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That’s it, the games are played and the Conferences Champions are finally fixed.
The Bowl games will be filled in the next few days and the BCS Championship participants are also known.

But the first big news came before the weekend, when the University of Washington was able to hire Chris Petersen away from Boise State.
Petersen was more or less an every list for every job opening for the last 5 years.
He always denied and stayed with the Broncos.
Now does the PAC 12 get another high profile coach and if this goes as expected, the PAC 12 will get another very well coached team.

Another interesting hiring was Wyoming’s new HC. The Cowboys did fire their HC Dave Christensen after 5 season a few days ago and did not wait for long. They hired Craig Bohl, who still is the HC of North Dakota State, the reigning FCS Champion for the last 2 seasons. He will remain the HC of the FCS program, as long as their playoff run will last.

There will be a few more coaching changes, but this will unfold with time, since there will be a lot of domino effects by each hiring and firing.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 15:

Bowling Green vs. #14 Northern Illinois @ Ford Field, DETROIT, MI
This was a very entertaining game. And I have to admit that I never thought Bowling Green would have such a game against Northern Illinois.
The Huskies never had a chance.
The Falcons did control them with every play, with every down a little bit more.
Northern Illinois did score only 27 points, while Bowling Green did score a lot more.
For the Huskies QB, the hope for a Heisman Dark Horse is more or less over.
He might get an invitation, but I doubt it.
Bowling Green wins the MAC.
Bowling Green 47 - Northern Illinois 27 -> Jacks Score: 59-25

Marshall @ Rice
I tip my hat to Rice.
You did well and you earned that title (first since 56 years).
I was sure they would lose against Marshall in a close game, but as I did also write Rice at home ain't that easy.
At the end it was way too much for Marshall.
I wouldn't say the game was over at halftime, but Rice had a nice lead and they came out of halftime with force and did put in the coffin nails for a Marshall Conference Championship.
I'm curious to see, how the conference will do in the Bowl games.
Rice wins the C-USA.
Marshall 24 - Rice 41 -> Jacks Score: 59-26

Saturday, December 7 2013 3:30 PM ET
#25 Texas @ #9 Baylor
I have to admit I thought Oklahoma State would beat Oklahoma at home which would have made this game between Baylor and Texas less interesting.
But the Sooners did again beat their hated neighbours (10 out of 11) and left Baylor and Texas with basically a championship game.
The first half was all defense driven and a 3-3 halftime score did show this.
But after halftime did Baylor score and score and Texas was beaten.
At the end there was no close game, no question regarding who was lucky.
Baylor won the game. Period.
if you would have told someone a few seasons back that Baylor will win the Big 12 in 2013, they would have laughed at you, like would be the most craziest person on the planet.
But it's true ....
Baylor is the BIG 12 Champion.
Texas 10 - Baylor 30 -> Jacks Score: 60-26

Saturday, December 7 2013 4:00 PM ET SEC FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME
#5 Missouri vs. #3 Auburn @ Georgia Dome, ATLANTA, GA
If a game sees 101 points, I think everybody would say it was either very one dimensional or very entertaining.
I think if the two best SEC teams meet, a one dimensional game is quite unlikely with such a score.
So yes, it was very entertaining.
Mizzou did play their brand of football, and Auburn did basically rush for the sunlight.
It was an open game until the 4th quarter.
Auburn scored and was able to hold off Mizzou from scoring.
With 6 minutes to go Mizzou was deep in their own half and decided to play the 4th and 1.
Auburn did stop them and scored the next play a TD.
THAT was the moment when the game was more or less over.
The Tigers tried to come back but needed way to much time and did not even score.
The Auburn Tigers won the SEC and will play for the National Championship. (Why? because of Ohio State)
Missouri 42 - Auburn 59 -> Jacks Score: 60-27

Saturday, December 7 2013 7:45 PM ET PAC-12 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME
#7 Stanford @ #11 Arizona State
The PAC 12 was very wild this year.
This game was not.
Stanford came into the desert and basically left ASU wondering what's going on.
The Cardinals were always in front, ASU only able to tie the game at 7-7.
From that point on did Stanford the Sun Devils not get back into the driver seat.
It will be a very nice Rose Bowl matchup coming, when Stanford will play Michigan State.
The Stanford Cardinals won the PAC 12.
Stanford 38 - Arizona State 14 -> Jacks Score: 60-28

Saturday, December 7 2013 8:00 PM ET ACC FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME
#20 Duke vs. #1 Florida State @ Bank of America, CHARLOTTE, NC
I really love what Duke did this season, but they were just no match for Florida State.
The Seminoles let them score the pity score in the 4th, but it was a clear message by FSU: We are the best. Period.
We will see, if this is true, when they will play Auburn in the BCS Championship game.
Florida State wins the ACC Championship.
Duke 7 - Florida State 45 -> Jacks Score: 61-28

Saturday, December 7 2013 8:17 PM ET BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP GAME
#2 Ohio State vs. #10 Michigan State @ Lucas Oil Stadium, INDIANAPOLIS, IN
This was very nice.
I said "we might see an upset" in the preview and it was a very strange game to deliver such.
Michigan State did came out strong, did score 17 unanswered points, there defense was strong as it could be.
Then did Ohio State respond and was able to cut the point difference to 1 score before the half.
Then came out of the box, did score to tie the game and score again for a lead.
Yes, 24 unanswered points.
Michigan State did look like they were doomed.
But not so fast. MSU did score FG in the 3rd and did score a TD beginning of the 4th for the lead.
Then the defenses did take a bit over until about 6 min. to go.
On 4th and 2 did the Buckeyes decide to go for it.
And the Spartans did stop that 1 always successful play of OSU.
They got the ball and did score the next few plays.
BOOM. The unbeaten Ohio State did lose the most important game.
Michigan State wins the BIG 10 and will play Stanford in the Rose Bowl.
Ohio State will play Clemson in the Orange Bowl.
Ohio State 24 - Michigan State 34 -> Jacks Score: 62-28

Utah State @ #23 Fresno State
Bad luck for Fresno State, they lost last week. Or maybe not.
Here is my theory: If they would have won last week, they might have fallen this week.
The loss did give them the needed punch for the final and they delivered.
It was a close match were Fresno State did lead early, the Aggies did came almost back in the second half, but the Bulldogs did play just enough tough football to win the game.
Bad luck for them, the loss last week did spoil their chances for a BCS Bowl, but according to my theory, they would have last the championship game and would then have nothing.
So ... Fresno State is the Mountain West Champions, not too bad.
Utah State 17 - Fresno State 24 -> Jacks Score: 63-28

Games of Interest

Louisville won against Cincinnati in OT - A very close game but Louisville was able to win it by stopping Cincinnati in the final drive in OT on 4th down.
Oklahoma did beat Oklahoma State - The Sooners looked done when the Cowboys did score for the lead, with 1:46 in the game and testing their 3rd QB.
But that QB did deliver a very nice scoring drive with 19 ticks left in the game.
OSU could not score in the last seconds and the Sooners won the Bedlam Series.
UCF wins against SMU - They had more work to do than expected, but finally they won and did become the unbeaten American Conference Champion
Rutgers beats South Florida - Rutgers becomes Bowl eligible by that.
Louisiana-Lafayette lost against South Alabama - All ULL had to do was winning to claim the SBC Championship all by their own, but the lost and now have to share with Arkansas State. South Alabama had an impressive late season run.

‘Til next time

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