miss
To make this short, the Tigers are still in the mix for the SEC championship game and Ole Miss has some work left to do to become a football power again.
Tigers will face Texas A&M at home.
Ole Miss plays rival Mississippi State.
Missouri 24 - Ole Miss 10 -> Jacks Score: 54-22

Saturday, November 23 8:00 PM ET
#4 Baylor @ #10 Oklahoma State
Wow, I didn’t expect that.
The dynamic Baylor offense was left in Baylor and didn't show up.
Oklahoma did stomp on Baylor and got the first place spot by default then.
Two meaningful games left now.
Baylor @ Texas and Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State.
3 teams do now have 1 loss and only Texas can win the Big 12 alone if Baylor and Oklahoma State fall.
Baylor 17 - Oklahoma State 49 -> Jacks Score: 55-22

Games of Interest

Kent State won against Ohio - Kent State won 2 in a row and they might go into the right direction. Ohio with a bad season.
Northern Illinois won against Toledo - Division Title won for NIU. Next week will decide the opponent.
UCF did win against Rutgers - Still some work to do for UCF.
Navy did win against San Jose State - Close game with at least for me a surprising winner.
Michigan State beats Northwestern - The Spartans clinched the Division.
Duke won against Wake Forest - Still one win needed for the Blue Devils for the Division win.
Houston lost against Cincinnati - The Bearcats keep the gap close to UCF.
Iowa won against Michigan - Brady Hoke will get some pressure here. This team was supposed to win big. Now they are 7-4.
Illinois wins against Purdue - 1 team was destined to get it's first Big 10 win. The Illini got it.
Mississippi State won against Arkansas - The Razorbacks do still have a long way to go for a rebuild.
East Carolina overcame North Carolina State - Bad season for NC State. Losing against a CUSA team?
Georgia Southern won against Florida - Big win for Georgia Southern. Florida on an all-season low.
Arizona wins against Oregon - BIG win for many teams in the Pac 12. Unbelievable.
Ohio State wins against Indiana - Not a big news, but Ohio State win the Division.
Nebraska wins against Penn State - Penn State lost at home!
UTSA won against North Texas - UTSA has a big season
Washington State won against Utah - Bowl eligibility reached for Wazzou.
Utah State won against Colorado State - Utah State has the best chances for the division title.
Fresno State wins against New Mexico - Division title won by Fresno State
South Alabama beats ULM - Looks like ULL has two big games left, ULM AND South Alabama
UConn beats Temple - First win for UConn
Boise State loses against San Diego State - The division title is now a bit away for the Broncos.
Washington won big against Oregon State - unbelievable big win.

‘Til next time

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