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Fourth wave of Bowls are over and the next are right ahead.
But before that some reviews.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE BOWL GAMES FOR WAVE 4

Middle Tennessee vs. Navy @ Amon Carter Stadium, FORT WORTH, TX
Not much to say here.
To be fair, until the 4th quarter it was very close, but Navy scored 2 TDs in the 4th and held the Blue Raiders to zero points in that quarter.
Navy with that win very good, I'm curious if some big school will ask the coach for their open HC spot.
He did really good over the years.
Middle Tennessee 6 - Navy 24 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 9-7

Ole Miss vs. Georgia Tech @ LP Field, NASHVILLE, TN
It was no blowout, but still did the Rebels win.
23-7 at the beginning of the 4th quarter and GT did score some points to cut down the points they were behind.
Midway through the 4th suddenly it was a 6 point game and Ole Miss had a FG blocked.
But GT did had a very bad start of a drive, a penalty and a safety, and from that point on did Ole miss just ran out the clock.
Ole Miss 25 - Georgia Tech 17 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 10-7

Monday, December 30, 6:45 PM ET VALERO ALAMO BOWL
#10 Oregon vs. Texas @ Alamodome, SAN ANTONIO, TX
There was no light for Texas at the end of the tunnel.
They were outplayed, outscored and outcoached, sorry Mack Brown.
The Longhorns Coach did leave with another Bowl loss.
We will see, if he will coach again, but not many did that after a quite successful career at Texas.
Oregon 30 - Texas 7 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 11-7

#14 Arizona State vs. Texas Tech @ Qualcomm Stadium, SAN DIEGO, CA
Texas Tech played VERY good and ASU did shot themselves in the knee more than needed.
The Red Raiders were brilliant on offense and ASU, their strong defense, was outplayed on almost every play.
Later did the Sun Devils also had offensive problems with a dropped pass IN the endzone when needed most.
TTU can look into a bright future.
Arizona State 23 - Texas Tech 37 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 11-8

So much for the fouth wave.
Now comes the Sylvester Bowls.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE BOWL GAMES FOR WAVE 5

Tuesday, December 31, 12:30 PM ET AdvoCare V100 BOWL
Arizona vs. Boston College @ Independence Stadium, SHREVEPORT, LA
This is the former Independence Bowl, played since 1976.
Because of the 200 year celebration of independence at 1976, this Bowl had his name, but it looks like this doesn't matter any more.
The SEC 10th team should face an ACC team (7th).
The SEC had 10 eligible teams this year, but all went to other Bowls, including the BCS Championship game so again (like last year) a replacement was needed here.
Each team gets around 1.100.000$.
Arizona was the team of the PAC 12 nobody liked to play.
The won against Oregon and lost against Washington State.
Boston College had a rough rebuilding year and was lucky to get eligible.
Biggest win for them was against Virginia Tech.
This matchup is very strange, which makes it probably an interesting Bowl, but a tough one to pick.
Will Arizonas defense show up?
I'm sure regarding the offense, but they had some defense issues and that would play right into the hands of the Eagles.
Or will Boston College offense play 100% and we will get a shootout?
I don't know.
My guts are saying, Arizona is the favorite.
So I pick them and hope for a nice one.

Tuesday, December 31, 2:00 PM ET HYUNDAI SUN BOWL
Virginia Tech vs. #17 UCLA @ Sun Bowl, EL PASO, TX
Since 1935 is this Bowl played!
It is now played in Sun Bowl Stadium since 1963, the home of the UTEP Miners at El Paso, Texas.
It's a game between the PAC 12 and the ACC.
Each team gets around 4.100.000$.
This is not the Hokies team of the past, and it's not the Bruins team of the past.
A few seasons ago, this would be over before the start.
Holies win. Thank you very much for coming.
No, it's not.
Still it's over before it starts.
But now it's a Bruin win, thank you very much for coming.
The Hokies had a so bad season compared to their expectations, it's hard to say if they will just score enough to stay in the game or if they will get steamrolled.
UCLA had their problems in the final games, but I think Mora will prepare his boys good enough to play 100% of the new UCLA football brand.
Bruins win.

Tuesday, December 31, 4:00 PM ET AutoZone LIBERTY BOWL
Rice vs. Mississippi State @ Liberty Bowl, MEMPHIS, TN
This one exists since 1959.
It's meant to play the CUSA Champion vs SEC #8.
Each team gets around 1.700.000$.
It's hard to believe Rice will do this.
Yes Mississippi State had a bad year and they are only 6-6.
But they are still a SEC team.
And even if the SEC teams in this Bowl had not a good stand the past few season, when one did play here, I pick the Bulldogs.
I'm hoping for a very nice game, and I'm not shy to say, I would like to see Rice win this.

Tuesday, December 31, 8:00 PM ET Chick-fil-A BOWL
#24 Duke vs. #21 Texas A&M @ Georgia Dome, ATLANTA, GA
Since 1968 is this Bowl played and is now fielded in the home of the Atlanta Falcons.
It's a SEC vs ACC game.
The ACC team gets around 4.000.000$, the SEC team gets 2.900.000$.
This is a game worth to watch.
Even if Duke is the heavy rated underdog, we will see probably Johnny Manziels last game as an Aggie, we might see the last game with Dukes nice offense, since their OC was hired away from Florida to become their OC.
We will see eventually a nice close game, but personally I'm expecting a blowout dealt to Duke.
The Blue Devils would deserve a Bowl win, but live if not always fair.
I pick the Aggies.

‘Til next time

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