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So the Navy-Army game is over and so is the regular season.
No starts the most hire and fire movements for coaches and of cause the awards are handed out.

The most hyped award is of cause the Heisman and as expected did Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston take home the hardware.
It was not even close.
Second was AJ McCarron, QB of the Alabama Crimson Tide.
Winston is a freshman, means he is in his first year of college football playing time.
Last season did Johnny Manziel win the Heisman also as a freshman, as the first time ever to take home the trophy as such.
Many did wonder if Manziel would win the Heisman again, but his team did not play as well as last season.
No Winston will get all the hype for next season.

Biggest coaching chance happened in Texas. Mack Bown did step down as Headcoach of the Longhorns.
Be sure that this will have a major impact on coaching changes, since Texas will sing a nice dollar song to get (almost) any coach they want.
So it might happen that some team, thinking they had their coaching position well set for years will have to look for a new coach soon.
Another interesting thing regarding coaches:
Boise State did hire Bryan Harsin, the first year HC of Arkansas State and former Boise State OC, as new HC.
That's not the big news; the big news is, from my point of view, that Arkansas State did lose their 3rd HC in 3 years, because some bigger school did wave the dollar bundles.
Hugh Freeze did leave after 1 season left after 2011 for Ole Miss, Gus Malzahn left after 1 season in 2012 for Auburn and now Harsin leaves after 1 season for the Broncos.
In that time did Arkansas State win ... 3 conference titles and went to 3 Bowls.
Looks like the AD of Arkansas State has a hand for good coaches. I'm curious to see, who will succeed Harsin.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 16:

Saturday, December 14 2013 3:00 PM ET
Army vs. Navy @ Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA
There is not much to talk about.
Navy did basically destroy Army on the ground.
343 yards and 4 TDs, against 10 yards passing.
Well, no surprise, since thy play a triple option offense.
Army did not score until the 3rd quarter and that's that for them.
The consequence was clear; Army did fire their HC after 5 bad seasons.
Navy did win the Commander in Chief trophy by beating Air Force and Army.
Army 7 - Navy 34 -> Jacks Score: 64-28

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