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Only one week left to decide the remaining open spots regarding Bowl eligibility and conference championships. And of cause the #1 and #2 spot in the BCS.

This weekend saw one of the wildest games I ever have seen. The Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn did finish in a very unique last play, historic.
The consequences did not only affect the SEC but also the whole BCS.

A different story this weekend was the coaching search of USC.
They seem to eyes Boise States Chris Petersen, who did turn down several request from other schools in the past, and Vanderbilt James Franklin.
USC is optimistic to finish the HC search this week.
One HC is out of work right after the weekend. Wyoming did fire Dave Christensen after another 5-7 season. He was 27-34 with the Cowboys.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 14:

Saturday, November 23 12:00 PM ET
#3 Ohio State @ Michigan
That game was intense. Several ejections and a very close game in the big house.
The game was tied going into halftime and in the 3rd did Ohio State score twice for a 35-21 lead.
Not yet. Michigan scored as response and did recover a fumble during the second play of the next Ohio State drive.
The Wolverines did score again and the game was tied again.
Still 5 min. on the clock, did the Buckeyes drive down the field and score.
2:20 left for Michigan to respond.
And they did, gaining yards after yards and scored for the 42-41 TD.
Kick the XP and going into overtime?
Not in Hokes book.
The Wolverines tried a 2 point conversion and .... failed.
That gutsy call will be talked about for years.
From my point of view I can understand the decision. Maybe I would have done the same in that situation.
Image it. Your behind, did cruise over the field, 113511 fans behind you. You score. Hard to beat THAT momentum.
At the end you can't even blame the Michigan QB for throwing into the best covered area on the field. 2-point-plays are designed for quickness.
I'm sure he did regret the throw, when the ball left his hand.
Anyway. The Buckeyes won and are well in the mix for the BCS title.
I'm not sure regarding Hokes future at Michigan, but I think he will stay.
Ohio State 42 - Michigan 41 -> Jacks Score: 56-22

Saturday, November 23 12:00 PM ET
#24 Duke @ North Carolina
I think any Dukes fan will have a hard on for the next few days.
Not only did Duke win against those Tar Heels, they did not only have the most wins EVER in school history, they did also win the division and will face the Florida State Seminoles in the final.
Duke scored the game winning FG with about 2:20 left.
North Carolina tried to answer but was picked off at Dukes 37 yard line.
Fedora really has to get his team better to keep his job.
I think this season was a real disappointment for every Tar Heel fan.
Duke fans can enjoy their hard on for the week.
I fear against the Seminoles it will get MUCH tougher.
Duke 27 - North Carolina 25 -> Jacks Score: 57-22

Saturday, November 23 3:30 PM ET
#1 Alabama @ #5 Auburn
And here is the Iron Bowl.
If you find a Highlight film, WATCH IT!
Auburn started nice, they stopped Alabama and their Kicker did miss the Field Goal.
They needed then 2 drives (so they stooped Alabama again) to score and went ahead 0-7.
They managed to stop Alabama again, but could not score.
After that it was all Alabama in the second quarter.
The Crimson Tide did score 3 times, one sore after an Auburn fumble.
The Tigers did score only once, so it was 21-14 to the half.
Auburn got the ball after the kick-off and scored for the tie.
With that score it went into the 4th quarter.
The poor Alabama kicker (who got killing threats after the game) missed another field goal, but Auburn was also not able to score.
But they did down the punt at Alabamas 1 yard line.
No problem for the Tide, the QB dropped back in his endzone (quite risky with that this day REALLY stingy Auburn defense) and passed to the right sideline down the field.
The Alabama WR did catch it and ran TO THE HOUSE!
99 yards!
Oh dear ...
After that both teams were unable to get anything done, in addition did Alabama got another missed FG try, this time it was blocked by Auburn.
Motivated by that did Auburn cruise over the field and scored. Game tied!
32 ticks left on the clock.
But those are the Crimson Tide, right?
They went over the field, and with 1 tick left on the clock, on Auburn 38 yard line, the FG crew came on the field.
This time a different kicker.
Nobody kicks 57 yard field goal by default.
Alabama tried it anyway and kicked short.
The ball came down, right in front of the goal post.
An Auburn player did wait there for a return.
He ran ... and ran ... and ran THE WHOLE FUCKING FIELD TO WIN THE IRON BOWL! 109 yards!
Alabama went down. Almost no chance for a BCS championship spot, the chances for a three-peat are over. By a field goal return TD.
Still they will play in a BCS bowl and I fear for the opponent.
Alabama 34 - Auburn 28 -> Jacks Score: 57-23

