2014-03-15 11:06

Yes, exactly this engine V3.60 is now active in all games. What does it provide?

11 men punting/returning

11 men on each side of a punt play are now involved into the gameplay. It is as easy as that. This will cause less breakthroughs by the returners, and will provide a more realistic punt play.

Punts out of bounds, based on kicker/punter skills

Exactly, the Punter might, if he is "smart" enough, kick out of bounds.

Punts added Fair Catch ability based on the Punt returners skills

When the returner is seeing a "wall of players" in front of him, and there is no visible way through it, he might now take the Fair Catch, just to protect himself, and not to get hit so hard.

Better/smarter blocking including TE and FB on rush plays, especially on Blitzes

The TE and FB are an important part of the Blitz protection for a Quarterback/Rusher, and with this change they play their role now.

Better/smarter blocking including FB on pass plays, especially on Blitzes

The FB can now protect his QB from Blitzes, so he takes his role, and goes for the pass blocking/sack protection.

Engine V3.70 for Friendly Games and Scrimmages

This version is adding the Running back to be a pass receiver. It is just a random draw, and we are working now on controlling this behavior.

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