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The end is near.
Only 3 Bowls remaining and the season is finally over.
The last one, on Monday, will be the National Championship game.
So don't miss it!

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE BOWL GAMES FOR WAVE 7

Thursday, January 2 2014, 8:30 PM ET ALLSTATE SUGAR BOWL
#11 Oklahoma vs. #3 Alabama @ MERCEDES-BENZ SUPERDOME, NEW ORLEANS, LA
The first quarter was an indication for the rest of the game.
Both teams came to play and it was a wonderful game.
The second quarter did then show that Fortuna did only pay attention to the Sooners, not Alabama and several turnovers gave Oklahoma a very nice lead of 31-17 to the half.
The 3rd quarter was dominated by the defenses and Alabama was able to cut the Sooners lead to 7.
And then came the Crimson Tide doom moment.
Both teams had scored a TD each, when Oklahoma had a very long drive running down the clock from about 6:20 to under a minute.
They punt and Alabama gets the ball on their own 18 yard line.
Next play, the QB drops back, is sacked, the ball stripped and return for a TD.
Game over.
The Sooners did win by a great defense and a great QB.
Alabama had way too many turnovers (5) and did gave that game away by there own errors.
Oklahoma 35 - Alabama 31 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 18-12

Friday, January 3 2014, 7:30 PM ET AT&T COTTON BOWL
#13 Oklahoma State vs. #8 Missouri @ AT&T STADIUM, ARLINGTON, TX
Also a very entertaining game.
The 1st quarter ended tied at 7, with both QBs having a bit of a trouble.
Missouri did put in their backup QB and he went for a scoring drive.
After that almost all defense, the Tigers had only one long drive (with their return starting QB) with a FG.
7-17 to the half.
The 3rd quarter was all defense, but the Cowboys did score a TD after a fumble recovery (Ball fumbled by their QB).
After another QB-fumble of Missouri did Oklahoma State score a game tying FG.
It looked like the momentum was shifting.
But the next drive did Missouris RB get a very long carry for a score and Missouri was on top again.
The Cowboys did answer with a TD by their own and the Tigers answers THAT with a FG.
Still an open game with 6:30 to go.
Then both teams did score TDs on their drives and the Cowboys were almost in the Tigers redzone again, when the OSU QB was sacked and the forced fumble was returned for a TD.
Mizzou 10 points ahead with 55 ticks on the clock.
Game over.
Oklahoma State 31 - Missouri 41 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 19-12

Friday, January 3 2014, 8:30 PM ET DISCOVER ORANGE BOWL
#12 Clemson vs. #7 Ohio State @ Sun Life Stadium, MIAMI, FL
OK that was also one of the best.
Clemson was prepared, their QB was ready and Ohio State had some issues, that would cost them.
The 1st quarter was more or less open.
Clemson had a bit more scoring chances and lead 14-9.
But OSU did come back and scored in the 2nd quarter for a 20-22 halftime lead.
The were able to increase the lead to 9 points when Clemson did score TD, did intercept the Buckeyes QB on the next drive and scored again for a 34-29 Tigers-lead end of the 3rd quarter.
Ohio State scored the next drive, but were not able to convert the 2-point conversion.
Same for Clemson.
Ohio State lost a fumble, Clemson was intercepted.
Clemson still 5 points ahead and 1:27 to go.
2nd play of that drive? Interception.
Game over for OSU.
That QB had a bad day and it did cost the team big time.
Clemson 40 - Ohio State 35 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 19-13

And the last few games are coming.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE BOWL GAMES FOR WAVE 8

Saturday, January 4 2014, 1:00 PM ET BBVA COMPASS BOWL
Vanderbilt vs. Houston @ Legion Field, BIRMINGHAM, AL
Since 2006 is this Bowl played and is fielded at the home of the UAB Blazers.
It's an American vs SEC game.
The teams get around 900.000$.
Again this game is not that good.
Vanderbilt is a not a team you name when you talk about exciting football.
Houston was a bit exciting, but the finished 4th in the American.
I'm not sure which team to pick here.
Vegas does see Vandy a bit in front, but the fans do give Vandy a big favorite position.
Biggest win for Vanderbilt was probably the Georgia win.
Houston did win against no big school, but was in many games quite close to win.
Since my picks are already messed up, I pick the Cougers as the upset special.

Sunday, January 5 2014, 9:00 PM ET GODADDY BOWL
Arkansas State vs. Ball State @ Ladd-Peebles Stadium, MOBILE, AL
Since 1999 is this Bowl played.
This is played at the home of the newcomers from last season on FBS level this season, the South Alabama Jaguars.
At the moment it is a Sun Belt Conference vs MAC Bowl.
Each team gets around 750.000$.
Last season this was a funny mathcup, this season I think it will be a bit lame.
That game has Ball State win written all over it.
Arkansas State has again lost their HC and Ball State is a way better team.
Who ever picks Arkansas State must be a moron or a genius.

#1 Florida State vs. #2 Auburn @ Rose Bowl, PASADENA, CA
This is the last BCS Championship game.
I too not too long to skip the new tradition of this area.
Next season it will be a all new system.
But this current one is also not that old.
In the past the champion was found in one of the BCS Bowls and not in a special Bowl.
Since 2007 this new, special game exists and the site is rotated year by year from one BCS-Bowl site to the next one.
This year it is played in the Rose Bowl.
It is always the #1 ranked team against the #2 ranked team of the BCS rankings.
Each team gets around 18.000.000$.
Let's start with Florida State.
No loss for them, they did beat every team, even the tough ones.
OK, there were not so many on the schedule, but still they won.
Biggest win was probably the Clemson win.
I'm not 100% sold on that team, but the do LOOK very good and since Clemson did play a terrific season and play also tough teams ....
The Seminoles must at least be a bit good.
Auburn was one play away from being just a good turnaround team.
That one play in the Iron Bowl did boost them to the National Championship game.
Of cause they also had to beat Mizzou in the SEC Championship game, but that one play was essential.
Now does come a big one.
Can Auburn win this?
I'm not sure.
It would be the perfect Cinderella story.
I'm sure it will be close game and this can go either way.
FSU has their Heisman QB, Auburn has the momentum, I think.
I pick the Seminoles, since Cinderella stories do not often happen, but I'm not 100% sold on the pick.

‘Til next time

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