Saturday, November 23 7:00 PM ET
#6 Clemson @ #10 South Carolina
This was a close game until the 4th quarter.
Then did South Carolina just score 14 unanswered point and won this game the 5th time in 5 years.
Clemson had a great season but they still need some more juice to play for the big one. They lost twice this season.
Against FSU and against South Carolina.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
South Carolina did win and keeps their chances for a BCS Bowl.
Their SEC dreams were shattered by Mizzou, but there is always the next season. ;-)
Clemson 17 - South Carolina 31 -> Jacks Score: 58-23

Saturday, November 23 7:45 PM ET
#21 Texas A&M @ #5 Missouri
This game was open until the end.
Mizzou was often in the lead, but A&M was able to tie the game.
Unfortunately they were not able to get into the leading position.
Mizzou scored again for the lead with 3:34 left on the clock.
You might think with a QB like Manziel it should be possible to get that one tying score?
They had to punt and the Tigers were able to run down the clock, to win the division and to play for the SEC Championship in their 2nd year in the SEC.
Everybody thought it would be or could be A&M to accomplish that but now the Tigers might win the conference.
Next stop? Manziels announcement regarding his future. Sumlins contract was prolonged until 2019 already.
Texas A&M 21 - Missouri 28 -> Jacks Score: 59-23

Saturday, November 23 8:00 PM ET
#22 UCLA @ #23 USC
Wow, I think we will see a new USC HC very soon.
I think if that interims coach would have won the battle of LA, he might have gotten the deal, but with such a result as of last weekend?
I think, he will get HC offers, because of the good work he did with USC during the season, but USC wants someone to win with.
I'm stunned by the two leading candidates, I would have guessed they try to get someone like Del Rio or any other NFL coach waiting, but it looks like they want the next hot coach.
UCLA did let USC never get into that game and was always a bit better. Or even a bit more.
Jim Mora has to get his team to the next level; expectations will only grow in LA.
UCLA 35 - USC 14 -> Jacks Score: 59-24

Games of Interest

NIU wins against Western Michigan - NIU stays perfect and stays the only team worth a BCS Buster spot.
Mississippi State won against Ole Miss - The Egg Bowl is decided in OT.
Iowa wins against Nebraska - The Heroes Trophy is won by Iowa for the first time. (is awarded since 2011) but much juicier must be ... Iowa won in Nebraska the first time since ... 1943!
Marshall won against East Carolina - The Thundering Herd is playing for the CUSA Championship next week against Rice.
Akron beats Toledo - Akron with 5 wins this season.
Bowling Green wins against Buffalo - The Falcons will play for the MAC Championship against NIU next week.
LSU did almost lose to Arkansas - The Golden Boot is LSUs for the third time in 3 years.
San Jose State did beat Fresno State - Fresno State got their first loss of the season. They will play Utah State for the MWC championship next week.
Oregon State did almost win against Oregon - The civil war was VERY close. 30 ticks left and the Ducks did get the 1 point lead. 6th straight win for the Ducks.
UCF won against South Florida - UCF now has a share of the American conference title in the pocket.
Florida State beats Florida - After losing to the Gators last season, FSU did win this time to stay in the hunt for the BCS championship game
Kansas State wins against Kansas - The Governor's Cup is won by Kansas State for the 5th time in a row.
Utah State wins against Wyoming - For Utah State is means playing for the MWC championship game, for Wyoming it means looking for a new HC.
Rice wins against Tulane - Rice now the division winner and will play Marshall for the CUSA championship next week.
Georgia beats Georgia Tech in 2 OT - Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate! The Bulldogs have won that game for the 5th straight.
Purdue loses against Indiana - This year the Old Oaken Bucket is for the Hoosiers.
Virginia Tech wins against Virginia - The Commonwealth Cup is awarded to VT the 10th straight time.
Penn State upsets Wisconsin - The Badgers lose AT HOME!
Baylor wins against TCU - Baylor stays in the hunt for a BIG 12 Championship.
UTSA wins against Louisiana Tech - UTSA with a terrific season for a FBS sophomore
Western Kentucky beats Arkansas State - A bit expected did the Red Wolves lose, still they have all chances for a SBC championship, since ULL lost also.
Notre Dame lost against Stanford - This season the Legends Trophy is won by Stanford.
ULL lost against ULM - After 5 straight wins did Lafayette lose AT HOME against Monroe. Battle on the Bayou is this rivalry called.
Arizona State beats Arizona - The Territorial Cup is won by ASU 2nd straight.

‘Til next time

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