2014-05-10 13:14

In the past weeks we were entering lots of discussion with many managers being involved, some in the forums, and some via PM.

How about you do some advertising for this game? Advertisement created by managers playing the game, are much more successful than advertisement we do directly.

Here is what we have to offer, and what are asking you for:

You post some nice story about including a direct link to the game on a page, related to Football or not. You PM me/the game admins (Subject: Ad campaign) and tell the URL we can find your post.

Beware of using referral links, those don't count for the competition!

If this post on that other page is more than "hey, play it", we will add 1 point on our Advertisement counter. If the other page is not Facebook and not Google+ and not Twitter and not any other Social Network, we will double this amount. If the other page is related to American Football, we will double the points. This means, posting an ad on a Football-related page not being a social network gains 4 points, and posting the ad inside a Football group on Facebook will count for 2. A post on your Facebook wall counts 1. Only public accessible (without the need for login into the other page!) ads count, and we count each ad only once - so repeating the same post on the same channel is worth nothing, since we don't like to spam the web with advertisements...

The language of your post doesn't matter, as long as we can translate it into English by using the Google Translator.

On May 31, 2014, at 8 pm servertime, we will check the counter, and pay the amount of Credits to each manager...

On top of that, we are running a lottery, and each advertising manager will enter the lottery, and possibly win a 3 months supporter account. You will have as many cards with your name in the lottery, as you posted advertisements...

So go out, and do your job now ;)

Thanks a lot to the many managers for posting me with your ideas and how to make more users addicted, and for maintain the number of users in the game, I appreciate it, really!

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